Author Topic: New Update to the Chrono Trigger Prototype Unused Text Document  (Read 2301 times)


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Hi everyone! I know I haven't posted here in quite a while, but I thought you all might find this interesting.

We recently made an update that was made recently to the CT prototype unpointed text recovery project, for the first time since I initially posted it here on the Compendium! (If you're not already familiar with this effort, you can read about it here: )

A follower on twitter for my game hacking/digital archaeology website provided some new kanji to add to the text table, which completed a number of sentences and made some dialogue a lot more intelligible now. Unfortunately, there weren't any amazing new plot discoveries, but it's nice to have the text a little more readable. Beyond that, there was some cleanup to the document itself and updates to the notes.

You can read more about the new text here:
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Re: New Update to the Chrono Trigger Prototype Unused Text Document
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Thanks a ton. Moving to news.

Always love this kind of archaeology. It's crazy to think that we're touching the earliest versions of the game's text.