Author Topic: What if Magus died in 600 AD? (Part 2) - Chrono What-Ifs  (Read 786 times)


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What if Magus died in 600 AD? (Part 2) - Chrono What-Ifs
« on: March 14, 2020, 02:21:20 pm »
Hey, all! Previously, I had made another what-if scenario, where I discussed the idea of Magus being properly defeated in 600 AD, making Frog/Glenn kill him after the battle at his keep. This is carrying on from there, so let's begin, shall we? (Also, Dalton died in the Ocean Palace Incident in this timeline, due to him having no way of escaping.)

Instead of being woken up by the elder of Algetty, the party is woken up by Schala, who invites them over to the North Cape to have a talk. While there, she apologizes for all the torment that Queen Zeal caused to them, and also ponders about what happened to her brother, Janus. Right then, Glenn (who's in the party) remembers something: rumors that Magus once emerged from a portal, not unlike the many Gates the heroes have been travelling through on their adventure. He stares down in shame for a few seconds, before collecting his thoughts and preparing to head off with the group. Schala tells them about the Guru of Time who may be able to revive Crono, and the story continues on. However, the party do receive the Epoch during the quest to revive Crono, but since it hasn't been modified by Dalton to include wings, it's in the most basic stage.

The story continues on, and all the side-quests then happen. However, since Queen Zeal sacrificed herself in the Ocean Palace, the Black Omen never appeared, just like in the original timeline where Crono didn't time-travel. In the ending, Schala appears to bid the heroes farewell, although she does comment about searching for Janus. This concludes the story, but what about this timeline's future?

Considering Schala's alive and well, and Dalton wasn't around to ensure the Fall of Guardia, the future is a rather happy one for our heroes. It's also worth mentioning that since Schala didn't reincarnate herself into Kid, Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers most likely wouldn't have taken place. However, in this timeline, Lucca still opens up her orphanage from CC, Crono and Marle rule over Guardia in peace, Ayla gets married to Kino and starts the line of Guardia, Robo and Glenn live in peace and Schala's... Well, she's helping rebuild humanity in the Dark Ages, while still attempting to look for Janus.

That's all for now, folks! If you have what-if scenarios you'd like to see, suggest them in the comments below!