Author Topic: Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, LOST Theory (SPOILERS FOR LOST)  (Read 1715 times)


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LEAVE...  :o

My theory is that LOST is a sequel to Chrono Cross, completing the Triology. CT->CC->LOST.

Here is my half-done theorizing;

Lost is a sequel to Chrono Cross.

   •   The LOST archipelago is the last remaining fragment of El Nido/Chronopolis in the merged timeline (assuming from the Chrono Cross Ending with Schala/Kid walking around in our real life, that the merged timeline is akin to our own reality/history in real life, the aggregate of all timelines).
   •   Jacob is “the Entity” (white innate), and the drinking water ceremony Hurley/Jack/Walt go through dictates the new Entity that protects the planet from Lavos. (Aka Schala’s role reincarnate). Jacob touches candidates to succeed him, essentially making them arbiters like Serge (promethus circuit hangover). Jacob can use actual magic too, presumably the only human who can in this new dimension as he exists closely with Lavos energy (others, like Richard Alpert, have been effected by that magic).
    •   The Golden Light is the last remaining Lavos Energy (maybe even a mammon machine or a Frozen Flame fragment?).
   •   The man in black (black innate) gets turned into the Black Smoke by contact with The Golden Light as the “last will of lavos”, with the ability to dopplegang the dead (similar to how Wazuki was able to swap bodies with Serge), and absorb information records of peoples lives/personalities/experiences (as the black smoke is partly formed from the remains of FATE and the prometheus circuit, it is half-Lavos, half-technology). It doesn’t have the extensive history records Fate had, but it is collecting and building it, seemingly explaining why the Black Smoke wants to leave the island: to gather data on everyone on the planet, in order to turn the planet into a controlled El Nido and fulfil Lavos’ will.

It explains why the Island can time travel… the whispers could be talk from other dimensions. I love this theory I’ve made as so many things seem to fit so perfectly.


Note, as a lifelong CT fantatic (18 years of CT fandom, 6-24 yo), I have only just got the full Chrono Cross story, so I'm excitedly thinking through all the information I've just learnt from CC!