Author Topic: Out of Universe (Marvel) Occurence to compare with Crono Cross  (Read 3429 times)


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SPOILER ALERT for Avenger's Endgame:

At the end of Avenger's Endgame they send Captain America back in time to fix something or other with the Infinity stones.  They tell him to do what he has to do, and then get some resources to return, using the time travel method they're using, back to the current point to let them know he completed the task. Since the correction has to be made during the time of his life when he became obligated to become Captain America, he decides to make the correction, but live his life from that point and return the old fashion way to the time and place he is supposed to report his success on the matter.

I couldn't help but note that this might in some way create an Angelus Errare, but only in terms of destiny for himself and such ie, there would be an Angelus Errare only for himself if, for some ungodly reason, anyone decides to go back in time and either have him make the decision to not correct the mistake OR convince him it is too risky for him to play out his original life and have him return as planned.  To recap (no pun) Captain America himself only might encounter some form of Angelus Errare if he learns of and attempts to alter the actions of his future self. 

Iirc, there are many alternate realities AND timelines in the Marvel Universe, which might put the "original" Capt somewhere other than where "future" Capt takes action etc, so, technically, I believe there is something in that to explain this hypothesis away, but mainly I believe the concept is at least applicable under the right conditions ESPECIALLY with things that are comparable to FATE and Harley (not really Lynx, because I think the closest is Apocalypse or Thanus, but both of their fates have little to no wiggle room based on canon).  Ottomh, comparable to FATE and Harley are Cable and the Phoenix, respectively.  My Marvel knowledge is weak, but digging deeper, from what I understand, Dr. Strange, Dr. Sinister, The Scarlett Witch, and a handful of other ludicrously specialized villains could also fit the bill.