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[1] [12000] Develop Chrono Cross JP/NA Spreadsheet

[2] [500] Ascertain whether other Unknown Remixes are by NuXion/Byron Long

[3] [10000] Better than FLV source for first V-Jump alpha vid, softsubs Nuumanonja

[4] [1000] Clean up a few pieces of official art from CT V-Jump

[5] [4000] Translate and scanlate the Chrono Cross Bandai Card Game

[6] [2500] Verify LEVEL magazine interviews talking about Chrono Trigger

[7] [500] Identify author of unknown Chrono Trigger remixes

[8] [500] Use these sheets with these palettes to create sheets for new CT DS, Pre

[9] [100] Add time signatures to Cross & RD song pages


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