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a story for Radical Dreamers 2
« on: June 25, 2015, 04:52:55 am »
Okay, so picking up from where we left off at the end of the primary Radical Dreamers story, Serge is left behind by Magus and Kid after escaping from Viper Manor, which has been infiltrated by a Porre strike force.

Originally, the Acacia Dragoons lived in Viper Manor as vigilantes supported by the government of Porre. One day, they discovered that Viper Manor was constructed on top of ruins from the Black Omen that contained the frozen flame. Lynx, a wealthy, influential, and evil :evil: politician from Porre, learned about this and decided to become a benefactor for the Acacia Dragoons so that he could earn their trust and get closer to the frozen flame.

Some time after Dalton gained control of Porre, Lynx hired a private army of mystics/fiends and other ghoulies to forcefully obtain Viper Manor from the dragoons while General Viper and most of the dragoons were away at Staik Lake, their secret hideaway. Lynx tortured the one dragoon who was guarding Viper Manor until he revealed the location of Staik Lake, which Lynx then relayed to Dalton. Lynx also probably lied to Dalton by saying that he had discovered the Dragoons were secretly working with the Guardian government to incite a coup d'etat against Porre's new leadership. A forced confession signed by the tortured dragoon likely gave the paranoid Dalton all the evidence he needed to justify ordering his troops to exterminate the dragoons vacationing at Staik Lake. Dalton granted Lynx legal ownership of Viper manor as a reward for his actions. This is how Lynx came into possession of the frozen flame without Dalton's knowledge.

Lynx then decided to combine Lucca's chrono trigger with his frozen flame in order to alter history. Lynx attacked Lucca's orphanage, using the frozen flame to drain Lucca of her magic powers. He then abducted her, took her back to Viper Manor, and tortured her to death, partly for fun :twisted:, and partly to try and locate the chrono trigger, which Lucca did not have on her at the time, and which Lynx had not found at her orphanage. After he killed Lucca, Lynx set her orphanage on fire and ordered his troops to murder everyone there to cover up his crimes. Except for Kid, who took the chrono trigger with her and escaped from the orphanage before Lynx could find it.

Shortly after, Dalton decides to infiltrate Viper Manor upon hearing rumors about the frozen flame and the chrono trigger. He is concerned because Lynx obtained the frozen flame from Viper Manor without telling him, and is trying to keep it and his plan to combine it with the chrono trigger to alter history a secret. This leads to the infiltration and conquering of Viper Manor by Vera's squadron, which ended the original Radical Dreamers.

What is the frozen flame? Text from Radical Dreamers strongly implies that it was the core of the mammon machine. Dalton wants it so that he can resurrect the kingdom of zeal in the present era. However, with Lavos dead, it is likely that the frozen flame would not be as powerful as it used to be.

Radical Dreamers 2 would pick up where the first one ended with gameplay that alternates between two groups; Serge by himself, and Kid with Magus. Serge will be the only narrator for the story. Initially, Kid and Magus are going to try and find a way to assassinate Dalton, while Serge is just going to try and figure out what is going on in his world. At the time this game begins, Dalton is just about ready to invade Guardia. He is waiting for Vera to deliver the frozen flame to him following her successful infiltration of Viper Manor, Lynx having vanished while Vera and her squadron were stealing the frozen flame from him. Incidentally, Viper Manor will now be incorporated into Porre's empire.

Crono is dead in this timeline. Marle will naturally defend Guardia to the death, but Dalton's army will have lots of people with rifles. Eventually, Marle will be exhausted, then executed, possibly by Dalton with the frozen flame. At least that is Dalton's plan.

Marle still has her pendant, but who knows what happened to the gate key, or whether the entity feels like making any new portals. The epoch may be gone as well (Sorry Marle! In this playthrough we didn't resurrect Crono, and we crashed the epoch into Lavos. :shock: Better luck next time! Hope you have some speed tabs, magic tabs, elixirs, golden studs, and prism armors!). :?

Dalton might even make some Leviathan Tanks, similar to Dragon Tanks but specifically designed to counter Marle's ice magic instead of fire. She'd have to take their heads out using her bow only.

Before Dalton invades Guardia, Magus and Kid will try to assassinate him. They will fail, because Dalton will defend himself using the frozen flame to drain Magus's powers (just like Lavos did in Chrono Trigger). Then Dalton will kick Kid's behind (just like Lynx did in Radical Dreamers), only to be stopped by Serge, somehow. Maybe Serge will take the frozen flame from Dalton while he is distracted and use its powers against Dalton. After being saved by Serge, Kid will be able to steal the frozen flame from Dalton. "Too much power for an 'orrible person to 'ave.", or something like that. :D She will want to kill Dalton, but will not be able to, in order for everyone to escape before his troops arrive to secure the area. Dalton will survive, and will proceed to invade Guardia. The game will end with Kid burying the frozen flame at Crono's grave, just like Lucca wanted. Magus will comment on how yet another kingdom rose and fell.

Magus could conceivably take out Dalton now that the frozen flame is out of the picture, but presumably will not, either because his powers were just drained for a second time, or because he doesn't care about Guardia or Marle. He only cares about Schala, who is strongly implied to have been reincarnated as Kid in this timeline, with all memories intact following the events of the main Radical Dreamers storyline.
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