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So, where was I...? Honestly, I have no idea. Years ago I was a depressed sad sack of shit. My gf dumped me for not getting a job and I put a lonesome suicide attempt or two under my belt.


Still don't have a job, but my now gf is supportive and we help each other (and her family we share living space with).


Anyways, it turns out I'm one of those people who's terrible at keeping in touch with friends/family when I'm in a relationship. My best friend at the time of the breakup was going through the passing of his father and my new relationship had me move across country (I'm living it up in Florida now), so even we grew apart (though I spoke to him briefly on FB recently).

As for gaming & the forum...idk, Square changing so dramatically over the years (from talent leaving to form their own teams, director changes, their legal team throwing out all them C&D's to fan projects and just in general leaving turn-based behind) really made me lose hope for anything Chrono (at this point I think I'd prefer they hand the license over to some other dev to do something with). Also, when I moved I got a 360 and still play it quite a bit even now that its "last gen". gt: "V Translanka"...haven't emulated much of anything (had a GBA emu up on my iPad for a while), but did finally get my first Nintendo handheld since my old v1.2 (Play It Loud!) original Gameboy: a New 3DS! Only have Pokemon X (sad that they can't make it play GBA games properly), but whatever, I do enjoy glassesless 3D...my Friend Code: 3196 - 7071 - 0573

I don't know how active I'll be here, but there ya go...

Hey man, life hits us hard sometimes. For some people, it hits much harder. I've never been where you're at in life, so I can't honestly say that I can relate, but I hope you hang in there. Depression is a heavy burden -- don't let guilt or shame pin you down if you can help it.

Also, adult life tends to make people drift apart. Everyone experiences it, and few people manage to do anything about it. I've experienced it myself, but life events can sometimes bring people back together for a short while. Enjoy those moments whenever you can.

As for Square, I know what you mean. They've become a big time publisher for all sorts of IPs now, and all the old magic from their developer days is almost gone.

I don't game much anymore, but when I do, it's a Bethesda game. I was never much of a social gamer though, and games these days seem to be all about the online stuff.

Anyway, enjoy the weather down there.

Boo the Gentleman Caller:
Thread revival...

I'm with Ramsus. I play very little video games nowadays but tend to have an affinity for Bethesda games. I know that I can play them for dozens of hours without getting bored, have a great time exploring, and still have a decent storyline to keep me engaged (when I want to follow a storyline). I have maybe 2000 hours or more in Skyrim over the past five years... :/ I'm just not an online gaming kind of guy. I've even tried ESO but can't do it.

Every once and a while I'll play a jRPG. Currently replaying Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on an emulator for my PSP. I do a lot of PS1/SNES/GBA gaming on my PSP since I can take it on the go. Just a thought, Translanka.

Anyway, glad you've stayed strong and stayed with us. Life is worth living; this is all we have. Glad to see you popped in here a few months back (like I'm doing now).

Howdy howdy. Good to see some familiar faces... well, familiar names. I thought I'd pop on by to say hello.

I don't play much video games these days either. For the longest time, I was obsessed with League of Legends... then gave that up for DOTA 2, and now don't play either of them. I'm busy with Grad School and full time work anyway. I moved to a very remote part of West Texas to be an Archivist for the regional archives here... It's nice and I'm pretty happy for the most part. Some day I would like to become a Special Collections Director and teach some history classes on the side.

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