Author Topic: Multiple Occurences? Spoiler Warnings  (Read 309 times)


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Multiple Occurences? Spoiler Warnings
« on: June 03, 2020, 01:07:39 am »
I just finished the game again and will be starting New Game plus to get the secret endings. I noticed something that I'm not sure has been addressed here or elsewhere and what seems to be multiple occurrences of the same character. What I mean by this is in relation to when the 3 Gurus were sent into different time periods by the Mammon Machine. Melchior is present in the present but he is also imprisoned in Mt. Woe in the Dark Ages. How come Janus got sent into the Middle Ages to become Magus but when you visit Zeal, Janus is still there? I thought by the time you went to Zeal the awakening of Lavos that caused the 3 Gurus to be sent in different time periods had already happened? Also I noticed when I completed the Rainbow Shell sidequest that Toma was in the cafe in Choras in the present? Has anyone else noticed this? I thought he was supposed to be dead in this period hence his grave; maybe it's his great-great grandson? I welcome thoughts not trying to start a debate but I'm wondering what the explanation for this is?


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Re: Multiple Occurences? Spoiler Warnings
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2020, 02:09:55 am »
It's time being all wibbly-wobbly. :D Suppose this is the original timeline, where the three Gurus + Janus were sent into the future.

                      -------->------------------>---------------------->------------>-O (Gaspar)
                     |             |                          |                              |
                     |             | (Janus)               | (Melchior)                | (Belthasar)
                     |             V                         V                              V
(65m BC)   (12m BC)   (600 AD)              (1000 AD)   (1999 AD)   (2300 AD)

Once you start time traveling with Crono & co., we gotta start looking at each person's respective perspective.

(65m BC)   (12m BC)   (600 AD)              (1000 AD)   (1999 AD)   (2300 AD)
                     ^            ^                        |                             
                     |             |                         |               
                     |             |        (Crono)       V

We play as Crono after Melchior has arrived in 1000 AD. When we travel to 12m BC, we arrive before Melchior was ever sent to the future. Thus, we are able to see him both in the present and at Mt. Woe; it's the same Melchior, just at different points in his life.

The same is true for Janus. We meet him in 600 AD as the older Magus, way after he first arrived from 12m BC. The Janus we meet in Zeal is Magus, only young and before he was flung to the future to become Magus. Only now we have two Magus's (young Janus and the Prophet) in the same place because our older Magus traveled back in time as well. Chrono Trigger almost never* demonstrates a grandfather paradox, so this is allowed.

Since we first control Crono in 1000 AD, the awakening of Lavos that sent the Gurus and Janus to their futures did and always will happen. Otherwise, we wouldn't have a Crono to play as. And since grandfather paradoxes don't exist in Trigger, we're allowed to have multiples of any character at any given moment(s).

As for Toma... Yeah, he literally has a family tree of men named Toma, haha. I think the one in 1000 AD is the 13th? He never time travels.
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