Author Topic: In Chrono Cross, what does Korcha think gives him the right? (Spoiler)  (Read 1642 times)


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After the stuff with Kid being poisoned, Kid hands Serge the Astral Amulet and tells him to take care of it.

Then when you go to the next forced conversation, that sawed off little twerp with a mohawk says "You're not entitled to this".  Like dude, the dying girl gave it to me and told me to protect it.  Why do you have the right to hold onto it?  Having a boner for her doesn't give you right to control her assets. 

I get that it is a storyline event to keep you from dimension hopping, but it just struck me the first time I came across it.  Maybe I wouldn't mind it so much if Korcha wasn't such an annoying damn character. 


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Korcha is the absolute worst thing about Chrono Cross.


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Perhaps it is more of a heavy-handed way of telling the player, not Serge, thatCHA don't deserve it. CHAknow, because you just turned down the option of even attempting to save the girl.

KorCHA is the only character at that point who'd tell you off.


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Korcha is the perfect example of someone who believes in freedom of choice, but only if that choice lines up with his views.

In all honesty though, he has a crush on Kid.  This is confirmed when he makes Kid promise to consider marrying him.  So he was basically relying on you to save her just so he could make a move.  Of you don't look for a way, he basically sees you as a cock block and takes it to spite you.