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"Dream of the Shore Near Another World" Rock Cover

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I just uploaded my first cover on youtube. I hope you like it

Also I will be doing covers for Time's Scar, Another Guldove, Arni Village, and Gale (Battle Theme). I've searched throughout youtube and can't find a single cover of it so it'll be an exciting first! 9/8 time signatures are fun to play! :lol:

Hot damn, this is good! Always did enjoy heavy rock remixes. Loving that change at 1:50...

I'm looking forward to hearing more!

Thanks man! I'll get to work on the others pronto! All the drums, piano, synth, and bass are programmed and written but the guitars are performed. It's all in protools too! I was just getting down guldove yesterday! Please subscribe!

Nice. And I already did! I see that you also plan on covering songs from Trigger, Legend of Zelda, FInal Fantasy, and Lufia as well. Do you have a predetermined list of songs you'd like cover, or might you add more as you go?


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