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Heylow my pixel peepz.. Looking for fellow spriters for my game..


Hi everyone!!! So I'll get down to it, I'm looking for spriters for a game I'm making. Been doing it alone for 3 years now, I'm making The War of the Magi prequel to Final Fantasy 6. I know you're saying why come here? Well my sprites are Chrono Trigger sized " and we all know they're the best" and ff6 peepz don't seem to interested. The world I'm building is done in seiken denstsu 3 style.. No more random encounters as I've been making enemy sprites for the world. I'm taking all the best things from all 3 of these games I love and doing my my own story based off the lore. If you're interested hit me up, I need original sprites besides the ones I've made, enemy sprites and battle sprites.. Let me know if you may be interested thx..later my pixel peepz..

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Hey Huck,

Unfortunately, and not too many of the active Chrono Compendium members are spriters. However, if you want to provide screenshots,

I can't really help in any actual capacity, but keep me up to date here on the Chrono Compendium and I'll make sure we provide updates on our news / front page sections.

I'm also a r/chronotrigger mod and will gladly pin any posts there, to help with visibility.

Final Fantasy VI you say. My second favorite video game under CT you sayyyy. Color me intrigued~

I sprite :D and am willing to make you some, tell me what ya need.


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