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Other Topics and the Prerelease / Re: Preview from Nintendo Power #68
« Last post by Vehek on June 09, 2021, 07:32:14 pm »
That's one of the images on the Prism Cards. Don't know if I've seen it in any of the magazines.
Other Topics and the Prerelease / Re: Preview from Nintendo Power #68
« Last post by Prince Janus on June 09, 2021, 06:52:01 pm »
I actually have a copy of that issue, and I remember seeing that same image.

Hilariously, the other screenshots spoil Magus as a playable party member
Other Topics and the Prerelease / Preview from Nintendo Power #68
« Last post by Razig on June 09, 2021, 05:34:22 pm »
Here's a prerelease image of Chrono Trigger that I can't recall seeing elsewhere, taken from Nintendo Power #68 (January 1995) in a "Special Edtion" report on the November 1994 Shoshinkai game show.

The picture is a little blurry, but we can see Crono, Lucca, and Ayla facing off against several Robos. I would assume this was an earlier version of the R-Series battle, if not for Ayla's presence. The location doesn't quite match any particular spot in the final game, but the terrain is instantly recognizable as a Lab 16-type area. The lighting effects are interesting; it looks as if a combo attack from the Robos is being reflected by Crono's sword. I don't remember any effects like these in the final game.

Has anyone seen this picture before or have any information about what's happening?
Fan Fiction / Re: Friendlord - an AU-based exploration of a guilty psyche
« Last post by Prince Janus on June 08, 2021, 10:53:10 pm »
Ch 10: Schala, I'm Janus

       Lucca's sleep that night was plagued with bad dreams. Dreams of memories she would greatly have wished to forget.

       She hadn't dreamt of this moment in a long time, but the setup was nearly identical to last: she was a little girl, standing there with her mom, watching disaster unfold. It was useless to try and stop the machine, because the control panel was a garbled mess of buttons and switches, and Lucca for the life of her could never figure out how they worked.

        "Why can't I figure this out??" Lucca screamed, though nobody could hear her. "Why can't I save her???"

        Suddenly, Robo appeared alongside her, pulling a lever on the controls and, somehow, stopping all of time around them with it. "Lucca," Robo began, "You are in a dream. It is only natural for you to be intimidated by these controls - they represent an element that thwarted you, once...something you vowed you would one day overcome and defeat. However, when you look back on this day, you will only ever see your shortcomings. For that reason, you can never comprehend these controls."

         "Then what do I do?" Lucca asked, practically in tears. "How do I turn it off?"

         "It doesn't matter," Robo told her. "When you wake up, none of what you do here will have happened. I will not even remember talking to you about this - after all, I am only a figment of your own mind."


          "THEN WHY DO I HAVE TO..."

          Lucca looked around. She was in the woods again. Robo was in low-power mode next to her, and her companions (sans Magus) were all fast asleep.

          "...dream about it."

          ...Lucca stood there thinking. Did Robo know about... yes, Lucca had mentioned it once. She pondered whether or not to wake him and tell him about the dream, but decided to let him rest. She was overcome with an odd feeling, as if she were still dreaming, but lucidly.

          "An entity.." she thought to herself. "Why show your regrets to us? Why, if you can open time portals. Are we to the ones to fix them for you? Is that what you want?"
           As if to answer her, Lucca suddenly heard a gate open in the distance. Quietly stepping over her friends, she tiptoed toward a swirling crimson portal, immediately realizing that this timegate was something special, something just for her... and she had a good idea just what it was.

           No sooner had the red gate closed behind Lucca, then Robo had suddenly reactivated. He seemed to have realized something had happened, and walked over towards where the gate was last detected, patiently waiting there until finally, Lucca had returned.

           "Lucca..." Robo replied. "What happened? Were you... successful?"
            Lucca had clearly been crying, but she was smiling widely. "I...     yes... Robo, I did it... I saved her...       did you know about this??"

            "I knew only of my own desires", Robo confessed. "I desired to see you again - that much was a wish I could reasonably expect granted. However, besides this, the only thing I want more than anything else is your own happiness. Quietly, I wished that you would be able to do this, and to change this history - I did not honestly expect our mysterious entity to answer."

           Lucca sniffled. "T-thanks, Robo... you're a good friend."

           "Lucca..." Robo spoke, opening his chassis. "There is something I would like you to have. This item is the byproduct of my trying to revive Fiona and Marco, if just for one day. Although it cannot grant this request, It may prove to work in some other way..."

           As Robo presented Lucca with the green dream item, a pair of red eyes was silently watching them from the bushes.


