Author Topic: "Yoko Ono Trigger" game corruption  (Read 548 times)

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"Yoko Ono Trigger" game corruption
« on: April 23, 2015, 08:49:57 pm »
Was able to come across a copy of the "Yoko Ono Trigger" corruption rom hack. To avoid a C&D, I've made a patch file for an unheadered CT rom.

A few things to note about this corruption/hack:
- I advise you to see the title screen intro and opening first of all. Some very hilarious stuff happens!
- If you have epilepsy or seizures brought on by flashing colours, DO NOT play this rom
- Mind your volume, because there's frequently an ear piercing tone you'll want to turn the volume down a bit on. Although, do still keep the volume on because there are parts where it adds to the hilarity (ie. game cycling through battle sound effects while credits roll)
- Avoid battles! Enemies have massive (infinite?) health, and their first hit will knock you down to 1 HP, with subsequent attacks doing no damage at all, forever.
- If dialogue gets distorted beyond the ability to advance it, fast forward.
- Likely to crash when transitioning maps if using a battery save of original game to move forward (was the case for me, but got some hilarity)