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Chrono Vendian / Re: Chrono Vendian Updates & Progress
« Last post by Vehek on June 15, 2021, 01:31:59 am »
Well, there is an official sprite of his face, since the unofficial sheet was an expansion of the small original one from an alternate ending, as was sort of mentioned before.
Chrono Vendian / Re: Chrono Vendian Updates & Progress
« Last post by dclem on June 14, 2021, 11:57:48 pm »
I'll take it, there'll need to be some creativity in this case, since we've never officially seen Glenn's face.
Chrono Vendian / Re: Chrono Vendian Updates & Progress
« Last post by Boo the Gentleman Caller on June 14, 2021, 03:00:59 pm »
There's no official art as far as I'm aware of. The only time we see him is during the animated cutscene ending.

There is an unofficial sprite sheet used in Crimson Echoes/Flames of Eternity (SNES rom hacks) that I can track down for you, but once again, it's not official.
Chrono Vendian / Re: Chrono Vendian Updates & Progress
« Last post by dclem on June 14, 2021, 01:42:11 pm »
I think I'll be ok for some coming weeks.

Just take care of yourself, first and foremost. Mentally and physically. As exciting as a project as this is, I care much more about your well-being than any fan hack!

If you need anything, moral support, anything, please feel free to reach out. I can't stress that enough!

I don't know how well it is from another's perspective, but I usually have to drown myself in work to be able to get through it, if that makes sense.

Something, anything. There was something finicky about Marle's skeleton rig, not a major bug but enough to keep me focused on it.


controlling Frog as a bipedal figure has me debating.

@Boo the Gentleman Caller Are there any official concept art for Glenn (human)? Concept art or character sheet(s)?
Chrono Vendian / Re: Chrono Vendian Updates & Progress
« Last post by Boo the Gentleman Caller on June 14, 2021, 11:23:01 am »
I think I'll be ok for some coming weeks.

Just take care of yourself, first and foremost. Mentally and physically. As exciting as a project as this is, I care much more about your well-being than any fan hack!

If you need anything, moral support, anything, please feel free to reach out. I can't stress that enough!
Fan Fiction / Re: Friendlord - an AU-based exploration of a guilty psyche
« Last post by Prince Janus on June 13, 2021, 02:23:48 pm »
Ch 11: And That's OK

         Afternoon had arrived on the following day, and Magus had completely disappeared.

         "Ugh..." Marle shook her head. "Don't tell me he got cold feet..."

         "Who?" Schala asked.

         "Oh, Magus. He... wanted to talk to you alone about something, but now I have no idea where he went..."

         "Oh..." Schala nodded, already knowing. "Yes... of course. Marle, what is your opinion of him?"
         "Of Magus? Well... I'll be honest - I know he's done some shit, but I can't help feeling sorry for the guy. I'm not saying that makes it ok, but I'd be down for opening up to him - if he'd just take the damn offer. He doesn't want that, though - Dude's got a one-track mind, you know what I mean?"

         Schala sighed in agreement and amused disappointment. "All too well."

        "You know what..." Marle continued. "Screw it - worry about him later. Right now though? Let's you and I have some straight talk."

        "Oh?" Schala replied. "I'm feeling a lot better now..."

        "No no, not about that!" Marle shook her head, before showing off her pendant. "You and I are 'pendies'! It's crazy to me, that this thing survived for thousands of years and ended up in my hands!"

        "Maybe this was more than a coincidence," Schala suggested. "After all, if yours was a royal heirloom, well..."

        "Yeah... that's the other thing," Marle explained. "You. When I first saw you, you had it all down so neat and tidy... Princessing I mean. How do you do it? Come on, that kind of pain cannot come natural."

        Schala giggled. "My life was not always so rigid as it may appear...   between you and me, I used to sneak out from time to time, as well. Janus used to come with me, on my midnight escapades. We did a lot of bonding then, he and I."

        Marle sighed and frowned. "Hey, Schala, don't worry about Janus. I promise you'll..."

        Schala only smiled. "Don't worry, Marle. I know I will."

        Schala might not have recognized him right away, but she knew Janus better than anyone in the world. He needed his solitude after last night, and now it was time for her to find him - Her, and nobody else. She didn't want to possibly attract spying eyes from the group, so she kept quiet about what she learned.

        "Magus has been gone for quite a long time," she commented. "I think I should go look for him - After all, I believe we are returning to the same era."

        "Alone?" Marle asked. "Are you sure you don't want any company?"

