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SPOILER ALERT for Avenger's Endgame:

At the end of Avenger's Endgame they send Captain America back in time to fix something or other with the Infinity stones.  They tell him to do what he has to do, and then get some resources to return, using the time travel method they're using, back to the current point to let them know he completed the task. Since the correction has to be made during the time of his life when he became obligated to become Captain America, he decides to make the correction, but live his life from that point and return the old fashion way to the time and place he is supposed to report his success on the matter.

I couldn't help but note that this might in some way create an Angelus Errare, but only in terms of destiny for himself and such ie, there would be an Angelus Errare only for himself if, for some ungodly reason, anyone decides to go back in time and either have him make the decision to not correct the mistake OR convince him it is too risky for him to play out his original life and have him return as planned.  To recap (no pun) Captain America himself only might encounter some form of Angelus Errare if he learns of and attempts to alter the actions of his future self. 

Iirc, there are many alternate realities AND timelines in the Marvel Universe, which might put the "original" Capt somewhere other than where "future" Capt takes action etc, so, technically, I believe there is something in that to explain this hypothesis away, but mainly I believe the concept is at least applicable under the right conditions ESPECIALLY with things that are comparable to FATE and Harley (not really Lynx, because I think the closest is Apocalypse or Thanus, but both of their fates have little to no wiggle room based on canon).  Ottomh, comparable to FATE and Harley are Cable and the Phoenix, respectively.  My Marvel knowledge is weak, but digging deeper, from what I understand, Dr. Strange, Dr. Sinister, The Scarlett Witch, and a handful of other ludicrously specialized villains could also fit the bill.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Re: Debunking the Time Bastard Theory
« on: May 04, 2020, 12:43:16 am »
I'd like to add a comment on the cats in regards to Time Bastards ironclad fan-fiction "no way there's duplicates" standpoint and it's subsequent "un-realistic"/"unreasonable" restrictions on possibilities, (lol).  Just a comment, because it is very difficult to take a side here.

I insist they could definitely be the same cats from different timelines based on the fact that timeline counterparts can be incorporated onto the same team in CronoCross.  The only way Time Bastard holds up is if the cats are Chrono's and his new timeline selves that disappeared for every timeline correction were exactly and directly responsible for them being anywhere in the vicinity. 

I posted in "A late late late late Time Bastard debunk" that Chrono himself is the Chrono Trigger.  IF the effects of his time travelling don't ACTUALLY occur until he is back through the portal to the corresponding change time, then there could conceivably be a time allowing for error during which the cats could take it upon themselves to first, go through the time gate to a past or future time awaiting the effect of Chrono's actions, and then, return back through a time gate to where they build up in-game, then yes, they are all the same cat.

Sadly, I further posted how the whole vests and plates thing discredits MY explanation of the debunking, but the vests and plates can't move on their own, sooooo, totally different fanfic right here  ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ 

General Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu collection
« on: January 08, 2020, 11:12:56 am »
Oh also, yes, addendum:  Trials of Mana is what I was talking about. 

General Discussion / Re: Seiken Densetsu collection
« on: January 08, 2020, 11:09:25 am »
All I know is SoM 2 (the originally unreleased SoM) for SNES was perfect.  It took repetition a little to the extreme, but was a fun story with a pretty good customizable-level up mechanic.  Most games nowadays take it to the extreme (cough cough* lookin at YOU Valkyrie Profiles cough cough*) which tends to drag on the fun.  Seiken for the Gameboy was absolutely perfection also.  A little long, but only until I figured out some walls were breakable. 

Also, since I play SoM for the SNES brand style, I'm not really caring for 3D by any stretch, but I'll probably definitely buy a copy to support them.  As soooon as I get Switch.  And after OctoPath game.  And my second playthrough of 4Heroes of Light on my DS.  When Lucca finally builds me a time machine like she's been promising.  @_@ haha >)

General Discussion / Re: Xenogears
« on: January 08, 2020, 10:52:39 am »
Hmph sorry, didn't completely answer that post.  I did really enjoy Xenogears, with the exception of it axing my flow on the second disc.  Xenogears is one of the last games I've seen in which the love for it's particular type of storytelling  really shows (like for a current example, only the Gundam series to this day still possess the style I grew up with and am used to . . . ok and maybe Gurren Lagaan)  Characters were true to their, well, character, and nothing was ever too zany or inappropriate in terms of audience and even in-story.  Grandia was exactly the same that way too, but with extreme zany-ness.

General Discussion / Re: Xenogears
« on: January 08, 2020, 10:46:00 am »
Haha, noooo. (I'm laughing nostalgicly, not derisively)  In my opinion I wouldn't be able to interpret it as any kind of sequel, but to be completely fair it's a matter of taste in style (HIYA!!)

