Author Topic: Why, between so many endings there's not one which Serge and Kid end together?  (Read 3007 times)

Natasha Hellen

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I was wondering if wouldn't make much more sense if this event where Kid opens a little about herself was chained to your action by choosing save Kid from hydra poison instead of chained to you be forced to NOT recruit Razzly when you had the chance? That's right, Razzly can't be be recruited if you want this scene between Serge and Kid on the Water Dragon Isle. I love this game but some things in the history makes no sense 😕😕

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Hey Natasha, first, welcome tot he party! :D

Now on to your prompt... I FEEL YOU HERE. I like the branching storyline and how it gave me alternate events, but after an hour the two branches come back together and there is literally no difference for it, outside of which characters you were able to gain. It sucked that they never build more into that, especially between Serge and Kid... and what they did do, is sort of gatekeep'd, as you said below.

I often wonder what the third act would have really looked like if the game didn't get the "we're out of time and budget and have to do an infodump." Not that the game isn't amazing as is, but it would have been awesome to have it become more realized organically and for it to happen in a way that we can really digest it.

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Actually, I'm pretty sure Razzly can be recruited. You just can't bring her to the Ice Breath quest. If you do that, the Kid campfire scene is substituted for Razzly's scene with the other fairies.

As for why there isn't an ending like that... because the endings are alternate realities, I guess. And Serge and Kid ending up together is the main reality and the true ending.


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There are a lot of secret scenes like that. Like if you have Razzly in the party while you defeat Hydra, Razzly will say something about the Hydra having some babies in the womb, so the Hydra goes on living. If you go the dragon isle and fight the dwarves there will be dialogues about that, the dwarves say they will leave the water dragon isle, Rosetta will live, you get wisp cape but you lose Razzly 7tech in the future. But you get a wonderfull scene later on about a baby hydra being take care of by the dwarves if you go back to Hydra Marshes.


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It’s a very good point. My belief is that the devs wanted us to have multiple playthroughs recruiting different characters, choosing different paths, decisions, a party made up of different characters depending on where you were in a previous playthrough and where you are now, etc. I don’t think that the history making sense is the case here; rather the choices you make have direct impacts on the CC world, like how the Dwarves won’t raze Fairyville at Water Dragon Isle after having been pushed out of the Hydra Marshes, taking care of the baby Hydra as others stated, etc. The devs wanted us to see that our choices have an effect on the world.


This is one of the many reasons I’m enjoying replaying the game! I had forgotten the little things like this, with character field dialogue especially. I actually just cleared Water Dragon Isle on my current first playthrough, and I had saved Razzly at the Hydra Marshes, but took Pierre’s path so I had him in my party. After beating the entire scenario, Razzly appeared on-field with Pierre while the fairies blamed Serge and company… so I reloaded the game (I didn’t save on purpose), and replaced Razzly with Pierre to get extra dialogue when entering Fairyville, when talking to the fairies that were currently alive, and at the very end after Hi-Ho Tank, when Razzly freaks out when she sees Rosetta… It was sad and hit me hard, because she’ll explicitly stay behind to be with her, prompting me to call back Pierre to talk with the Water Dragon.

One of many reasons why this game is amazing. Though curiously enough, taking Razzly to Another World Water Dragon Isle pre-Home World Water Dragon Isle, Rosetta and Razzly have no interaction  :o