         "Oh..." Magus whispered to himself, watching Lucca and Robo converse. "It's those two. Why are they still awake? What could possibly be so important that they have to talk about it at one in the morning?"

         Something somebody said led to Lucca crying again, holding Robo tightly.

         "Is this what friendship is?" Magus scoffed. "sharing your weaknesses and seeking unity? Farce! If I had ever attempted anything of the sort with Ozzie and the others, they would have..."

         Suddenly, Magus heard a noise behind him.

         "Seems we are not alone, tonight..."

         Quietly making his way through the darkness between the thick oaks, Magus soon came into a large, wooded clearing. It was a long, secluded area surrounded by thick, immeasurably tall redwood all around, and a high canopy which reduced the light of the moon to but a single beam, focused on a lonely fallen stump in the center...

         ...where sat Schala.

         "Oh..." she spoke, startled. "I am terribly sorry Magus... did I disturb you?"

         Magus was almost surprised by the question, but quickly shook it from his head. "What? N-no... not at all. It seems, rather, that neither of us can get any sleep tonight."

         "Indeed," spoke Schala, alone under the natural spotlight. "I keep thinking about what you said back there, at the bonfire. I didn't intend to upset or-"

         "Don't," Magus dismissed. "You didn't do anything wrong, Schala, I just... don't like them teasing me about those things."

         "And?" She asked. "Are they true? Did you really do them?"

         "Like I said..." Magus tried to dissuade her horror, "I'm a very petty, selfish man."

         "No you aren't," Schala protested. "I'm of no use to you, and yet not only did you save my life, but you've shown me much kindness and compassion since."

         Touche'. Magus didn't have a comeback for that.

         "Perhaps it is better," she continued, "to say that we are constantly changing. A man such as yourself who suddenly finds himself saving me is perhaps no different from the kindest, most wellmeaning princess who still manages to allow the ultimate mass slaughter."

         Magus shook his head. "Schala, you are not responsible for that... if anything, even I am more responsible for it than you."

         She only shook her head though. "Was this the reason why I had to know what kind of a person you claim to be?"

         "No..." he replied. "Schala, I-"

         "Don't try to dissuade me with your tales of evil and cruelty, Magus," Schala continued. "By simply obeying my mother, I have killed far more people than you."
         "Why do you still believe that??" Magus insisted, with irritation. "Why do you have to be the one responsible for mass murder?"

         "Because," she explained, "I was the only one with power to rival her. With but the words 'no, Mother', I could have stopped all of this. She would be angry, yes, and perhaps try to punish me, but I could still defeat her, put her down if need be...    ...and yet I loved her too much."

          Magus shook his head in lament, as she went on.

         "If Janus were here, he'd agree with me."

         "Janus!?" Magus replied, almost knee-jerk. "Are you meaning to tell me that all of this guilt and self-abuse was born from the pedantic ramblings of some dead child?"

         Schala looked straight at him, obviously offended. "W-what? Don't say things like that!! Janus wa-is..."

         "Don't act like I'm some common fool," Magus continued. "I know full well what kind of secrets Janus was hiding..."

         "Then you know," Schala argued, "why it was so important to keep them hidden! If mother knew there was someone with untapped potential even greater than my own, she most assuredly would have put him in my place! Was that the correct choice? To let Janus suffer my mother's wrath as he powered the Mammon Machine?"
         "You cared about him, clearly..." Magus remarked. "sought to shield him, even... but ask yourself this: Did Janus ever actually care about you? When your mother would get angry and hit you, did he ever once defend you? When you practically drained yourself in great agony before that machine, did he just sit on his bed at the palace and complain about things?"
         "He had to..." Schala argued. "Can you imagine such an embittered, cynical *child* fully embracing that kind of power? Suppose he did overtake Mother, threw that machine in her face even... then what? Zeal would be subject to an unchecked calamity. Magus, I couldn't bring myself to stop Mother. How could I ever possibly stop Janus?"

         "...I see," Magus replied, quietly. "So, you hoped to protect Janus not just from your mother, but from himself as well...     ...kingdom be damned."


         Magus turned away, as if in disgust.

         "...what a waste."

         "HOW DARE YOU!" Schala shouted, before remembering her sleeping companions not far away. "You know nothing of me or my reasons for trying to help my brother! I was trying to save him from the darkness that gnawed at him every single day! Where do you get off, calling my brother a waste?? What gives you the right??"

         To this, Magus said nothing at all. He simply unhooked something from his hip and gently dropped it in Schala's lap before turning away. Schala was of course confused at first, until she held the small, silver crescent up close, clearly recognizing it.
         "What? This amulet, I..."

