Author Topic: Crono / Joshu Trigger: A Journey Through Time  (Read 2080 times)


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Crono / Joshu Trigger: A Journey Through Time
« on: February 15, 2020, 10:20:31 pm »
This is a fanfiction story of a comedic playthrough of the game. This is Josh's second adventure, this time taking place in the Chrono Trigger universe (the next game world to come for Josh's part 3 will be decided soon!)

If you enjoy this, let me know in the comments, and I'll post the rest of it! Otherwise I'll probably leave it behind. I'm looking for the right place to get an audience for this, and it's all just for fun. Josh's playthrough twists parts of the story just a bit, but overall it's mostly the same game.

So enjoy (if you dare)!!!


(Joshu Trigger / A Journey Through Time)

Hoo...and we've finally settled in!

Yup, it's me, Joshua, name finally freakin'
revealed. What, why was I hidin' it before? I
wasn't!!! I jus' never got the opportunity to say it
or remember that I was supposed to remember to
say it.

You know what's real weird in this village we've
just moved to, though (Truce Village)? Everyone's
registered first name can't be more than five
letters long!!!

No problem for my Pa, whose name is Paul, or
my big bro Peek...but Stimpy, Big Johnny and me?!

Well, y'all, to live officially in Truce our names
hafta be shortened in the darn civilian register.
Not sure how that's a thing, but whatever. I
originally considered tryin' the five letter max by
going with Joshu or Josha,! Hey, what's
that title up there?! No!!! I'm not ACTUALLY goin'
with Joshu, I just changed it to Josh!!! Hey!!!

And so begins a brand new adventure in a brand
new place!!!


"Come on, sleepy heads! Wake up!"

Huh?...Oh, hiya, miss Jina! Good mornin'. Crono!
Hey. Dude? Wake y'all's spiky head up!!!

"Ahh...Leene's bell makes such beautiful music!"

Sure does!!! Man, last night's sleepover sure was
fun. Too bad modern technology that was
ambiguously introduced in the Hyrule story but not
quite fully cemented into the minds of most of the
middle-ages-headed villagers there wasn't allowed
here. We gotta keep it in some storage island
overseas. Whatever.

Yeah, y'all, Crono's a new friend I met here! Sure
is a kool guy, but he doesn't talk much.

"You two were so excited about the Millenial Fair
that you didn't sleep well, did you?"

Well, I was all right. But Crono was up all night
about it!

"Crono, I want you to behave yourself today! Let's
get moving, now!"

Yeah, there ya go, Crono, do ya a couple fist
pumps. Wakin' up sure feels victorious, doesn't it,
jus' like winnin' some battle, or other randon thing.

"Oh! I almost forgot. Crono, here's your
allowance, dear. And remember, you two, Lucca
invited you both down to see her invention at the
fair! Run along now!"

Oh, hey there, kitty. Dang, that's a cute meow.
Arright, though, we gotta get ske-daddlin'!!!


Heya, Crono, when does Lucca want us to meet

*Points to clock tower nearby (7:05 AM), points to
minute hand, gestures down at the six*

Seven-thirty. Gotcha. So we got time for other
stuffs before meetin' Lucca. Let's see what's there
to check out!

*Fist pump*



"They call me Gato
I have metal joints
Beat me up
And earn fifteen silver points"

Okay, Mr. Como-Se-Dice-Cat-En-Espaņol, let's do
it! I...wait, what do I use? Crono's got his toy
wood sword, but me...

Oh look there, a blue storage tent behind ya!
Let's see, is there any...a mop! That'll do fine.

Arright, Crono, let's do it!

*A few fights and experience points later*

Huh, Crono, what does Cyclone mean? And how
come we both learned it or whatever?


Meh, well, let's spend our silver points in that odd


"Welcome to Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors!
The spine-tingling show is about to start! How
many silver points would you like to pay?"


Hmm, perhaps not too high and not too low is
best. Whattaya say, Crono? Wanna balance it out?

