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Random Lavos Thought(s)
« on: July 20, 2017, 12:05:28 am »
You know... we always think of the Lavos spawn as these things that all go out to devour their own planets, right?

But what if they're more like seeds of a plant? What if the majority of them never find anything and float forever? Maybe even Lavos has a way of narrowing it down, the way NASA is trying to now, as to where life hospitable planets might be.

(Ever notice that Lavos, having consumed and stored DNA, is basically under the assumption that all life on all planets uses/has DNA?)

Alternatively, maybe Lavos is at least partially responsible for the time gates (as opposed to the "Entity, though I'm about to post a theory on that too) and he uses them himself to go to the planets at the right time.

Consider this: the Lavos we know existed on this planet for 65-million years. Who knows how long it was in space. That's a really long time, and the galaxy isn't all that old on that kind of time span. A quick google tells me that's enough room for ~26 generations. Not a lot. BUT! If you think that Lavos travels through time to whenever a planet is starting to show signs of higher order life, or maybe it's even a give-or-take thing (thus he showed after life had been around for a while, but close enough to the beginning so whatever), then Lavos could be going around the galaxy somewhat independent of time. To put it shorter: the Lavos spawn may have missed some other planet's life by a few ten-million years... but it could just time-warp itself back a few ten-million years, and boom! Crash into that planet at an earlier time than it was "born."

Now, as for the thought out there that Lavos guided life or something... I see no reason for this. Life was started, including human life (silliness, in dinosaur times!), before he got to the planet. So I throw that one out. And I especially throw out the idea that we existed "for" or "because" of him. No, he was just hanging out, stealing our shit, then killed everything to reproduce.

But wouldn't it be cool if the Lavos-es of the galaxy/universe all went out, then got back together at a later point? ("Later" maybe not even literally, because they can time-warp.) That's the endgame! To collect ll DNA ever and then put it all into one mega-Lavos or something! It's (or someone's) creating the ultimate being!

And! What if the Lavos that failed thanks to Crono and friends is followed up by yet another Lavos!!! (From the Lavos Collective or something, I don't know.)

... I also thought, way back in the day before Chrono Cross happened, that a dimension-hopping Lavos might be the next stage... so I guess the Japanese guys kiiiind of were thinking the same thing? But not really. The idea is, Lavos isn't just collecting the DNA of planets in this dimension, but many dimensions.

And you know, with that, you could just stick to CT canon with that idea, ignoring CC, and have a sequel on a whole new level.

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