Author Topic: Topic: The Race Against Time V - 24h Chrono Trigger Marathon Livestream  (Read 4826 times)

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The Chrono Compendium saw this post and love the idea, so here's the direct info:


Hi folks!

I'm part of a group that runs an annual charity livestream to raise money for the Alzheimer Society of Canada, the Race Against Time. Our goal is get all of the endings in Chrono Trigger in under 24 hours, raise as much as we can (ideally beating our previous best of ~$1200 CAD) and having a great time.

This year the event runs August 10 - 11, from noon to midnight (EDT) each day, and we'll be having giveaways pretty much every hour and a few guests too. We'd love it if y'all could donate, join us (, or even just help spread the word. More details are available on the main site.



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These guys reached out to me on Kickstarter.  I love the idea and want to help support.  Cross Symphonic is going to donate a few rewards to their cause. :)