Author Topic: Thread for a Proposal for a new Fan Game. Chrono Trigger II: The Battle for Time  (Read 1761 times)


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If you draw in paint a really really bad drawing of what you want and send it to me in a pm, I'll make a decent map out of it in TF. I'm bad at conceptualizing maps, but if i have a rough outline (and it can be rough) I'll do the rest.

Could I write a detailed description of the various continents and locations in each time period and send that to you instead? Most of the continents in my proposed conception would be similar to what they were in Chrono trigger for most of the periods, the only real difficulty would be the 11975 BC map. Which reminds me; does anyone have a crimson echoes 11995 BC map anywhere? That could be used as a rough base map for conception art.


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Sure, feel free to PM me!
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