        "I'm sure," Schala smiled. "I too enjoy a bit of solitude from time to time. Especially in a sanctuary of trees such as this."

        Marle shrugged, and before long Schala was traipsing the narrow paths and hills of a grand catacomb of leaves and wood. Gentle hills crossing up and down, log bridges over gentle rivers, and the distant ambiance of birds echoing through the great forest all around her. Janus would have been a trifle difficult to find in here, but as Schala continued onward, she was greeted with a playful, familiar "Meow" from the treebranch ahead.

        "Oh," Schala smiled. "Hello, Alfador."

        Alfador replied by nuzzling her ankle and meowing.

        "Have you come to lead me to Janus?"

        Alfador meowed loudly, obviously wanting to be followed. Thus, for about an hour longer, Schala continued passing between bushes, over streams, and along cliffsides before finally coming to a clearing, leading to a wide sunny meadow with a single massive oak at the center, and a figure leaned against it.


        Magus kept his head down, thinking to himself about the events to come.

        "Well, now you know... as if I hadn't caused you enough grief over all this, now you know that everything you had hoped for me was a lie - everything you suffered and sacrificed was for naught. In retrospect, I suppose it is fitting that I too suffered for nothing, in exchange."

        "I've never been good to you..." he convinced himself. "Maybe now you'll see that."

        ...No sooner did he think this to himself than he heard footsteps, and turned to see Schala approach.

        "Or not..." he thought last.

        Schala smiled warmly. "I hope I'm not disturbing you, Janus."

        Magus looked at her with surprise. After all that last night, and she's almost jovial?

        "You..." Magus began, picking up Alfador, "are rather persistent. You aren't, perhaps, somehow convinced you were still right are you?"

        "I know I am," Schala replied, standing alongside him. "But let's... 'have some straight talk', as Marle would put it..."

        Magus nervously looked around. "She didn't come with you, did she?"

        Schala laughed. "No...    I haven't even told anyone yet about... this..." she said, handing him back his amulet from last night, before going into things.

        "Janus," she started, "you were born with an incredible gift. There comes a time in every Enlightened One's life when they began to realize the fruits of this gift."
        As she spoke, she began to hover a hand over her brother's back, but stopped.

        "...Janus, may I touch you? I know how you are at times."
        Magus shook his head and spoke very quietly. "I appreciate that, but please don't. At least... not yet."

        "Very well," she replied calmly. "To carry on, every Enlightened may determine for themselves what it is they want to do with that power...     ...and I had hoped that, free of the Mammon Machine, or of all this drama, the world would have allowed you to find something peaceful."

        Magus closed his eyes. "I didn't..."
        "But in doing so, Janus I failed you as well."

        Magus opened his eyes in surprise. They were a tad wet. "What do you mean?"

        "I mean..." she explained, "that when you told me you didn't want anyone to know about this...   ...I was too willing to help suppress it. In reality, I should have been helping you come to terms with it, learn to use it, maybe even find something good you can do with it."

        Magus sat down against the tree, covering his face and shaking his head. "Stop..."

        "Knowing how you were, though... your frustrations, your fears... I don't think I ever could have prevented this... 'Magus', as you call yourself."

        Magus looked up, his eyes a bit redder than usual. "huh?"

        "After all, as I've been trying to come to terms with, before learning just how near you really were", she laughed, "What you do is your responsibility, not mine, Janus. It's up to you to figure out what you need to do, and to weigh the consequences for yourself."


        "However," she continued, "I have seen that the others, regardless of how much you push, desire your camaraderie. They're not looking at 'Magus'. They're looking at 'you', and 'you' are still very much..  ....Janus."

         Magus said nothing, but was shaking slightly.

        "Honestly," she continued, "I'm not surprised you ended up lashing out eventually. You ran loose, let your power go, and had your fun. In the end though? you clearly still have a heart, and that is perhaps much more than I could have ever expected from our Mother at this point."
         "You.." he barely replied, "you believe that so?"

         Schala nodded, with a validating smile. "I do."
         For several moments, Magus said nothing, highly unstable after having some rather sensitive topics and fears forced to the surface. After about ten seconds though, he did finally speak.

        "Schala," he asked, very quietly. "You...  you are... certain? We... we are alone?"

         She nodded. "Absolutely so."

         Magus gestured for her to lean in and listen closely, as he couldn't easily speak with much volume at the moment.

         "Please..." he whispered, in stutters. "Hold me..."


         Lucca looked up into the sky, hearing a very faint sound echoing through the woods.

         "The hell kind of bird is that?"

