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Hey all, and welcome back to my Chrono What-If series, where I cover different what-if scenarios for all the Chrono games. This what-if is going to be an interesting one: what if Glenn sacrifised himself to save the life of Cyrus, who dies in the normal story? Well, how about we simply begin?

This scenario begins once Glenn and Cyrus encounter Magus and Ozzie on the Denadoro Mountains after obtaining the Masamune. Just like in the normal story, Cyrus tries to attack Magus, but ends up getting knocked away and not even landing a scrath on the Fiendlord. As Magus prepares his spell, Cyrus warns Glenn to stay back, but he refuses. Instead, Glenn heroicly pushes Cyrus off the cliff and into the water below, sacrifising himself and taking Magus's attack. After a while, Cyrus wakes up but realizes his friend is gone. Without hesitation, he takes the Hero Medal that fell alongside him and heads back to Guardia Castle. Not much happens for a while; Cyrus tells the royalty of Glenn's passing, but he promises to defend the kingdom with his life and that Magus will pay for all he's done. However, during the ten years of 590 AD - 600 AD, Cyrus starts to feel guilty about letting Glenn die and enters a more depressive state.

The rest of the story is the same until the Naga-Ette surprise-attacks Lucca, knocking her down. Before the beast can get it's next strike in, Cyrus jumps out from behind the organ and slashes it with his sword. He immediately demands that the two head to safety, but seeing that Crono and Lucca won't budge, he reluctantly accompanies them. After slaying Yakra and saving Queen Leene, Cyrus decides to stay at the castle to ensure no harm comes to the royalty. Everything remains the same until the encounter with Ozzie on Zenan Bridge, where Cyrus is fighting alongside the other knights of Guardia. He once again decides to join the heroes and they end up fighting off all of Ozzie's minions and Zombor, just like normal. Since Cyrus already has the Hero Medal in his possession, Tata isn't involved in this part of the plot. Instead, he accompanies Crono to the Denadoro Mountains for the Masamune. Since he's already fought them, Masa and Mune simply hand over the legendary sword, which is broken, just like the original story. Not much happens until the confrontation with Magus, but Cyrus now comes along to Prehistory to find some Dreamstone.

The Fiendlord is initially confused, pondering how Cyrus has survived this long. He simply laughs and proclaims that it's time to end this fight once and for all. The fight then begins, and Magus is pretty easily defeated. This basically ends the what-if for now, as the heroes get sent to Prehistory...

Oh, also, here to answer a few questions about Cyrus in terms of gameplay:

  • Cyrus is a fire user, kinda like Lucca. So this means that there is no Water magic-user in the party.
  • Cyrus plays identical to Glenn, although he does have a few different, non frog-related Techs.
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Re: What if Glenn died instead of Cyrus? (Part 1) - Chrono What-Ifs
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I'm imaging a hack now where this could happen, depending on a choice the player makes. Maybe not in a first run since I'm not sure what could change the plot so early, but perhaps a choice that affects the following New Game+? Like, maybe give the player a choice at Cyrus' grave to have Frog say "I'd trade my life for you" or something. And in the following New Game+, the plot proceeds exactly as you laid out, with Cyrus instead of Glenn.

Definitely an interesting What if? scenario!