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Attractive Battler [Hacking and Interactive]

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Attractive Battler is an editor for the Attract Battle Mode scenes in Chrono Trigger, or those little auto fights in the intro.

It is designed as a Temporal Flux plugin. I've attached it below.

Originally these scenes could only make 1 attack, but Attractive Battler allows up to 3.

I've created a YouTube video showing the modified intro. The Flea battle starts at about 1:00 in.

How it relates to the theme: The dreamers of Enhasa saw a time where Chrono Trigger could be completely modified, and sought the help of the Architects of Kajar, and the Guru of Reason to make this dream a reality.

Huh. I always wondered how those attract mode sequences worked. Good stuff.

A lot of it is done through standard location events, but the battles require special data.

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Very cool, Mauron! I was actually one of the first viewers for this on Youtube and was trying to figure out what exactly it was (granted, I was standing in line at a McDonalds with a six year old excitedly going on about Eurasian otters).


Oh man, those Eurasian otters!

I told you I'd enter a plugin if they had a category. :P


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