  I can see how it could be tied into the aspect of Chrono Cross where Lynx and Serge's identities are interchangeable, just as how the main character in Xenogears comes to a crossroads with his own identity, and even also that final boss lifeform that was absorbing and cultivating everything.  It was more like a ground zero depiction of Lavos's victory in 1999 on another world with no hope for time travel and heavier influence on martial arts.  I would say not even spin-off because as it focused strongly on the odd way a traumatized person's past can be remembered or altered, Crimson Echoes nails it more definitively for the Chrono Trigger storyline.

Didn't read all the replies buuut, my initial impression is, not only the scale of this event but of it's uniqueness.

I assume this is the first example of time anomaly for the planet so it is a very volatile one.  The space/time fabric within in is very jagged or "malleable" in terms of properties, so once in the single gate, Janus and Melchior were manipulated differently by the internal existing phenomena.

Second, and the response I think most on this site can agree with more, is picture a Ven diagram but with the 3 circles overlapping completely and compound it with the idea of dark matter.  Maybe it is more than one gate but we are only seeing one gate, but it is also comprised of dark matter which contains undefined energy, so, not necessarily any single particular gate energy.  That would support my first suggestion in a way.

Time, Space, and Dimensions / Re: A little issue about Time Bastard
« on: August 27, 2019, 12:07:17 pm »
I didn't read all the replies but I belive there is aperfectly scientific explanation . . . . that will still leave you with a question:

I think Time Bastard is only referring to the occurence at the exact point in time.  So even if the the doomed time traveller travels back in time, he doesn't escape the flow of time.  The reason I say you would still be left with a question, is because this somewhat validates the Time Bastard theory, in that, even if the created branch duplicate of the individual isn't outright destroyed by the original time traveller's return, the doomed duplicate must always travel back in time away from that exact point in time, being, in a way, then destroyed.  Theoretically they can't even travel foward "past" (ha ha, see what I did there, but no pun ._.) the exact point in time because the theory states they must be destroyed.

Oh, I almost forgot:  the branch duplicate (or original pristine non-time traveler)  would need a reason to travel away from this point in time.  There's is nothing in the theory to suggest the branch duplicate would have any means of attaining this information (especially without ever time traveling in the first place) hence, even though I shouldn't laugh, it being called the Time BASTARD theory ha ha ha ha.  Hapless dupe.


In it's defense, I still regard it as an excellent platform for starting a new idea.  Even if it's stock is generic, and maybe limited for some, for those of us used to relying on our imaginations it can still leave a good impression if the game content is "cutting the mustard" as I like to say XD
Look at Crimson Gem Saga for the PSP.  If that wasn't made with a degree of RPGMaker format in mind (or in tow really), then I don't know what RPGMaker is.


I believe there are three suggestions.  The first, is that is too generic, generally speaking O_o I think folks are initially put off by the fact that all established rpg things are going to be there for use, so maybe it subconsciously offends people.  Which is wird, I know, because what else would an an RPG maker have?  Maybe it is further "generically" cursed by it's name:  RPGMaker. 

Second, I assume that it's content must fall short of either A: people's expectations (in general o_O) or B: it's not meeting up to people's creative needs.

Third (and personally): In general it looks a little shoddy.  It isn't 8 or 16 bit but it still uses things shrunk to those proportions, but still uses the better graphics.  Sooooooo, I'm looking at things that could be LITERALLY 2 or 3 pixels bigger, and still not look cartoony, but instead no, Is it chest? Is it a dresser? Is it a book?  Noooo it's square basket with a lid. 

Awesome!  I always assume the angle of Marle's pendant causing the gate glitch being the clue to this paradox, i.e. that relationship somehow causing further anomaly to prevent Marle complete and total time-nihilation on the spot (aside from the potential resolution provided by Crono's presence, or impending arrival or whatever).  Your take is so much more holistic, and rids me of the nagging sensation that it CAN'T be that simple. 

As far as immunity because of an instance of "non-synchronization" viewing it so technically is difficult, but not disregardable.  The only synchronization, or lack of, must originate from the mechanisms of the gate:  Marle time traveled by accident, but wasn't immune to the potential because she was destined to have the pendant, BUT wasn't immune to every single possible outcome because of that.  Again it is difficult to pin, because, after that, all subsequent time travelers will be affecting synchronization in that area (era, almost a pun XD )

  I hadn't heard or read of the Dream-line viewpoint, but I will now.  Outstanding and thank you!!  ^ ^

Also, Time Bastard?  Read my own reply to my post "A late late late late Time Bastard debunk"

Ok, approximately 1 month after I posted this, it finally dawned on me:  the event which causes the vests to become plates, and the fact that retrieving their former forms doesn't negate the would-be Chrono Trigger from having their advanced forms.   I've read so many posts about what different scenarios are possible, so somewhere in the back of my mind I KNEW there was a hole in this, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  I guess this would show that even if there exists a relationship between the Time Traveler, the gate, and the events they change, it doesn't account for objects that can be drastically altered without time travel interference, and towards a useful end, no less.   Chrono Trigger is a masterpiece and I am humbled by the level of focus put into it.

