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An Old Sequel Idea
« on: November 18, 2018, 12:28:42 am »
I was going through some of my old files that need sorting when I found a text file with notes for a Chrono Cross sequel idea I had called "Chrono Requiem". I want to share them here just to spark discussion and maybe new ideas. I doubt I'll do anything with this further.

Note: My current comments on this in bold.

At the conclusion of the final battle with the Dream Devourer, the Chrono Cross accomplished more than simply freeing Schala. The dream of the original Dragon God, consumed by the Dream Devourer during the fight between Dinopolis and Chronopolis, still existed and was also freed from its prison, making its way into Serge's mind; consequently, this protected Serge from Schala's mindwipe after she and Kid merged. [This was my answer to, "Belthasar, you ambiguous butt, what do you mean the Dragon God was 'consumed' by Lavos??" --> It merged with Lavos, just as Schala did, and the Chrono Cross item freed it as well.]

Belthasar returns to a ruined future in the Neo-Epoch. [Despite all of Chrono Cross, the future still refused to change.]

One month after the events in CC, Serge still remains in Arni Village.

Lucca completes and activates a second Chrono Cross. This effectively separates Kid from Schala, restores everyone's forgotten memories, and awakens the Dragon God within Serge. [Everyone remembers their other world's lives, even if they died! Fun, right?]


Crono fights Serge [Cause that's not fanboying.], but Serge is victorious (due to the Dragon God's influence). Belthasar arrives immediately after and attempts to reason with Serge, who refuses to listen. He tells Belthasar, "You are not a God!" then delivers him a fatal blow. Overwhelmed at having murdered Belthasar, Serge falls into despair and finally releases the Dragon God from his mind.


Harle combines with the Dragon God, her feelings for Serge and humanity compelling it to change conviction. The Dragon God then uses all its powers to slam the red moon into the Lavoid "mother", obliterating both; the Dragon God dissipates afterward. [Harle is the key! The bridge between humans and nature and Lavos, the true Chrono Cross. And the only one able to stop world destruction from ... the moon, which is ... another Lavos/Lavoid/Lavosian Leviosa. They can be whatever they want because evolution, ok? And this one chose a moon because spiral power, dammit. Also, it/they are here to stop the Time Devourer because eating all of space-time is going to piss someone off elsewhere in the universe, why not more Lavos creatures.]

And here's more stuff from a file titled "Chrono Afterimage", which I think was me trying to rationalize what actually happens after Chrono Cross.

  • All story-related events up until the split would be subject to TB/TTI, including Serge and Wazuki re-emerging from the Dead Sea.
  • After the unification point in 1010 A.D., the Records of Fate would suddenly become inactive, because their transmissions are not preserved by TTI/TB. Events pertaining to the lives of normal people would presumably proceed similar to Home World.
  • After 1010 A.D., Wazuki would presumably not turn into Lynx as a biological terminal for FATE because FATE no longer exists, or he might but would not be controlled by FATE since the Records of Fate transmissions don't exist. He would not attempt to kill Serge. Lucca would not be abducted and the orphanage would not be burned.
  • It was Lynx that manipulated the Porrean government and the Acacia Dragoons, not the Records of FATE. Without Lynx around, Porre would not invade El Nido and the Acacia Dragoons would still rule the islands.
  • In 1020 A.D., Serge regains the memories of the adventure. The Kid/Schala that is probably on the mainland likely also remembers the adventure, and seeks Serge out in El Nido. This would explain why they would get married in the future, because why would they if she didn't remember as well?


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Re: An Old Sequel Idea
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2018, 02:28:42 pm »
Interesting take on this. I like that there's some Cross sequel ideas finally surfacing. I like the idea of Serge being a host for the Dragon God's judgement. Harle would naturally be the key to this. I don't know if she would be another Cross. She might be a Chrono....Nexus? That inevitably unifies everything (dimensions/persons/timelines/memories)