         "Bird?" Ayla shrugged. "Ayla think sound like Kilwala scream."


         Schala stayed in solitude with Janus for the remainder of the day. As the sun began to set, Schala's thoughts turned towards the long trek she made to get here.

         "Oh no...", she spoke. "We'll never make it back before nightfall! It's a long path through dense wood..."

         "Don't worry about it," Magus reassured her. "I'm at home in the darkness, now. We'll navigate just fine."

         "Well," she continued, "Should we get going?"

         Magus shook his head. "Not yet..." he spoke. As the skies turned dark, he looked up into the sky at the glowing lights of the Black Omen. "Look at it...", he spoke, pointing.

        "Still up there," she replied, "even after thousands and thousands of years. Do you think she's still in there? Looking down at us?"

        "She must be," Magus mused. "This much wasn't supposed to happen. She didn't get this far in the version of events I remember. This facet of events is completely new, and I think perhaps Lavos is scared now."

        Schala shook her head in amazement. "I never thought I'd hear of anyone actually trying to kill Lavos, especially not after having attempted once before."

        "Maybe that's the problem," Magus replied. "Maybe what I'm supposed to be doing with this 'gift' as you call it, is uniting with them... the others... suppose they will accept me?"

        Schala smiled, gently stroking her brother's back. "They already have."


        The next morning, Marle awoke, somewhat blearily, and around the same time as Lucca. Everyone else was either still asleep or only just beginning to stir.

        After a few moments, Marle realized she was supposed to be worried - Schala hadn't returned yesterday, after searching for Janus. Did she ever... !!

        "Oh..." Marle laughed in relief, spotting Magus's silvery blue hair on the other side of a fallen log. "Well there you are, I guess... did you come back with..."

        Marle stopped in her tracks when she fully saw. Gasping, she ran to Lucca with the sound of desperation and, perhaps, excitement in her voice.

        "Come on!!! You have got to see this!!!"
        "Alright, alright!! Geez..."

        Marle dragged Lucca by the arm toward the log. Once they got around to the other side, Lucca's eyes went wide and she covered her mouth.

        "OH!!" she gasped. "...oh my god...     ...that is adorable..."

        Magus was fast asleep, with his cape around him. Wrapped up in it, in his arms, was Schala, just as deeply resting. They both looked as if it was the first peaceful sleep they had in ages.

        "I...   guess we can call him 'Janus', now."
Proposed titles? Interesting.

Some others I can see:

(Below Prime Time, in order)
Cardinal Point
Black Nova!
Gaia Core
TIMEBUSTERS (Easy since it's in the Latin Alphabet lol)

One highlight. Gyado, whatever it means, shows up in Radical Dreamers:
Originally found via
Quote from: John Andersen
1995: Inside Square Soft's former Shibuya, Tokyo office from a Japanese TV documentary about game designers.
@Takashi_Tokita is interviewed and is seen stamping his timecard. He had just finished directing Chrono Trigger here for the SFC/SNES. Via kukun:

Focuses on the systems of the workplace, so don't expect much if anything on the game itself.

The Magus Castle exterior scene can be briefly seen on Tokita's screen before he opens up a communication on proposed game titles.

Some of my bad attempts at transcriptions of parts of what can be seen, translated by Google:
  • Dragon Fantasy (ドラゴン・ファンタジー)
  • Final Quest (ファイナル・クエスト
  • Earth Trial (アーストライアル)
  • Chronomancer (クロノマンサー)
  • Chrono Venture (クロノ・ベンチャー)
  • Prime Time (プライム・タイム)
Chrono Vendian / Re: Chrono Vendian Updates & Progress
« Last post by dclem on June 10, 2021, 11:00:43 am »
thank you everyone.
I think I'll be ok for some coming weeks. I can pick up where I left on, working on Marle.
I'll try my best to keep a stable update scheudle.
Thank you everyone—my sincerest gratitude top you all.
Other Topics and the Prerelease / Re: Preview from Nintendo Power #68
« Last post by Acacia Sgt on June 09, 2021, 08:31:41 pm »
I would assume this was an earlier version of the R-Series battle, if not for Ayla's presence.

I'd say it's more likely the R-Series were gonna be common enemies. Robo, Atropos, and the ones we fight in the Factory are all designated R-6#Y. That could imply there's at least 60 more, so... random enemies?

Wouldn't surprise me if that got scrapped if so, so Robo could remain unique so to speak. It'd take away from him if there were common enemies that were basically him. The other R-Series in-game were already pushing it and made the point well enough on their own.
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