*Fist pump*

Yeah!!! Huh? Oh, sorry, floatin' clown head guy,
mah friend here's a mute. Anyways, we're payin'

"One of you, come forward."

Crono, y'all start!

"Mimic what you see! L = left arm. R = right arm.
A = surprise. Y = laugh."

Wait, what?! What's with all the button pressin'
nonsense?! Jeez, I thought I left all that mess
behind in Hyrule. Guardia does it too?! I don't see
no buttons in this tent!!! Whaaaaaaat?!?!??!?!?!?!!!

Ohh...dang, Crono, tough luck, buddy. Y'all were
real close! Huh? What's that, you're gonna fight
Gato some more and try again? Kool! Tell ya
what, I'll meet up with ya soon at Lucca's
invention! I'm gonna explore the fair a bit.


Now THIS is a festival! Turns out Guardia won
this gigantic war against some Mystic things or

"What's the big deal?"

Huh, little dude?

"So what if we won a war against a Wizard
hundreds of years ago!"

Okay, two things. One, wizard doesn't needta be
capitalized. Two, I'm not sure how I even knew
you did that in your mind, but just roll with it.
Three, clearly I can't count. And six, hey! I'm only
just a new civilian of Truce, but I gotta say, it's
VERY important what happened four hundred
years ago! I've studied up on it a bit, and trust
me, Guardia wouldn't exist by now if it hadn't
been for the battles won all that time ago!

Huh? Hey there, pal, what's all the back-and-forth
rushin' hubbub? Hey, can y'all hear me---OOF!!!



"Ouch, that hurt!"


"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?"

Yeah, I'll be fine...wait, did something fly offa you
when you fell?

"Uh pendant!"

Oh, hey, it's over here! *Snatch* Hey, I found---

"Oh, thank goodness! My pendant! It has a lot of
sentimental value! May I have it back?"

Sure, why would I say no or somethin' krazy like
that? It ain't mine, and I ain't no thief.

"Thank you. I came to see the Festival!
in this town, don't you? I feel a little out of place

Hehe, I get that feelin' a bit still. Only been here
a few days. Mah family's just settlin' in.

"Would you mind if I walked around with you for
a while?"

Well, certainly not, eh!

"You're a true gentleman! Oh, by the way, my
name, Marle! And you?"

I'm Josh, pleased to meetcha!

"Josh? What a nice name! Pleased to meet you!
Now, lead on!"

Kool, looks like I'm in so much control, y'all are
followin' my exact movements...huh? What's this

"No time to talk. I'm just sitting down for my

Not this chicken here, pal!!! I mean that. Is that a
statue? No, it's a cat! Heya! I didn't see ya


Aw, how cute! Look, Marle, I think he wants ta
follow us around. Well, the more, the merrier!

"You brought back my cat! Thank you!"

Aw, darn it all. And just when we were gettin' so
well acquainted. Bye, statue cat. And what do we
have here?

"It's a soda guzzling contest! Mash the A button
as fast as you can!"

Mash the freakin'---yeah, never mind, sure. I'll do
just that very thing.

"Ready, set...GO!"


"Only four can(s)? Is that the best you can do?!"

Uh, yeah...wait, I felt like you said "can" and
"cans" at the same ti...nah, it must be the
overabundance of soda. You know y'all're only
supposedta drink a couple of these per day to
avoid doin' severe damage to your liver?! And
looks like your max goes up to a whoppin' eight,
fool!!! Why not make it a water-drinking contest or
somethin' else safer?!

"I'll keep that in mind, kid."

"You're awfully competitive, aren't you, Josh?"

Did I say somethin' that hinted at that?! Huh.
Who knows, maybe I did. Then again, is there
somethin' odd about the English around these
parts, too?


"Step right on up, any who have the time and
courage! Our new "matter transfer machine" is the
invention of the century! To use it, jump up
here...and you'll get teleported here! It's the
masterwork of my beautiful daughter, Lucca."