         ...slowly and silently, Schala was putting two and two together, her head gradually turning toward Magus, who replied only by looking over his shoulder at her, in a poignant mix of both sadness and anger.

         "Oh my god..."  she whispered.

         "it's you..."   

         Magus's eyes narrowed more, tears originating in some personal fury.

         "Like I said..." Magus glared, tears streaming down his eyes as his hands turned to fists.

         "It was a waste."

         "Janus..."   Schala whispered, gently reaching out to him with sweet sympathy, only for her brother to deny her and turn away.

         "Just leave me alone..."

         ...and without a word more, Schala respectfully let him be, returning to the camp as the moonlight faded around Magus, leaving him alone in the dark.
Oh, Here is a Chrono Cross Easter Egg of Kid you can find in Threads of Fate!
At last, I finally reached the end of the first arc of the story, beating Chronos Menas.

I'd say, it moved me. It's a good story. But man, that was Chapter 25 of like over 70 the game is at now? I know some details already of what is to come next, but I have yet to largely look it up. Will be fun to see what lies in store next... after I do some more side content first, haha.

... ha ha... still far from getting Levia...


Once again I'm withholding continuing the main story, not starting Ogre Wars yet. Instead I began doing some of the newly unlocked content. Like the Theatre (sadly don't have all teh characters for the perfect performances), the Sword and Wings Mythos (made it to the Winged Ones village, aka finished up to Chapter 3 so far), and... the cat stuff.

Oh my God, the cat stuff... this is great.  :lol:

Also, I don't know when this happened, but Lucca Ashtear finally has a character portrait:

That's neat.
General Discussion / Re: What Are You Currently Playing? (Do NOT Just Make a List)
« Last post by Mauron on June 08, 2021, 05:05:37 pm »
Playing Digimon Adventure for the PSP right now. Interesting to see some of the original names of Digimon. A few sound better that way.

New Neptunia game bought. Waiting for PS5 jokes.
Good Macky? Oh, yes, got him after beating Visus Echo. I had long gotten him to move into the village as soon as that unlocked, so the sidequest unlocked pretty much immediately after.

Yup! I actually didn't know about it until well after the quest, and even once he joined the village it took me a day or two to figure out how to recruit him. It was a surprise for me, as I had no idea that he'd join Aldo!
Fan Fiction / Re: Friendlord - an AU-based exploration of a guilty psyche
« Last post by Prince Janus on June 07, 2021, 10:14:47 pm »
Ch: 9 The Big Night

         Magus really didn't have much choice.

         Everyone else was gathering around the fire as the last red rays of sunset were disappearing, giving way to the purples and blues of night. Whether he cared to admit it or not, this group was growing on him, although he couldn't fathom why. Besides - Schala was joining the circle too. He and Alfador ought to join.

         "Hello, to all of you" Robo began. "As you know, 400 years ago, I began an endeavor to help Fiona see a great forest restored, where the fires of war had reduced it to sand and dust."

         Magus was slightly surprised that he wasn't mentioned in that.

         "Although you were easily able to pick me up just yesterday, I on the other hand have toiled and labored for centuries. I have asked for us to take this moment and participate in this event because for those many long years, I did not and could not see your faces again.  I have experienced an overwhelming sense of not just longing, but loneliness."

         "Loneliness..." Magus thought to himself. "From a machine? Even after so long..."

         "Thank you, all of you, for coming to participate in this event. Schala, as our esteemed guest, I would like to extend my thanks to you as well."

         Schala smiled and curtsied playfully.

         "There is something else I would like to discuss with all of you, but before I do, Ayla has asked to have words. Ayla?"

         Ayla stood up and smiled. "Ayla make strong friends. Before now, friends always run left and right, tomorrow and yesterday, make Ayla dizzy! Now, friends all together, one place, one time. Ayla think friends should talk! Say hello, big circle!! Bring closer together!"

         "Oh yeah..." Marle smiled. "I get it..."

         Ayla nodded. "Marle go first, or Crono? Lucca?"

         "Well...." Marle began, "Truthfully, I think my story is pretty much the same as Crono's, or Lucca's for that matter. Up North from here is a town festival going on, where we all met. Lucca built some sort of time pod..."

         "It was a telepod, and it wasn't supposed to send you back in time!"

         "Well it did, and we ended up having to fix a whole other mess. Without going into too many details, we realized we could travel through time! Unfortunately, that's also how we ended up in the year 2300..."

         Lucca took over.
         "Truthfully, I don't think any of us were willing to believe it *was* our future, despite all evidence otherwise. That's when we found out that in the year 1999, Lavos is to rise up through the crust and lay waste to the entire world."

