If the series truly is dead, what kind of fan continuance would you like to see?

A full-size RPGMaker game.
4 (25%)
A full-size CT ROM hack, like Crimson Echoes.
7 (43.8%)
More Prophet's Guile vignette ROM Hacks.
3 (18.8%)
A Chrono Cross ROM hack.
2 (12.5%)

Total Members Voted: 16

Author Topic: If the series truly is dead, what kind of fan continuance would you like to see?  (Read 10910 times)


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Obviously, dead franchises and fandoms don't stay around forever. People move on, and the intellectual property is slowly forgotten until it's just a footnote. The day approaches, years from now, when Chrono Trigger will be talked about as a great example of 16-bit RPG design, but nothing moreójust a high point in a historical overview of the medium. We shouldn't have any deluded ideas of keeping this going forever; eventually the site itself (as it has been heading towards for a couple years now) will be a cold archive.

But until that day comes, there are enough hobbyists and fans left to get a little more enjoyment out of this beloved world. Of course, I won't have any personal involvement with something like this (no time, plus the cease & desist order), but out of the options above, what's the most sure-fire way to relive the fun one last time?

My vote's on a Prophet's Guile-style ROM hack (and CT ROM hacks in general). RPGMaker, to be good, requires a lot of work from a large team, and I'm not sure something like that can be assembled anymore. Chrono Ark had several people contributing but still had a hard time getting off the ground, as huge undertakings like that require a lot of help. Ditto for Chrono Cross; to really output something new, there'd have to be a lot of graphical talent on board to create new field maps, as well as higher-level skill to map out the 3D clipping areas/model new enemies, characters, etc.

Something like Crimson Echoes of course would be fantastic, but I have doubts that, given the diminishing community, a team could be assembled to put it out in anything less than 5 years. Even in a Prophet Guile-style hack could take one to two years, but it's something with a proven formula that, if done well enough (and centered on a Chrono Trigger player character), could re-energize things a bit.

Anyway, just curious how others feel. This polling forum's gone unused too long, too.


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I'd most like to see a Crimson Echoes style ROM hack, but a Prophet's Guile style ROM hack would probably be the most practical, especially if the hack reused resources whenever possible.

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I managed to land a gig with Nicktoons Studios with Unreal Engine 4 possibly being involved in my work. I do have spiritual successor fever lately, so who knows...

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Well, I'm still working on Chrono Shift, and in my hiatus, some of the other Shift team members were still working on it. The team is small now, but the work is flowing, and will eventually be done. My vote is for that, obviously (a full RPG Maker game).

However, I recently re-posted a small shooter game Epoch Battle, in the "Submissions" section if anyone wants to play something new/different in the franchise any time soon.

And one thing I'd really like to eventually learn to do (or just to see completed) is work with Chrono Cross and change just a few small things, very similar to Magus Unmasked, but with a few more characters tweaked visually (and no big changes at all to story or gameplay). If anyone who reads this could help me figure out how to do this please PM me.


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I guess i'm greedy but i'd like to see a full Rom Hack like Crimson Echoes, a full RPG Maker Game (I'm working on Chrono Shift with Bekkler) And lots of "Little" hacks like Prophet's Guile.

I guess I want to see the things I can contribute to. (I have no skill in 3D graphics ala Chrono Cross) but I'm not too shabby with sprite insertion and know my way fairly well with Temporal Flux. I'm also pretty good at spriteing, and map design with tiles.

For awhile a group of us had a small rom hack going for the 20th anniversary but I think the project got too ambitious. It could be scrapped into something smaller though. There IS a fully functioning 1999 Map with new tiles and it took me 6 months to do it SO SOMEONE BETTER USE IT *RAGE*

While I am working hard on Chrono Shift i'd be open to helping on other projects as well. And heeey Chrono Shift does need mappers. #shameless recruit

But I'd have to throw my vote at  full CT Rom Hack since I already know Chrono Shift will be finished and I want mooooooore Chrono Trigger.


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I may be biased, but the prequel I made is on RPGmaker. I used the same graphics and made sure to sync the storyline as best as I could to segue Chrono Trigger, and include reference to Cross. It is in the News Submissions section.

Since I am just finishing up FOE, I think perhaps a prequel that is based more in the Cross dimensions would be nice. Rom hack or RPG Maker, doesn't matter. I play them both on my phone.


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RPGMaker is good but it's so oversuded these days, it really depends on the creator's creativity and innovation. I've seen a lot of good games (not Chrono-related), but they aren't that different from each other apart from the battle style and whatnot.

I'd love to see CC hacks, but given the game's reputation I think it's difficult to get attention. Not to mention the difficulty to work on the engine itself.

CE/PG-style are the best bets I think, but again, they'd have to push the engine to the max and really give a fresh experience, like those hacks did.

I'd really prefer something original, ala Chrono Resurrection. Not necessarily a remake, not necessarily 3D, and even not necessarily using known characters and settings. But I know it's still difficult, even without C&Ds and stuff. And it's understandable. So I guess my point is, it's better to just move on onto something new, inspired by the franchise. Kinda like what the guys from the Metal Gear remake did with Cold Horizon after getting C&D'd by Konami.

