Author Topic: multiple universes, 4D space, cosmic microwave background  (Read 1588 times)


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multiple universes, 4D space, cosmic microwave background
« on: December 18, 2015, 02:36:33 am »
[[SPOILERS (obviously?]]

Hi there! This is my first post, and while it draws from Chrono time travel physics, it is an hypothetical scenario not presented by the games, which i am drawing to use on my own game universe.

In Chrono Trigger, from what I understand, we have the three spatial dimensions + Time, which the party in CT goes back and forth with the Epoch, and time-error, which basically is time itself "aging", a meta-time that flows perpendicularily to time.

Different points in meta-time represent different dimensions, from what I understand. But what if I had different dimensions share the same time AND time-error flow? I'd be... Adding a fourth spatial dimension and pushing time and time error to 4th and 5th dimesions respectively? Say... I've heard teories where anomalies on the cosmic microwave background represent places where our universe has 'touched' other universes. This touching of universes would evidently happen beyond the three-dimensional realm.

Now, if I consider the universe a four-dimensional bubble occupying a have it touch other universes, while having all these universes inside the same "dimesion", that experiences its unified time and time-error flow... That means time and time error would be pushed to 4th/5th dimensions?

I'm asking this because my game setting, which draws quite heavily from Chrono Trigger's dimensional logic, relies on the existance of small "rifts" that would, technically, be considering mini-universes, to the effect of a multi-world setting like SaGa Frontier. (basically said mini-universes exist in 4D space, expanding as they grow older and touching / overlapping with other universes; when the universe-bubbles touch, gates between the universes are created. when they overlap, it is because they are already feeble and close to their death, so their areas start to merge and break, then to fade.) these universes all share the same time.

I actually, after days of debating with myself have kind of answered my own doubts by writing this post but i'd still like to expose it to you to see your reactins to it. Basically my problem was that I was calling these Rifts "dimensions" instead of universes. And while having a small, hawaii-sized universe is a weird thing (i'm still considering if the universes will be finite or if i'll use some sort of boundary) , an extra spatial dimension seems to solve my problems.

This also likely fits within Chrono's lore, in a way -- I don't think any of the three games explored other universes (they did mention other dimensions but not other universes) so this is interesting speculation material. I think that may be something Masato Kato would touch upon if Chrono Break were ever to become a thing.

In any case sorry if I deviate a bit from Chrono, I just didn't know where else to post this as I have zero idea where else on the net would be embracing of this sort of question.

Also I want to thank you guys very much! It may be my first time posting here ubt I've visited this site for years upon years upon years, and it's always provided me with loads of extremely interesting read and food for thought. Thank you very much.