         "Aye, 'tis the sooth of thy mysterious origins!" Frog laughed. "Bethinks, such bizarre circumstance doth confuse the lot of mine kingdom! But pardon my interruption, lass. Pray tell, may i assume thy voyages becameth much less accidental upon this discovery?"

          "We've had one hell of a journey..." Lucca explained. "Learning magic, meeting Robo, trying to prevent Lavos..."

          "Indeed," Magus spoke. "And no doubt now discovering how impossible that was."

          "I suppose I should be next, as their journey led to my reactivation", Robo began. "I came to in their company, to discover Lucca had given me new lease on life. In return, I sought to help them return home. Unlike many of you, who will never so much as live to see the Day of Lavos come to pass, my home time period is very much the aftermath. Everything around us right now - the trees...   the life...     even the clear sky and air do not exist in my world."

          Robo said those words in a low monotone. Clearly, this hit pretty hard for him.

          "If Lavos can be stopped, it must be stopped. I cannot return to a future where all of this has been for nothing, and my remaining family either seeks my destruction or lays destroyed at my feet."

          Lucca sympathetically held Robo. Magus, though he did not show it, was taken aback. "So..." He thought to himself, "This is why you insisted upon interfering..."

          "Aye, 'tis a great deal of duty, to find one's self capable of extraordinary things, and to declare responsibility over events which doth not intersect with thine own..." Frog admitted. "Had I thought otherwise, I would mayhaps not hath accompanied a dear friend of mine to Guardia Kingdom in the year 588. Thee wouldst' not think it of me, but I was quite different then...   a young man, without these strange features and abilities...    alas, my friend and I hadst met with terrible fates. A terrible, unchecked evil, doomed the both of us. However, whilst my friend was granted the luxury of eternal rest, I befell this bizarre appearance."

           Magus tried to ignore this part of the conversation.

           "That evil lays dead anon, aye, but not Lavos - which didst breathe the fire of life into it. I hath been equally humbled and mortified by the unending waltz of tragedy, hatred, and vengeance. Verily, this must stop." 

           Ayla listened. "Crono friends big talk, save future. Maybe more fight over world, later? Fighting is Ayla reason. All Ayla life, Ayla beat up reptites. Ayla no fight, Ayla die. Ayla not hate reptites, but Ayla want live! Azala know Lavos come, though... Azala know either reptite or human survive, but not both. That why Azala hurt and kill. Lavos no come, maybe Azala and Ayla friends. Ayla promise Azala, Ayla take good care of world. Ayla stop Lavos. Now, blue hairs go?"

          Magus stepped back a bit, letting Schala speak.

          "Well...    my name is Schala, house of Zeal...   a long time before now, I lived in a kingdom which sailed above the clouds... that is, until my mother discovered a lifeform beneath the earth, responsible for our powers. She... had something built to siphon this power, and...   ...I'm sorry, I can't discuss much more... this is all... too..."

          "It's okay," Marle comforted her, "It's alright Schala, you don't have to explain anymore. You did your best. Just tell us this: What do you plan to do now?"

          "I suppose it is my duty to attend to what survivors remain", Schala pondered out loud. "I was worried about Janus, as well, but..."

          Magus suddenly leaned back in some. "!?"

          "I believe it would be best if I let go of him, and moved on."
          "No..." Magus thought to himself. "No.. you can't. Not just as I'm about to..."

          "Now hold on a second, there..." Lucca interrupted, not failing to notice the upset on Magus's face. "It hasn't been *that* long, right? Janus is probably just having to... figure things out on his own right now, but I'm sure you'll see your little brother again, very soon..."

          Magus did not fail to notice Lucca's sly smile in his direction. For once he somewhat appreciated it.

          "...which finally brings us to you, Magus," she then commented.

          Magus's expression fully soured.

          "Yes," Schala smiled, "I must say, I'm quite curious about you as well."
          Everyone leaned in with smiles, as if expecting Magus to finally divulge the truth to his sister here and now. Magus, though clearly uncomfortable, slowly began to speak.

         "Very well..." he started, "My name is Magus. I am a powerful dark sorcerer with ambitions neither lofty nor complicated. Quite simply, I am here because I have one solitary desire: revenge."

         "Yeah, yeah..." Marle prodded, "but go on. Tell us why!"

         "A long time ago, in a faraway kingdom" he continued, "I was victim to a terrible disaster caused by Lavos. Torn from everything I held dear, I vowed I would one day make Lavos pay at any cost - to myself...   *or others, if need be...*"

        An uncomfortable silence fell over the group at this last part.

