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Yasunori Mitsuda 20th Anniversary Book - THE BRINK OF TIME - 光田 康典 & Millennial

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A few years ago I purchased this book along with some other memorabilia from the 15th. anniversary concert Brink of Time, via a proxy shopping service (items were sold via a Japan only retailer).  I bought various goods like T-shirt, keychain, tote bag, but this book was the prized item.

I saw that almost nobody every discussed this book or acklowedges its existence, moreover its never been translated at all.

Some of you prob grabbed this when I first uploaded it but I'm trying to spread it around in preparation for the coming Chrono Cross 20th anni. concert - which also likely be accompanied by another concert pamphlet and eventual BD disc release. 

Me and some others are quietly translating the Xenogears 20th concert pamphlet and will be releasing it in time for the BD release this March, so I am thinking about trying to do that as well with the upcoming Cross concert series. 


Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Oh my gosh. I had no idea this was even a thing. This is awesome!

Keep us updated and let us know how we can help (if we can).

In the meantime, we'll want to try and snag this and archive it here at the Compendium as well.

Yea there is a way to help.  e-mail or msg me if you're interested in translating any of this into English.  I  am friends with a few people who do Xeno-related translations who may help but don't have the Chrono zeal that would be needed to understand the subject matter.  I can set up Google doc group to collaborate and can handle typesetting and photoshopping to make a true localized version.   

Dude thanks for posting that link, I didnt know this was a thing either.

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