In short, as Schala put it, my best option would be a spiritual successor.

PS: And what about other works, like film/animation?
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Ideally: full scale works like CE.

Realistically: with the chilling effect of the c&d, and the community being less active over the years, prophet's guile spinoff hacks and spiritual successors are most likely to come to fruition.


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I'm in agreement with TheMage in that I want to see projects both big and small. I also sadly have to agree with xcalibur's sentiments. Those C&Ds messed up everything for everyone.

So, I voted for RPG Maker, the big project least likely to be put under the corporate microscope.


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Chrono Cross hack for sure! Though I'm pretty sure Playstation games weren't ROMs (well, except the FF & CT ports...>_<). Mostly I'd just add a crapton of unique dialogue for everyone and at least 3 unique quests for each character...and maybe give Zoah some clothes options. lol

I say this even though I have never understood how to emulate Playstation, much less use hacks for them...Its like you gotta jump through 3 different hoops at once or something every time I've tried in the past.

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Well, concerning the Chrono Cross hack idea, Faustwolf, Satoh, Thought, myself, and a bunch of others were working on a new version of Chrono Cross back around the time of the C&D called Chrono Cross: Darkness Beyond Time.

It was a retelling, but we included the characters from Chrono Trigger in a more direct role. We also changed up the storyline a little bit.

Most of the details evade me at this point, but I do remember that Norris was replaced by Marle, who after being usurped, ended up assuming a false identity and began an undercover campaign as an agent of Porre.

We even had playable models for quite a few characters. The lift was too much, though, and after the Crimson Echoes Cease and Desist the project died out.


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Eh, just make a spiritual successor while pretending it's tied to the Chrono series (and change names / art around a bit) and just make money off of the time you invest into it, why don't you.

Copyright is one thing, but trademark infringement is just going to get you royally screwed, and it's not even the company's own fault here -- they are legally bound to defend their trademarks at all costs or risk losing it. It's a pretty risky game if they want to stay in business.

I've offered ideas to FaustWolf before for similar spiritual successors, and ways you can pull it off. You have no shortage of world-mythology at your disposal for inspiration. Heck, you can even repackage CE as an original game by just changing characters and locations, and actually sell it for profit. You can reference storylines from CT in really vague ways, but your fans aren't dumb; they'll know exactly what you're talking about (and you'll even have game theorists on Youtube making those connections, potentially boosting exposure to your game).

I mean, if you're willing to sink so much time into a passion project, you might as well make something out of it -- make money, make fame, etc. support your family and kids, get REAL bragging rights. Like I said before, there are no shortages of game-engines and tools to quickly build a prototype, and subsequently a full-fledged game, so it doesn't really take much to start with it unless problem-solving by creating systems via code just isn't your thing.


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Tushantin, I have to say I love your thinking! That is definitely something to consider.

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That could certainly be for the best. A more original work that's inspired instead of dabbling into actual game hacking could certainly go farther, considering things.

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Eh, just make a spiritual successor while pretending it's tied to the Chrono series (and change names / art around a bit) and just make money off of the time you invest into it, why don't you.

I've considered this same concept around an "inspired by" approach. The result essentially revolved around second universe that was created due to time travel shenanigans, but the rules of time travel were different in this universe-- namely, predestination paradox was a reality and time itself could not be changed (and attempts to do resulted in the timeline as it is).

The plot then followed a group of time travelers who were trying to alter history, only to later realize that their efforts were what led to the very situation they were trying to stop. It then opened up for a sequel idea in with time travel more akin to Chrono Trigger.

The plot was fully fleshed out, but it became one of those things too big for one person with a job like mine, on top of a family. I looked at Ara Fell as a definite inspiration, though. It took that guy over a decade, but he finally did it.

Regardless, I've also mentioned it here, but Radiant Historia is definitely a time-travel adventure that, to me, feels like the next evolution of the jRPG time travel game mechanic. The game is like a cross between Trigger and Cross, in which the lead can freely jump between two branches in a timeline (based around a single choice and how different they split after), constantly having to make adjustments in the timelines and regularly cross over to fulfill the mission. It's an EXCELLENT game with unique combat (stacking attacks), a fun storyline with the backdrop of war, and fun time travel shenanigans.

I say all that to say that time travel is definitely a fun factor and still relevant... although to be honest, it doesn't have to be a set requirement for a Chrono-inspired game.

We've discussed here and elsewhere the possibility of doing a forum Aegis project. Clearly an intentional Chrono game akin to Crimson Echoes, officially sponsored by the Compendium, with  a pooled resource approach.

This is definitely an option, although opening it to be a for-profit project creates a plethora of issues... Ownership of ideas, profit share, resources, etc. Definitely not the type of a project fit for a community-wise reach unless there are blatant contracts in place and what not.

We also lack actual doers -- coders who can put the game together. We've seen a dozen projects fall because everyone wants to be an idea man but no one wants to really get their hands dirty with coding and assembly (and I blame myself for being guilty of this at times).

Something to consider. What would people's thoughts be? Just putting the feelers out there.