Author Topic: Radius's comment about Glenn after battle with Garai at the Isle of the Damned  (Read 2720 times)


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After the battle with Garai, Radius says "Perhaps Glenn will take on that role, now that Dario is gone." But this is Radius from Home world, and in Home world, Glenn is already gone, lost in the Dead Sea expedition. (Furthermore, Home Dario turns out *not* to be gone, but Radius doesn't know that.) Is Home Radius referring to the Another Glenn he just learned exists from Serge? Or does he believe Home Glenn might still come back? Possible, but a strange remark either way.

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At that point in time, they still didn't knew what happened to the dragoons. So yes, Radius might still cling to the hope that they're still alive, somewhere in the Dead Sea. Also, do remember that this is after they met the Home versions of Solt and Peppor in Fargo's ship, who were on the expedition. Seeing them alive, if amnesiac, might've helped give Radius that hope.
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