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"A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games" book to feature Chrono games

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Acacia Sgt:

I just found this thanks to another site, so I want to share it here.


"A Guide to Japanese Role-Playing Games", a book made to serve as a, well, guide to JRPG's. Covering 38 years of history of the genre, it looks like it will include information about games and series, covering aspects like the gameplay, art, music, among other stuff. Looking at the section of series/game it will include, both Trigger and Cross are on the list. The book will be available in June.

Hmm, looks like an interesting project. I wonder what will it say about the Chrono series, heh...

Any idea who the archer on the cover is?

Acacia Sgt:
I think it's an original piece, not meant to depict any character in specific.


Comment made by the artist. Seems it is just a homage.

Yeah, the Insta link confirms it.

Now how am I supposed to find more art of her?

Acacia Sgt:
She does commissions, looking at it... but they look quite pricey.


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