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Crimson Echoes / Re: Known Bugs & Beta Testing
« on: September 03, 2008, 05:56:55 am »
Another infinite-loop(like flames still move in their animation) right after talking to the timesage(before the battle itself).

Crimson Echoes / Re: Enemy Modification
« on: September 02, 2008, 07:23:30 am »
So there will be a "right" and "wrong" choice? Like neutral=wrong->shops closed, yet a few items?


Crono Emerald Dream:
- Power Tab in Forest you have to kill enemies in order to get the Elemental Armor? Maybe at the beginning on the west near the bushes(or whatever it is).
- How about a Chest in the area that is two areas west of shop & inn with a lone reptite? Maybe give it a full ether?

Crimson Echoes / Re: Known Bugs & Beta Testing
« on: September 02, 2008, 07:16:24 am »
First the an important one:
You can't move anymore after defeating the time sage at the Bottom of TT during the 2nd ED(Crono/Magus/Glenn) -> Stuck! I'll also post it in the bug database, but I think it will be seen here earlier(because, to be honest, I don't really see through the sorting system in this bug report thingy).

I thought I might state in short how I went through the Marle and Crono/Magus/Glenn chapter, while seeing if other ways of playing are supported:
* As mentioned before, I played a magic Marle, and had no problems at all. I just expect an attacker Marle to be harder to play, considering the Reptites and some other enemies def.
* The Crono ED chapterhad no real trouble with enemies. I think it is very well done that some enemies have high magic resistance, so people can't just put the Silverstud on Magus and have an easy time. Glenn, who already learned Heal, was healing all the time, and Crono + Silverstud used Spincut. " Gigasaurs are only a problem if you don't time it well(I just recently noticed their attack bar doesn't reset after being attacked by lightning, unlike the Golems, so you might get an instant electric attack after using lightning). People who don't want to "waste" Glenn can always use the Lapises they find when HP is critical, yet I expect it to be more difficult.


For bugs and stuff:
- Attack window error(on top while it should be on bottom etc.) will from now on be posted under "Dialog" in the bug report thingy.
- Tabs and Chests will be in the enemy thread
- Other things, except ideas and mapping errors like a character is hidden behind a tile when it shouldn't, are in the bug report thingy.


- After talking to the Timesage in his cave during the Crono Emerald Dream, maybe have a dialog with the characters discussing what to do. This would be a foreshadowing to the "big" discussion in Chronopolis later on about maybe "destroying" Guardia because of the destruction of the MammonMachine/Frozen Flame.

- After Marle's ED, maybe let the party save and exchange equipment again? I know this somehow destroys this scene(Marle calling fro Crono,and Crono being called by Glenn in the next scene), yet a short break with the entity talking or whatever it might also show the distance between Crono and Marle in their current situation...I think...


Mapping thingies:
Marle ED 3:
- left: Bottom TT, where the door will be in the next EDs; Head is covered;
- Right: 1st Floor TT; The red marked area is solid(meaning you can walk north and youth of it, yet not on these half-tiles)

Crono ED 1: way to the reptite that offers Elemental armor if you clean the forest; Red marked area is solid;

Crono ED 2: Area with cae to TimeSage; You can walk on the marked area, yet it seems like you shouldn't be able to.

Crono ED 3: Bottom TT; marked areas cover the character;

[attachment deleted by admin]

Crimson Echoes / Re: Known Bugs & Beta Testing
« on: September 01, 2008, 06:15:22 pm »
Yea I found it. I guess I will use Confuse Bow(saves a few MP at least)+Ice+Mid Tonics, but I can see people using Atk Bow+Aura/Cure if they used Marle a lot+sometimes Ice. I think that's a good thing. Maybe add/insert in the invisible Chest in the eastern Forest a Hit Ring(can we add a few extra + hit here, or is this kind of tuning unavailable?) for the people who want to use the attack bow? That Ring can also be used later in the Lucca/Robo Emerald Dream.

Crimson Echoes / Re: Known Bugs & Beta Testing
« on: September 01, 2008, 01:48:46 pm »
I didn't use them and I had no real trouble fighting enemies. So we should cut it off like you suggested. Not sure how thou.


3 More map thingies, all in the Reptite Timeline Marle part, and all  in that Forest to the east.

ED_Marle.JPG: As you can see, Marle appears in front the tree(circle); The rectangle indicates an area that cover you too(I think you weren't supposed to walk on it, because it looks like something that is higher than Marle.

