Author Topic: A theory about "Time Counciousness"!!!  (Read 3922 times)


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A theory about "Time Counciousness"!!!
« on: October 29, 2019, 06:18:23 pm »
Lately i've been thinking too much... Amidts these thoughts, some questions about the Chrono series popped up in my mind...

1 - An hipotetical situation.

In CT Original Timeline, the future is destroyed... Then let's think this: I am a man who lives in 600 A.D and i have a piece of cake in front of me... a have two options, give the cake to my wife or eat the cake... Which of them am i going to chose?... Don't matter, because TIME already knows which i'm going to chose. The timeline is already written to at least Lavos' Time... and to the future to be already defined, TIME MUST know my next action, independent if it looks like i have a "choice" or that i have "free will"...

2 - The problem: (In the beggining it will look silly, but keep reading, please)

In Chrono Trigger Original Timeline, Lavos destroys the world... this means that Crono & Co did not travel in time to stop Lavos. But, as we all know it, Crono DID travel in time and defeated Lavos, creating a brighter future... Comparing to the analogy of the cake i made above, TIME would have known that Crono would travel in time... so the future couldn't be bad... Hum...

Other case... When Serge survives in 1010A.D., Home was created and the Dead Sea reflected a catastrophic future, due to Serge's survival. But, Serge travelled through dimensions, what caused the bad future to disappear once again...

The grand point of doubt is: If Serge has FREE WILL that can shape the future, how can the future of Home predict Serge's actions and say "The future is bad", reflecting that conclusion on the Dead Sea? (remember, Home World timeline was created all at once, when Serge survived). One would say, "TIME knows that Serge will choose to not travel dimensions", hence the bad conclusion. But if this is true, then Serge has no free will, since time already know what he will do. Besides, Serge choses to travel through dimensions and find out his destiny, leading to a brighter future, and not a bad... Other would say "The very presence of Serge caused Crono's deeds to be forgotten in Home timeline, his actions don't influence the future". But then again, Serge's presence caused Crono's deeds to be erased in Home Timeline, but his very presence could conduct too to a bright future.

What i want to ask is... If the Original Timeline of Chrono Trigger was already written, what caused Crono to change history? Remembering that Crono didn't save the world originally.

In Home World, the future is bad... but Serge is part of that world and to the future to be established, it needs Serge's actions, which are not predictable. Serge's actions clearly leads to a happy future in the game. Then, how can the Dead Sea be the Dead Sea?

3 - Theory

For the first question i found the answer quite quickly and smootlhy...

In "Original Timeline" didn't exist "Time Gates", this leaded the world to destruction... the Entity created the Gates later on, when the timeline was already established, causing the same Crono from before to behave differently and try to fix history.

But this doesn't explain the second question...

To explain the second question, i will create the the term TIME COUNCIOUNESS... It consists in treating TIME as an entity (Not the other Entity we know)... When a new timeline must be created, TIME ignores any events of Time Travelling and calculate all things based as if "Gates" and "Angelus Errare" never existed... TIME can predict ALL and doing so creates a new Timeline... After the creation, TIME goes to WAIT mode and stop monitoring people's actions...

When some "Gate" come across the path of any individual in the timeline, it can cause this individual to change history... because he is seeing something that TIME ignored... Then he can travels through time and work under Time Bastard and Time Travalers Immunity... when this individual changes the past, TIME goes back to ACTIVE mode and rewrite history according to the changes, then goes to WAIT mode again...

Example 1:

-TIME calculates the actions of all people of all times and create "Original Timeline" as if gates never existed. Without gates, Crono never save the world...
-After the completion of the Timeline, Entity creates gates... Crono & Co becomes involved with time travel, changing history.

Example 2:

-Serge survives.
-A new timeline must be created.
-TIME calculates the actions of all people and creates Home as if the Angelus Errare never existed... without Angelus Errare, TIME concludes (through calculations) that Serge would be no more than a simple El Nidian... And the future is bad...

Note that after the creation, all people has Free Will, their decisions is not necessarily equal to TIME's calculations.

TIME only calculates to establish a new timeline successuflly... And he ignores the existence of Time and Dimensoinal Gates.

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Re: A theory about "Time Counciousness"!!!
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2019, 09:10:53 pm »
I don't see that knowing what someone will choose because you see into the future necessarily negates their free will.


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Re: A theory about "Time Counciousness"!!!
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2019, 12:13:56 pm »
 :? :?
poh my...
i not free will?