        "Is that it?" Lucca coaxed. "Are you sure there isn't...   ...anything else you want to say?"

        Magus narrowed his eyes. "Like what, exactly?"

        Lucca gestured very obviously to Schala. "Something... else about you? That you would like for, say, Schala, to know about?"

        This all had Schala's attention, for sure. "What is it?"

        Magus, seeing her curiousity, silently cursed himself. He had wanted to do this in private. "Very well..." he groaned. "Yes, Schala. There is indeed something else you need to know about me. Something very important, particularly if you are to learn anything else."

        Everyone held their breath. Finally, brother and sister would be joined again. After what seemed like an eternity, words finally escaped Magus's lips.

        "The Frog tells lies."

        Frog and Schala both raised eyebrows. "Huh?"

        "Indeed," Magus continued, "he would speak flowery of what happened, but he avoids the cold and honest truth. He did not slay the evil force which murdered his friend, and cursed him with this appearance."

        "What do you mean," she asked?

        "Janus...." Frog whispered almost silently. "Don't..."

         "Simple," Magus spoke. "I *am* the evil force which did these things."

         "J-Magus-" Frog shot up, "I art trying to help thee"

         "AND I DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR HELP," Magus shouted. "I DIDN'T ASK FOR FRIENDSHIP, OR KINDNESS, OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT!! I know exactly what I am to you, and what I deserve to be."
         "What are you?" Schala asked.

         "A very selfish sorcerer, shamelessly concerned about his own interests above anyone else's." Magus explained. Everything which has happened to Glenn and his friend was because they got in my way. The only reason I am even here is because, regrettably, I need these people in order to get the revenge I seek. I don't care about your future, or honor, or what some lizard in a cape said. I just want catharsis, and I'm not afraid to murder a few people to get it."

        Schala shook her head. "Surely you don't mean that..."

        Magus pointed a finger in her face, barely containing his volume. "Don't test me, princess."

        ...and with that, he stormed off into the woods. Alfador slept through the whole thing,  staying in Schala's lap.

        "Goodness, that got ugly..."

        "Ugh, nevermind him," Lucca dismissed. "Robo, what was the other thing you wanted to talk about?"

        "Yes..." Robo began. "After 400 long years of solitude, I have had a lot of time to think to myself, and I have come to a perhaps startling conclusion - Lavos may not be responsible for the gates."

        "What do you mean?" Marle asked.

        "I have come to think that someone, or something wanted us to see these events unfold", he explained. "It is as if some entity was wanting to relive its past..."

        Ayla sat there thinking about it, before opening her eyes wide in realization. "Ayla... know! Yes!! In Ayla village, elders say when people die, see... whole life! Flash by."

        "Ah..." Frog nodded in understanding. "Yes I hath heard much the same, lass...   except, that typically, such memories are often sad ones, full of regret..."

        "Yes," Robo added. "Thoughts of what one should or should not have done seem to trigger these unpleasant memories."

        Crono shrugged, having apparently not experienced this at all last time. 
        "eerie," Marle shivered. "Lucca, you think the same thing will happen to us?"

        "Don't know," Lucca replied. "No way of knowing until it happens."

        "Hmm..." Marle sighed. "I guess mine will involve daddy a lot... I wish it didn't always come to arguments between us..."
        Schala stared into the fire, Zeal still fresh on her mind.

        "What about you, Lucca..." Marle asked. "Is there a time you wish you coul-"

        "NO!" Lucca suddenly stopped her. "I mean uh...   n-no... of course not..."

        "I'm sorry..." Marle apologized. "Something I shouldn't have brought up?"

        "I-it's ok..." Lucca shook her head. "It's just something that happened a long time ago... something I don't like thinking about..."

        "Mayhaps..." Frog contributed, "Lavos and this entity are of intertwined fate?"

         "And yet..." Schala finally spoke, "we know not who this entity is. Zurvan, keeper of the sea of dreams, perhaps?"

         "It is unknown..." Robo admitted. "yet, anyways. Perhaps when our quest is at an end, we will have our answer. Well then...

         ...shall we turn in for the night?"

Chrono Vendian / Re: Chrono Vendian Updates & Progress
« Last post by xcalibur on June 07, 2021, 05:01:10 pm »
small, but important update. I won't be able to release the trailer as planned. I haven't been feeling too well, actually battling a lot of despair of late.

Please don't give up hope! Your mental and physical health are more important than any hobby project!!!

If you ever need need someone to talk to, please feel free to reach out to me here. You can message me and I can give you additional channels to contact me at.

Stay strong. We are here for you if you need us!

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