ED_Marle_2.JPG: Marle appears behind these 3 bushes(circle); You shouldn't be able to walk on the rectangular part(if looking a few tiles below, it is indicated this is an higher area)

ED_Marle_3.JPG: You can't exit when as far north as possible at the red rectangle(you have to walk a tile below to use the exit); the green rectangle indicates an invisible chest containing a Wall Ring.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Crimson Echoes / Re: Known Bugs & Beta Testing
« on: August 29, 2008, 06:17:10 am »
About Kashmir's Fort in 602 A.D. Chapter 4 onwards: This place shouldn't be so easy to raid at chapter 4, yet it shouldn't be unavailable. Maybe we should add a few enemies of these strong enemies you can't escape at the beginning. People who want these strong Items now have to fight strong enemies to get them, and only the strong people will dare to go further.

Edit: Mapping error at the beginning of Kashmir's lair.

Edit 2: Found 2 more, both at the Ozzy minigame area. The first one is self explanatory, half of the characters body is covered when to near to the fence like thingy.

The 2nd one is harder to get: you have to somehow approach it from the south, and turn around.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Crimson Echoes / Re: Enemy Modification
« on: August 29, 2008, 06:00:33 am »
I think we should tweak Kashmir a bit, his counter and evasion are annoying...

So, maybe lower his evasion stat a little? And add a "Wander" to his counter?

AI Hit:
if( TRUE )
choose random action

Or change his counter to only physical counter(so people can use magic without being countered)?

AI Hit:
if( physical attack )

I think both would be overkill.


I just went through the decision Part, and it somehow doesn't seem very balanced...

Doing nothing offers most in my opinion(speed tab + Rage band + 2500 G(maybe lower to 2.000G?) + Porre Beret + Knavehelm , the 3rd or 4th by now, and you only have 2 females). Exchange the Knavehelm for another Iron helm maybe? This should be the base for comparison.

Helping mystics is too easy(every Porrean is killed in 1 hit), so if we can, we should use some different enemies. You get a rather good armor for that. Maybe you should be able to talk to the other mystics that are around the elder and they should give you like a magic tab + a magic ring(mystics use magic), and a helmet that cuts magic damage?

Helping Porre in comparison is too hard, well only the boss fight is. Maybe the soldier could kill one of the Goblins to make it a bit easier? Otherwise the player would have to rely on magic too much, which doesn't seem to be Glenn's style anyways. The Mud Imp should also be slowed down a bit, otherwise the damage you do can barely reach what he heals every few rounds, considering you have to heal a lot and sleep sometimes. You have to be lucky that he doesn't heal for a few rounds and doesn't put you to sleep...
Do I see that right that you get nothing for Helping Porre? Or did I miss something?
Well, you should at least get a Power Tab + Power Scarf + maybe 10.000 G with the hint to buy something at Tata's shop? People could chose what to do with that money.

That way, we would have he magic way: Help Mystics, get magic tab + a magic ring + Fireproof Armor + elemtalproof helmet;
The Offensive way: Power Tab + Power Scarf + 10.000 G;
And the other way: Speed tab + Rage band + 2000 G + Porre Beret + Iron Helm

Any opinions?

Crimson Echoes / Re: Enemy Modification
« on: August 28, 2008, 09:59:04 am »
If you got time, might you lower Kashmirs Magic Attack in the next patch (as mentioned in the bug report)? Otherwise I'm kinda stuck, because even if one survives his first Fire 2, there is far to less time to fully heal and revive, thus the 2nd fire 2 most likely kills the rest of. We also have to remember that Revives are currently rather expensive.
Or he could get a none-area attack like Fire 1, or maybe that blue fire attack from Slash that only hits one character.

Crimson Echoes / Re: Known Bugs & Beta Testing
« on: August 28, 2008, 07:03:04 am »
About this Character being covered when he shouldn't be, wouldn't it be easier t just say where it is and post a picture?
Ocean's palace, at the end where you fight King Zeal(see attachment for pic)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Crimson Echoes / Re: Enemy Modification
« on: August 28, 2008, 06:23:38 am »
I'll just put the items like tabs and chests here and to the bug report thingy:
*Note: This is Prolog, Chapter 1 and parts of chapter 2(until the Chronopolis Raid)

- Magic Tab at Fionas Forest(central east)
- Power Tab stealable from Golem Boss
- Magic Tab at Beast Forest area where Masamune will be placed.

Attack Window:
- Fiona's Forest; 3 Roly fight(south); window should start on bottom
- Beast Forest: 2 Beast fight(central); window should start on bottom

- How about a present from Elder in Dark Ages after talking to Sargon? 3 Mid Tonics or something?
- Jinn Bottles should have Ether stealable.
- Dalton should have Mid Ether stealable.