Don't forget brilliant!!! Heya there, Crono! Yeah, I
met this girl. Ain't she a peach? Her name's

"Hello, Crono!"

And heya, Lucca!

"Crono! Josh! Where have you boys been?! No
one wants to try the Telapod! Why don't you give
it a shot?"

Crono: *doubt*

Didn't some girl down there say something about
the invention possibly blo---I mean, I'll give it a try!

"Just hop onto the left pod!"

"All systems on!"

"Begin energy transfer!"

Whoa, y'all!!! This is a weird sensation. I feels all
jiggly and partically!!! GACK!!! How'd I get over

"Oh, wow. That was GREAT!"

Oh, wow, y'all's actin' classes were sure great,

"So, how was it? Want to try it again?"

Nah, I get the feelin' that for some reason I'll be
able to do it infinite times, but let's not get into
that kinda loop.

"What a kick! I want to try it, too!"

"Huh? Josh, how'd you manage to pick up a cutie
like her?"

"Just wait right there. Don't run off on me!"

Hey, no prob, Marle! You already took like six
hundred years to get a cotton candy stick, and I
was fine then too. I've learned patience like y'all
wouldn't believe.

"You're sure about this? There's still time to
change your mind!"

"No way! Throw the switch!"

"Okay ladies and gentleman! Behold as this vision
of loveliness steps aboard the machine! Let's give
her a big hand when she teleports!

"All systems on!"

"Begin energy transfer!"

Begin repetition of tireless one-liners that y'all
potentially have zero control over based on mah
actioMarle, what the snap is happenin' to your

"What? I don't know, it's..."

Machine: *SCREECH*



"...Lucca! Where is she?! Show's over, folks! Let's
head along, now!"

Y'all are just gonna leave? Like, seriously? You
really think that was just a fake staged thing for
the show?! Ugh. The intelligence of these generic
NPC-type folks, I'll tell y'all!!!

"What's going on, Lucca?! WHERE IS SHE?"

"The way she disappeared...that couldn't have
been the Telapod! The warp field seemed to be
affected by her pendant..."

"What are we going to do now?"

"She's so familiar! I KNOW I've seen her


Yeah, figgered you wouldn't have many words for
this, dude. You know what, y'all, I brought her
here, I'll get her back!

*Picks up pendant*


"You're actually going to do it? What a fine lad!"

"Listen, Josh. We don't know where that hole
leads, but we've got no other choice."

"Won't they both be lost?"

"It's our only hope! That pendant seems to be the
key, Josh, so hang on to it, and brace yourself!"

Yeah, no worries, I'll hang onto this thing unless it
gets zapped out of my grasp like it did to Marle!!!

"I'll follow you after I know what wen---"

*Hole closes*

What, y'all thought for some reason it'd
conveniently stay open long enough for her to
finish her sentence? Since when does the
supernatural agree with the timin' of human

What is this place?! Looks like a wavy, flashy
parking garage. Is that a Subaru over there? And
a Camaro right there? Look, above me, that's a
Cirrebulon. And below me is a Prius! Go, tiny
Toyota dude, go!!!


Aaaaaand now we're in a foresty lookin' clearing.


Huh?! Heya there, blue dudes. What's goin' on?
Where am I---hey! What're you kickin' me for?!
Well, I still have mah mop with me, so you'd best
watch...YOU!!! GRR!!!


I gained experience points again! I like the way
things in this new kingdom work, y'all.

Hmm. This's a nice little not a forest,
but a canyon. And out here...


Don't tell me.

I wasn't expectin' somethin' to happen THIS fast.

Is this...

...The start of our next adventure?!?!!?!?!?!!!!

I thinks it is, y'all!!!

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Re: Crono / Joshu Trigger: A Journey Through Time
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2020, 09:02:05 pm »
Somehow I just now saw this fanfic. Thanks for the fun read!


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Re: Crono / Joshu Trigger: A Journey Through Time
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2020, 05:24:52 am »
Don't have time to read, tagging for later.