Author Topic: (solved) Element nameless39?  (Read 938 times)


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(solved) Element nameless39?
« on: August 21, 2016, 11:43:35 pm »
I was trying to determine the anmation files in element drps when I came across this file.

The egfx contains a unicorn texture and some effect textures, and the drp has some meshes and a character anmation file. I can't find what character is that animation for (because an animation doesn't have model informations).

However, the drp doesn't have a unicorn model. Instead I found this:

It looks like the chicken in the unknown tech slots:

Now I'm interested in who the animation file belongs to... any ideas? Maybe I can try all the characters but that will take a long time(if the character is still there).


Well I found it. Faster than I expected. The animation is SunOfAGun's death animation.
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