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Hey all, and welcome back to my Chrono What-If series! It's been a while, huh? Well, I'm back, and ready to carry on the what-if where Cyrus lives and Glenn dies. Last time, we left it off at the first battle with Magus. Let's carry on, shall we?

The story stays the same for a while, so let's skip ahead to the confrontation with Magus at the North Cape, which goes a little differently if Cyrus is brought along. The hero instantly rushes forward to strike Magus, but the fiendlord knocks him down to the ground. "Can you let me speak instead of trying to avenge that pathetic friend of yours?" Magus calls out after knocking Cyrus down. "Alright. but after this, we fight!", Cyrus demands to the fiendlord, who just nods at this remark before telling the story of Zeal. However, instead of Cyrus preparing to fight, he feels different. Holding back all of his anger towards Magus, he asks if he wants to help them get back Crono and stop Lavos. Magus agrees, and the heroes head back. The sidequests are exactly the same as in the regular game, except for one...

The sidequest to avenge Cyrus in the original game is now replaced with Glenn, since Cyrus is alive.

Once all the sidequests are complete and Lavos is defeated, nothing changes, for the most part. So, I think that's where we'll end it off for now! Please, feel free to request any what-if scenarios for me to do, I'm running out of ideas for them!
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