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Boo's Thread of Multiple Existential Crisises

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I completely understand this feeling. It's been compounded for me since I relocated from Wisconsin to Florida. When I moved I learned how many people back home really didn't care about me and that still hurts. But it is what it is and I'm trying to make the best of it. I have a good husband who loves and adores me and I'm slowly making friends, but it takes a very long time to reestablish a circle of friends. So really, right now my husband is the only person I have in "real life" and it does make it lonely for me. In fact, I was having some emotional issues yesterday, that's why my response was so short (I'm better today by the way, it just happens to me sometimes.)

In regards to social media; I like it because I connect with people that I otherwise wouldn't be able to, but it's definitely a time sucker and energy sucker too. I know I should take a break from Facebook, but I haven't been able to do it yet.

Eh, TL;DR, except for the first post.

On a personal note:
Looks like you haven't learned to be comfortable with yourself that much, despite your love for loneliness. I don't blame you -- discomfort in loneliness is generally a default position for everybody, usually due to biological reasons -- but it's hard to find peace from one's own existential terror unless one "can" make peace with their own loneliness and other fears / discomfort.

After all, perhaps the reason anyone feels so alone despite being surrounded by so many people is because one is one's self. You are you, and you are all you'll connect with the most.

On a non-personal note:

Perhaps another reason for why anyone would feel lonely is because of the fact that there are seven-billion people. Too many people to know, too many people become disposable, with fewer actually meaningful connection. Not to mention it's a particularly common illness among urbanites make friends on the basis of high standards (say, somebody has more money / better skills / better looks than somebody else), and quickly not wanting anything to do with that same person on those very shallow reasons (they chose to disagree / have the wrong politics / felt angry one time / called somebody a cunt / etc.). Because why not, among seven-billion people it's easier to find somebody who may be ever so slightly more perfect than the one before, and even then the association is just as shallow.

Because they aren't people anymore. They are just a number from a crowd. A stereotype of an average joe with no depth to them (at least to any of us). People made of card-board cut-outs.

This is a luxury that smaller and tight-knit communities do not have. They have to live with ones they know because they're all they've got, and there will be nobody else to replace them. They might do shitty things, but they learn through each other, hash out their differences and learn to get along again. It's like siblings: Doesn't matter how different you are or how much you hate each others' guts, because he's still your brother / she's still your sister and you love each other anyway and have to look out for each other.

The more snowflakey a generation gets, the more detached they seem to be from each other, despite all the preaching of love and harmony. Everything is surface-level, because everybody is disposable, and no real connection is ever made.

In this situation, nothing will help you. Not even a God.

As far as I know, the only way to eradicate this problem is to sit down with the ones you know and bond with them at a level that nothing can break you apart. Easier said than done, of course.

EDIT: James Bond With Them

Lord J Esq:
I just want to put a little note here to say I will be commenting At Length* on this topic later. I simply don't have the time to do it justice today. So let the Hype Train begin!

* Yes, a Lord J Special "At Length" Feature Post HUZZAH!

*waits in anticipation of great revelation*  :shock:


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