Author Topic: Did the events of Dream's Epilogue create a non-amnesiac split?  (Read 41 times)

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 I have been mulling over the events and dialogue between Magus, Schala, and the party in the Dream's Epilogue ending. Particularly, I'm thinking about something Schala said to the party before sending them all away.

dwell not on this.

Originally, I was under the impression that she had wiped their memory, since many sources erroneously claim she did this to future!Magus (Rather, he did this to himself.) On seeing it again, I am highly doubtful she wipes anyone's memories here, merely asking them not to dwell upon it.

 Honestly, this seems to gel better with Lucca in particular, but more to the point: What happens if party!Magus is there to witness the failure of his future self? Does he adjust accordingly? Has his life's mission changed from searching for Schala to freeing her?

  I find this very curious, as it may imply that Guile has something of a Schrodinger's memory: unless something canon is stated or shown in the future, Guile both is and is not amnesiac! (how fitting for someone named after a cat in the Japanese version)
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