Author Topic: Thread for a Proposal for a new Fan Game. Chrono Trigger II: The Battle for Time  (Read 700 times)


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I have been considering an idea for a new fan game for chrono trigger. I am a complete doofus at programming however I am presenting this idea in case someone decides to use it for a fan game. The idea incorporates elements from Chrono Cross and modified ideas from other fangames Such as Chrono Alter, Prelude to a Dream and the abortive Chrono Crisis Project. The Plot ideas are also taken from several RPGmaker and other fan-made games as well as ideas that were inspired by other video games and even from movie plots. Although many ideas have been changed.

Here we Go:

Proposed Time Periods
11975 BC
7600 BC
1 AD
1025 AD
1600 AD
1999 AD
2325 AD
End of Time
Dimensional Vortex
2100 AD (Lavos Timeline)
Darkness Beyond Time.
Prehistory and the Middle ages periods may or may not appear in the story: I just haven't figured out how to advance a plot for those eras as their main plots had played out by the time you finish Chrono Trigger.

Proposed Main Characters so Far:
Xavier Ashtear (1999 AD)
Matison Embree (1999 AD)
Celia Guardia (1999 AD)
Queen Nadia/Marle (1025 AD)
Zack Squall (1600 AD)
Princess Aurora (1600 AD)
Paul Debrune (7600 BC)
Janus/Magus (11975 BC)
Lancelot of Medina (1 AD)
Ishtar Aquilea (2325 Ad/Originally 12000 BC)
Schala (11975 BC)

Proposed Villains so Far:
Kain Highwind (1600 AD)
General Viper (1025 AD)
Dalton (11975 BC)
The Emperor (7600 BC)
General Havoc (7600 BC)
Sorceress Asteria (7600 BC)
The Exarch (1 AD)
King Zeal (Darkness Beyond Time)
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Are youre think these charates roles? Marle, Aurora and Schala (in my opinion was healers... and
Aurora was more melee? )
And... Magus was wery strong at Magic...
Why not stat bonus when Magus/ Schala was activity party?

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I'm gonna propose you use a different name for Zack Squall. It's too Final Fantasy-inspired (Zack Fair from FFVII and Squall Leonhart from FFVIII). Just a thought.


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I'm gonna propose you use a different name for Zack Squall. It's too Final Fantasy-inspired (Zack Fair from FFVII and Squall Leonhart from FFVIII). Just a thought.

I know, but it was the only good name I could come up with so far. Zack Squall is not the only character that is taken directly from games or other plots. Paul Debrune is a deliberate corruption of the name of a major character from a popular movie that came out last year. In fact a sizable chunk of the plot for 7600 BC is largely copied directly from said movie as well as inspirations from elements of FF6 and FF4. Another proposed character from 7600 BC is Biggs who would be an imperial soldier who surrenders to the allies and switches sides after being appalled by the atrocities committed by the empire.


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Here is some proposed location info for this idea.

Proposed Time Periods:

1999 AD: This period should be roughly the same as in the Chrono Crisis. In the original timeline this is the era that lavos destroys; however now that lavos is defeated this period has a new destiny of being a new hope. However one Boy is having terrible nightmares of a coming confrontation. It may be in order to save the planet and possibly existence itself a hero must be called from those who the heroes of time saved when they fought lavos. This is where the plot of the game starts.

Xaviers House
Truce City
Arris City
Lab 16
Lab 32
Guardia Castle World Historical Site
Trann City
Porre City
Medina City
Proto City
Geno Factory Complex
Choras City
Moonstone Research Station


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1025 AD: A quarter century after the main grouping of the heroes of time were called forth from this era, this era has changed greatly for better or worse. Guardia, formerly the paramount power of the world has been defeated and made a vassal of its long-time subordinate and rival, Porre. Guardia, defeated is rebuilding under King Chrono and Queen Nadia and trying to reestablish a modicum of propsperity with an eye toward eventually Rebuilding their forces to overthrow the porre hegemony. Porre, which is now the paramount power of the world is now seeking to stabilize the results of its victory under the leadership of Lord Protector Montcrief.  A tenuous peace a descended after the war however a new power seeks to take advantage of its own in this period of stasis. The Accaia dragoons led by General Viper has unified the disparate tribes of the Islands of el nido into the Accaia empire and has Launched a campaign of raids and pillaging attacks on coastal regions throughout the world, This world may soon be plunged into another major war.

Truce Town
Guardia Castle
Memorial Cathedral
New Dorino
Denadoro mountains
Porre City
Porre Imperial Citadel
Medina Town
Choras Town
El Nido
El Nido Locations:
Viper Manor
Fort Dragonia


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More Location Ideas as well as a eventual general plot idea overview will be posted sometime in the near future. However This post more pertains to ideas for the proposed major Villains and Big Bads of the proposed fan Game idea as well as ideas for proposed heroes and major npcs.

My current idea for the main villain plot would be similar to Crimson Echoes in which King Zeal is plotting from the darkness beyond time to gain control of the timestream and rebuild zeal. As in Crimson Echoes he untilizes as tools other villains from various time periods. Also Dalton as in CE is part of this plot and is battling magus in the post-zeal time period with this battle being used as a feint in some part for King Zeals main activities. This villain arc would be resolved by the defeat of First dalton and At the end of the Game King Zeal as in CE.

Another villain arc would be Asteria's Arc which would take up at about 1/4 to 1/3 of the game. This would take place entirely in 7600 BC and would be this games Equivalent of 12000 BC storywise in the original Chrono Trigger. Like 12000 BC you first arrive in 7600 BC pretty Much By accident Unlike CTs 12000 BC, asterias arc would be basically separate from the main plot and would have only tenous connection to the main plot. 7600 Bc's plot would be inspired by FF4, FF6, Star wars and star wars: the force awakens: This is because the idea of magic uses surviving even after the fall of zeal but in a gradually declining state as well as the idea of a "Magitek War" after which humans cease being able to use magic some point afterwards does appeal to me. Although I mention magitek the idea would be somewhat different from FF6's magitek but would have similarity with I am Setsunas idea of monsters being harvested for parts. Regarding the Magitek War it would involve an empire vs a coalition of kingdom and city-states however the two sides (unlike FF6 but more like FF4 and Star Wars) would be more evenly matched. Further partial elaboration of 7600 BC is previously posted on the time crash thread at Kajor Laboratories.

In Regards to Proposed Heroes Magus plays an important role in this game idea. Regarding the Character Ishtar Aquilea she would be a character who joins you when you visit chronopolis in the Future and know your standard white and black magic as well as limited holy spells (one of the few known spellcasters who has been discovered to have an affinity to holy magic (although Schala is another who does) her learning of this magic was cut short by the fall of zeal which is why her knowledge of these spells is limited. She is eventually discovered by Balthasar after the defeat of Lavos and joins him at Chronopolis). I'm Currently leaning toward having Ishtar play a role in resolving the Asteria arc as the game progresses.