Author Topic: Make Slash a 100% Playable Char  (Read 146 times)


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Make Slash a 100% Playable Char
« on: November 16, 2020, 05:10:01 am »
Hi everyone, long time!

So I'm trying to make Slash become a fully playable character.
I think I have all the right tools for it and I'm really close but I still have 1 major issue and 1 minor issue

I manage to "extract" Slash Overworld model and Texture(.Tim) from
1928.room_524_bend_of_time_-_spekkios_room.script.cpt (in sector 115254)

Major issue : Slash Overworld uses a .Tim format 128x256
while all PC uses a .Tim format 128x128

I edited the Slash Texture using Photoshop (Tim Plugin) to set the size to 128x128

(I put both texture, Slash Overworld & Battle Model in the .rar)

I know that if I only do this, Slash Model will not apply the texture properly, so I have to edit the model so it can map the 128x128 texture, I don't know how to do that .
While reading some post I found the remap.exe , it seems to be exactly what I need to do but I can't figure how remap.exe works properly  :shock:
And remap seems to be using Battle Model only, can it work for Overworld Models too?

Minor issue : Whenever Slash is in the second character spot, he became all explody/glitchy lol! I have no Idea what causes that or how to start to fix it   :?
here's a video of it :

Slash in battle is 99.99% complete , I only need to remove the blinking eyes and it's 100% done! (I saw a post on that somewhere I think) Still not a major issue tho
Here's Slash in battle fully working :

*** I just thought of a possible solution to my Major issue
What if I could point to another Texture from the Overworld Model?

How does a Model (.mdl) knows which Texture (.Tim) to use?
Does it uses the first file it sees directly after the .mdl? (unlikely)
Is it called by a pointer? (I hope it uses that)
Or maybe it's the texture that knows which model it has to go to? (less logical answer)

If I look at Pierre's model and texture
overworld_model_Pierre.mdl   Y   CD Sector 6727 = 00D23800 (Length 7440)  (uses 15 Block = 7800)
overworld_texture_Pierre.tim   Y   CD Sector 6742 = 00D2B000 (Length 4220)  (uses 09 Block = 4800)

I would need to make Pierre.mdl to use(point to) Overworld texture_slash.tim   Y   0E18EA78 to 0E196C97 = 8220 (would use 17 Block = 8800)
which is very far away from the Player Character Field Files List  (for reference) I wonder if it is possible

I'm working on this at the moment! If anyone knows how a Mdl calls it's texture, maybe that would work :o !
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Re: Make Slash a 100% Playable Char
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2020, 05:20:58 am »
So I manage to open slash .mdl and edit the UV to fit 128x128!
but now I don't know how to export it to .mdl file :o

How do revert it to .mdl ?
I remember seeing something about .md2 but not sure where