Author Topic: Thread for a Proposal for a new Fan Game. Chrono Trigger II: The Battle for Time  (Read 5529 times)


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I've been quite lazy regarding posting new ideas here but, Here are some new Ideas regarding possible general conceptual plotlines for various time periods.

11975 BC: Baby steps to rebuild civilization

7600 BC: Unfinished business/Saving the past/Fighting a great evil/Time Crash.

1 AD: Guiding The Beginning of a new era.

1025 AD: Retaking control/Inspiring the return of freedom.

1999 AD: The present/Saving the Future/Those chosen by fate itself to save the planet

2400 AD: The Future/Cementing the defeat of Lavos/Chronopolis.

Don't really have any ideas for 65 million BC or 600 AD as their story lines had already played out in CT.