Author Topic: Ocean Palace Lavos: In Non-Standart Low Level Game  (Read 476 times)


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Ocean Palace Lavos: In Non-Standart Low Level Game
« on: September 06, 2021, 11:07:35 pm »
(I know there is already a guide for a standart ocean palace lavos in a LLG)
I want to defeat in in a No-Tabs Run and in a Minimal Level Game: in which all characters stay at starting level. (Wallet at start of game, Hack to remove EXP)I have beaten these challenges, Exept for second and third Lavos forms in a No-Tabs Run

I will Give some stating tidbits:
Crucial for both:
BEFORE Lavos stating attack at most TWO characters at the same speed CAN take they'r turns.  :o

·We can swap Robo whit Frog and exchange his counter for a Dash Ring (15 speed)
·Chrono can use swallow and (ab)use the "free" turn before starting attack to use his Accessory slot for a Speed Belt (16 speed)
·Ayla natural 13 speed is enough to take 2 turns before Lavos uses Chaotic Zone,

MLG: (Minimal Level Game)
·Ayla with: Prism Helm, Prism Dress, Gold Earring, + Shield. CAN survive Destruction Rain From The Heavens! at 505 Hp
·Chrono and Marle *Might* take they'r turn before lavos, and Haste+Shield Ayla
·Chrono wears a Gold Stud Because... whatever you need damage Output