Author Topic: [5000] Detailed plot summaries of Another Eden and Final Fantasy Dimensions II  (Read 3833 times)


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I took a look at the Final Fantasy Dimensions II TVTropes page, and was able to piece together the basic plot:

  • Four elemental gods, seeking to protect humanity/the timeline, come into existence and masquerade as humans.
  • Far into the future (think 1999 A.D.), the Final Fantasy polities of East vs. West have a bitter war with one another, to the point that a Flare Weapon is deployed, which utilizes some kind of corrupted, negative energy (just "chaos", or bad spirits, like the corrupted Masamune; can't find good explanations for this).
  • The four gods link up into one chief god to stop the weapon, but the bad energy corrupts the chief god, who destroys the entire earth (in a Lavos-style rain of fire) as a result. (And then sits there, alone and bored for the rest of his life, I guess.)
  • The party encounter the avatar of the chief god back in their own time (think medieval/modern times) and successfully prevent the weapon from being fired in the future, as well as his exposure to its energy.
  • The chaos/negative energy brought into the timeline by the initial events still retains a mind of its own, however, and uses cell cultures taken from the four gods to create its own version of the chief god, causing the ruined future to happen again.
  • The four elemental gods then sacrifice themselves to give the party a chance to take down this embodiment of chaos once and for all.

I don't see how this becomes Chrono Break, either. We have an East/West instead of a Central Regime. We have "four elemental gods" (either rehashes the Dragon God or sounds too suspiciously close to it), in a world where gods usually don't exist. We have a god-tier nuclear weapon somehow having "negative/chaotic energy" that's never expanded on. And lastly, this negative chaos energy doesn't have any motives other than "increase entropy in the universe." It makes the story of Lavos look like War and Peace.
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Well, now that Another Eden is on PC, something of note.

The text, at least extractable text, is stored in files that can be opened in Notepad. The only downside is that they're not ordered, and neither have more than just the text itself. Not denoting who is speaking and stuff. It's the next best thing to have a dumped script, as it were.

They should be, from the game folder in its Steam directory, at "files/i18n/lua_translation". An upside is that every line is grouped with all its translations, so anyone wanting to compare can easily do so.
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