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Dream Splash VI -- Planning and Pre-Discussion

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Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Hey all,

So I had originally thrown out a potential theme of "the Dream of Zeal" with a focus on not just the Zeal Kingdom itself (although it is iconic), as well as some Masa/Mune/Doreen dream creatures (to act as a sort of quasi-realization of those dreams).

Here was my logic:

The Theme
-The Dream of Zeal theme I've envisioned isn't about the Kingdom of Zeal, despite the name.
-The Dream of Zeal isn't bound to just the locational / literal Kingdom; it's ultimately about creating new life, eternal life, and ultimately that means legacy.
-This mirrors the Chrono Compendium in that we are still carrying the torch for a 22-year old game. And let's be honest, it's one largely ignored by its IP owner. The fact that there are still active Chrono fans meeting together here is worth celebrating in and of itself.
-So imagine and interpret that Dream of Zeal in anyway you'd like -- it may be in the Kindgom's fall (and a fictional revival), the creation of life by Melchior or the golems by Dalton, the manifestation of dreams in the forms of Masa, Mune, and Doreen (and their penultimate Masamune/Mastermune forms). The sky is the limit. You can interpret that dream however you see fit, in whatever medium you wish to pursue.

-Zeal is arguably one of the most iconic and popular locations/plots in the entire game, so by choosing this idea, it may make for a small uptick in activity and participation.
-In addition, the underlying theme of "keeping the dream alive" is a wide open canvas for interpretation.
-Finally give the dream creatures some time to shine. I'd love to see some Masa/Mune/Doreen love!

-The Kingdom of Zeal (as a location) was a theme for Dream Splash I eleven years ago. We don't need to repeat the past.
-The Kingdom of Zeal often gets overdone due to it's popularity.

That all being said, this was just an initial interpretation and not set in stone. I am open to new ideas and hearing other potential themes. Sound off here if you have an idea or feel this is a proper course. If necessary, once we gather a few concepts, I can create a poll for formal voting.


Edit: Spelling and formatting.

I think this is the perfect theme, exactly for the reasons you described.

And another thing to consider is that even if by some bad twist of fate that this might be the last Dream Splash for another long while, it makes sense to bring it all full-circle.

That's just my thoughts though.

I agree. Keeping the theme more open-ended will be more helpful in recruiting artists and fans who want to support with something, anything, to one of their favorite series rather than being limited in how to lend their support. And "keeping the dream alive" is pretty symbolic itself.

I also like this idea. Definitely gives areas to explore too, in my opinion.

Now to start brainstorming! :D

I can go with whatever theme is proposed, but the Dream of Zeal sounds nice.

Edit: If Boo makes good on his threat to include a Temporal Flux plugin submission category, I'll do that + a demo set in Zeal.

Otherwise I've got a simple hack idea I can make.


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