 I should have titled this post, "an attempt to debunk the Time Bastard theory", and not have assumed the pleasantries of time travel would work in my favor.  For honesty's sake, I'll say I wasn't feeling like it was suddenly my calling to take a shot at the theory, but I absolutely admit the whole Time Bastard idea was too dark and distasteful for me to side with.  If anything, this now speculates, even if in peripheral, that there could be a drastic or ominous change certainly causing the existence of a Time Bastard scenario, even if it might only be a second instance of time travel.     

Hi all, I wanted to relate something I speculated once I learned about this Time Bastard thing.  It is solely based on the fact that time travel "takes as long as it takes" (i.e. the amount of time it takes to complete events is the amount of time that has passed when the time traveler returns) and (of course) one wild speculation that has no proven basis in the game.  If this post is a repeat of someone else's conjecture, I wouldn't know because I haven't checked on all other related posts, therefore feel free to add a link to any previous, similarly related posts.

Based on the fact that the time gates "conserve" the properties of time (i.e. the amount of time that would naturally pass) for the individual traveler, this is a suggestion that the time gates should be considered "smart".  Regardless of the effect the time gate has for the traveler intending to right wrongs (future or past), time still flows naturally on both sides (at the same 'times' XD ) of the gate.  Secondly, even though a traveler cannot escape the effects of time,  ANOTHER time traveler can not escape, or, apparently, 'hitchhike' on the effects of a previous traveler.  This would suggest that individuals are somehow recognized or generate their own individuality (I would provide an algebraic type example, but I believe it is clear). 

So, further, individual time travelers being 'recognized' by these 'smart' gates strongly suggests a link to the whole conservation of energy in the universe.  Although the gates are taking advantage of some kind of glitch and allowing time travel, time/space is still flowing naturally in the form of, or at least somehow around or within or both, the time traveler.  Until the time traveler returns, he/she/its pocket of conserved universal energy goes with them and is mostly inert until it is returned to its time (in this case, dimensional travel notwithstanding) of origin.

I realize this leaves the question of "Well how is this possible when time branches are created due to actions of time travel in subsequent pasts?"  In other words, what is PREVENTING the 'duplicate' of the initial time traveler in a new time branch.  Again, I would turn to the 'smart' aspect of the gates.  If the gates can 'participate' in time anomalies and utilize time anomalies to generate time travel (in BOTH directions no less) then it could be posited that (without logic or explanation) that anomaly is an energy paradox loop STILL governed by the basic laws of time flow, but not susceptible (or privy) to presence in timeline changes it is directly 'responsible' for.  There is no proof that the actions of the time traveler would travel THROUGH the time gate (being subject to all its 'smart' properties and such) as the traveler does, but rather the effects flow AROUND or WITHOUT the gate and are still absolute as the time traveler returns with their 'pocket of conserved universal energy' as I'm calling it.  The time traveler's RETURN is quite literally the Chrono Trigger, but only for themselves as dictated by the trope known as  Ripple Effect Proof Memory.  The Chrono Trigger, in this case, won't experience any of this 'outer' time rippling (or knowledge of it supposedly), but will be crucial to its completion in regards to bringing that rippling to fruition . . . again, for only the Chrono Trigger individually.

Lastly, there is the question, of 'where' this timeline would exist to accommodate the hapless victim of Time Bastard, which is really only touched on in Cross.  The biggest enemy here is the whole Schroedinger's Cat scenario, as it leaves everything up in the air until the so-called Chrono Trigger ACTUALLY performs their time altering deeds AND returns or travels or whatever to the thusly affected time periods ONLY via the initial time travel method.  As for the 'outer' ripples containing duplicates of the initial time traveler somewhere, there is the explanation of the Darkness Beyond Time.  Rather than a poor victim of a future self's time travel being time-nihilated, I think the 'potential' 'outer' timeline effects with a duplicate will flow according to the properties which established the Darkness Beyond Time.  This is considering, the 'original' time travelers from the original Zeal incident to be the 'culprits' and subsequent guardians of the everything the Darkness Beyond Time requires to maintain existence, explaining why they are stuck, or in Schala's case, bound and lost.

And just as a fun personal opinion note to add,  Chrono Cross is relatively unclear on observable properties regarding dimensions.  The Angelus Errare exists as a catered response to Serge's needs after a particular set of events (am I breaking the 4th Wall?).  Serge could have gone on his whole life as an anomaly, and perhaps the vortex would never have materialized, even though Serge's existence could, at ANY point, have utilized the oppurtunities potentially provided by it.  I like to think it is an ironic term because, truthfully, it is a Godsend for Serge, and secondarily only exists only because of his original anomalous rescue by Schala.   

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