- Treasure in Central Regime(maybe in Storage room or whatever it is, left of the 3 doors and in he prison?
- The HyperEther in the tower to the right of the throneroom (1002 A.D.) should be exchanged for a Mid Ether.
- The Megaelixier in the tower to the right of the throneroom (1002 A.D.) should be exchanged, maybe for a "Top End"? helmet?
- The Elixier in the tower to the left of the throneroom (1002 A.D.) should be exchanged, maybe the next stronger weapon for Marle(because she didn't have a cheap one in a Shop like Crono and didn't find one like Lucca yet)
- The Full Ether in the tower to the left of the throneroom (1002 A.D.) should be exchanged, maybe for like 500 G.
- The HyperEther in the tower above the Kitchen (1002 A.D.) should be exchanged for a Mid Ether.
- Add a Chest in the Mall(Future), reward people who explore a lot.

- You get Snipershot in Chronopolis, which is stronger than Quantashot you can buy at Porre and find in the Camp(maybe exchange them, yet you didn't even have a fight until after you found both).


Crimson Echoes / Re: Known Bugs & Beta Testing
« on: August 27, 2008, 10:37:45 am »
To be honest, this doesn't really sound like a cool final battle. Does anything unsuspected happen? I mean if we look at CT: When you destroyed Lavos Shell, which you have been preparing for ever since you went into the bucket at the end of time just to see how Lavos looks like and what attacks he can do, you didn't expect there was more to fight inside it and people most likely went "woa". Especially considering they just fought Queen Zeal + Mammon Machine + Queen zeal 2nd Form + Lavos Shell. Or CC, where you learn about the TimeDevourer just seconds after you defeated the DragonGod, and seconds(if we don't count the hours of dialoge) before you stand in the DBT and fight it.

A different question: Should the stuff I started to look at all be put into that bug report thingy? The mapping errors and bugs for sure, the attack window maybe under dialoge, but how about the treasures? They (and more or less tabs) are most likely things to be discussed.

Crimson Echoes / Re: Enemy Modification
« on: August 27, 2008, 09:53:23 am »
I can't seem to remember, but is Dalton in the first chapter supposed to beat you? If yes, new AI, if no, he needs less HP and should be slower(so it doesn't seem t much like Iron Orb spam...)

Crimson Echoes / Re: Known Bugs & Beta Testing
« on: August 27, 2008, 05:37:20 am »
My level were ranging from 40 for the characters I didn't really use like Marle to 45 for Magus who was in my party as often as possible.

My timer says ~ 22 hours, yet I used fast forward nearly everytime(even when just waiting my attack gauge to be filled...).

About the TP thingy: it was very easy during the end to farm lots of TP, my Glenn even learn Frog Squash and Magus only needed 80 more(about 1 battle) for Darkmatter. I only really remember getting Dark Mist around Dalton's Chapter. We should raise the TP at the beginning(Marle an Lucca didn't even get their 4th tech haha), and maybe lower the later ones a bit(or we can keep them to make sure people get their final techs).
We didn't consider sidequests yet, if there are any that involve dungeons with monsters.

What about the Final Boss? Will it be King Zeal and after him another enemy? I didn't really read the plot summary, because I don't really want to know everything yet, yet he is the most likely choice. What about the Mammon Machine? Will you have to fight it before King Zeal, because it happens to be the last thing in the dungeon.

Will the player be able to leave the dungeon at the end, so to maybe finish some sidequests or whatever?

Crimson Echoes / Re: Known Bugs & Beta Testing
« on: August 26, 2008, 05:58:17 am »
So, I just finished my first run, I think I'll start the 2nd one tommorow.

What should I pay attention to? What I already thought about were these:

Considering Battles:
- finer enemy tuning
- attack window(if it appears for example on top, yet all enemies are on top)
- Enemy/player position(sometimes, enemies are that far on top/bottom that the info screen covers them)
- Items available for steal(I think Bosses should give Tabs or rare Items...)*

- Making sure that later shops don't sell weapons and armor that are weaker than the ones offered in previous shops without a reason. A reason would be extra modifications like Magic +5, or a super expensive super Item or whatever.

- Tabs
- More/different (content in) Chests
- Accessories

Of course looking for more bugs.

* How are the stealing probabilities determined? What stat is important/is it an invisible stat that raise with level? Can we modify it so some enemies are harder to steal form than others? Double Steal(or whatever this tech was called) won't be in I presume, because you could steal different Items using it(or will we just modify it so you get the "normal" stealing Items with a higher probabilities?)

** Is there a list of all Weapons and Armor etc. with stats and specials? And which are used already? If yes, I could make a list of chapters and what character can get what Weapon at which chapter, that way we could see where characters could use a new weapon(except Magus).

Any objections or additions?

Crimson Echoes / Re: Enemy Modification
« on: August 25, 2008, 09:52:19 am »
If we don't get a new sprite, we might as well use an old CT one he didn't have yet. He should just have a different colour, as usual.

Is it even possible to just use an existing sprite, an give it a new colour without the need of a spriter? Like, instead of a Son of Sun, maybe dye him blue and let him use ice attacks and name him Son of Ice or whatever.

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