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Chrono Trigger - Master Quest: Update #4 (Two weeks away!)
« on: February 21, 2020, 11:04:23 pm »
Hey, all! I've seen plenty of you getting excited for the hack over on r/chronotrigger on Reddit and on these forums, and I just wanna say thanks for the support! I just wanted to give a quick status update and mention some things about how the hack will be downloaded.

First of all, the hack will be downloaded in a traditional .zip file, which will be available here until I get it up on (which I will announcer BTW). The .zip file contains the two patches (regular and Jr.) and a readme. The readme contains general notes on what's improved, but also a small "Q&A" section, where I'll answer some questions that I know I'll get. Here are the questions now:

Q: Can I play/livestream the hack?
A: Sure! Just make sure to credit me for making the hack.

Q: Can I make a repro cart of the hack?
A: Sure, just do NOT sell it. I don't want people profiting off fan works, more specifically my own work.

Q: What are the main differences between this hack and regular CT?
A: Not too much, mainly just some new content, cut content coming back and increased difficulty if you play the regular version of this hack.

Q: Any future projects to look forward to?
A: Not yet. I have plans for more ROM hacks for many different games (including some more CT hacks), so make sure to check those out! I'll announce new CT hacks on the Chrono Compendium forums first.

Q: Should my Chrono Trigger ROM be headered or headerless?
A: I made this hack on a headerless ROM, so that's probably what you should use. There are ways to remove a header from a ROM, so find out for yourself.

Q: Where can I find a Chrono Trigger ROM?
A: I will not point you to directly where you can find a Chrono Trigger ROM, as it's technically piracy, which I don't condone. It would be best to backup your own ROM.

Before I go with this rather quick update (I just love doing them!), I'd love to give a huge thanks to Geiger for creating Temporal Flux (the program used to edit almost all of the hack), Mauron who created various plug-ins for Temporal Flux which were used in this project, Boo the Gentlemen Caller for beta-testing this hack for me (hope you're enjoying it, dude!), and also all the people from the Chrono Compendium and beyond who are hyped for this hack! March 7th's only a fortnight away, folks, so get ready for another spin on this classic RPG then!
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