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General Discussion / Quote Digest
« on: January 05, 2006, 04:37:02 am »
Omar Rodriguez Lopez:
I still don't really know how to be with myself. Which is why- and I do think most of us do- feel so alone.

Douglas Adams:
His whole life felt like some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.

At The Drive-In:
If your map was torn. Navigate.
If your compass broke. Navigate.

General Discussion / Re: Damn Pokemon For Ruining Good Games!
« on: November 03, 2005, 06:40:47 pm »
Quote from: V_Translanka

Ok, I like about 1/3 of the Pokemon games, so I don't want this to be a big spammy flame war about how you think the Pokemon games sux0r your b0x0rs or w/e...

Now that that's out of the way...

I hate the idea of a game having different "versions". It's a stupid gimmicky concept that has its roots in comic books and trading cards. OMG! This one has a gold foil cover! Holy crap! That one's messed up, it looks like he has three arms on it! Oh yeah! Alternate white cover!...etc...

The idea that gaming companies can (and successfully do) pawn of the same game to gamers w/minor edits is insulting. If you're going to make a new game, MAKE A NEW GAME! Don't make the same exact game w/slightly different attacks available, a new sidequest (if we're lucky), and a story change so slight that you might as well have left it alone. I don't see how two halves of games equals two games.

I thought them Japanese were good at maths! :roll:

but then they wouldn't make as much money silly. That's why you need a teal version and aquamarine version and a lemon scented version so you will buy more than one if not all and give them all your $.  :roll:

General Discussion / Can Anyone Guess Where This Came From?
« on: November 01, 2005, 03:05:38 pm »
I've actually played FF4 very recently for PS, and it does not have horrible load time aside from when you must save or load a save, and I can't say that's bothersome. The game itself loads very fast and loading is hardly noticible at all. FF6 , and 5 and Chrono Trigger on the PS is a much different story, though, those certainly do have some horrendous loading times especially poor Chrono Trigger.

General Discussion / Should I play FF7?
« on: November 01, 2005, 04:26:46 am »
Damn my little bro was obsessed with MMBatle Network. Must've clocked over a over 100 hours probably. I think my other brother stole it from him jjust so he would stop playing it. An intervention, I guess.

General Discussion / Halloween
« on: November 01, 2005, 04:24:28 am »
Let's hear it for free loading!

General Discussion / Do You Believe in "God"?
« on: October 30, 2005, 01:00:08 am »
I believe in God, but I can't say that I put myself in any sort of religion or particular faith. I don't like religion but yea I do believe in god or some higher consciousness, whatever that may be. I think it's foolish to assume anything too much, and what can you really assume about something like god or a lack of god anyway?

General Discussion / Re: Yes or No?
« on: October 22, 2005, 05:32:09 pm »
Quote from: Sushifish


Yay or Nay?

This guys face is irking me. What are his intentions with poor Kid?

All I know is if a guy is smiling that much he's up to no good or he ate some really good chocolate cake, and I don't see any crumbs on his face..

General Discussion / The Literature Thread
« on: October 22, 2005, 05:20:49 pm »
Quote from: Naz
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Who doesn't love the works of DNA?

All the books are awesome. Much love for Douglas Adams. So much fun reading them.

General Discussion / Better Games
« on: October 22, 2005, 05:14:29 pm »

Oh yea I went there alright. Though man, do I love Metroid. I have a soft spot for chicks that can kill me seven times before I hit the ground. I don't know I guess it's reciprocal from time to time in what I like more. Single player metroid gameplay is legendary, especially in Super Metroid.

So is Crono like too weird? Hardly anyone has mentioned it.

Ok so I know now that a lot of people here are fans of Floyd and Zeppelin so I have decided to post a track of a piano cover of one of the songs of my all time favorite band The Mars Volta. The guy who did this was really talented, he really made the song his own. The song is called Eriatarka and this version of it really reminded me of a few games. I likened it to  sounding almost like a mix of Chrono Trigger, Castlevania:SOTN, and a little Final Fantasy added in.

It you like it I highly suggest you check out The Mars Volta's album
'Deloused In The Comatorium'. They're pretty popular right now but in case you haven't heard too much of them, the whole album is similar to Floyd concept albums as it has a central story to it and Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd) even did the artwork for it! Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers also plays bass on it! It's about a real life friend of the band members named Julio Venegas who went into a coma and after he came out of it, commited suicide. The whole album is a fictional story of the dreams he has while in the coma, and he wrestles his good and bad subconsciousness and then decides to die at the end. It's my favorite album by anyone ever. This band is like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Yes and Bjork combined. Their live shows are also literally amazing, the amount of energy is unequaled!

They also have a new album that came out this year called Frances The Mute but I recommend you buy Deloused first if you haven't heard them. The new album is also based on a story and Storm Thorgerson has again done the cover. This story is based on a diary that one of their members named Jeremy Ward  found in a repo truck. The diary was about someone trying to find their biological parents. Jeremy related to it because he also never knew his parents. Unfortunately he died of an over-dose 2 years ago and this album is inspired by him as a result.

So what I'm saying is go and buy Deloused In The Comatorium by The Mars Volta. Anyone who hasn't heard it yet definitely needs to hear it.
You won't be disappointed. And if you are then at least you can say you
heard it.

General Discussion / Led Zeppelin
« on: October 08, 2005, 01:10:35 am »
1. Dogs
2. Echoes
3. Sheep
4. Careful With That Axe Eugene
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond

damn this wasn't easy.. these are my PF top five..
subject to always change.. ><

General Discussion / Led Zeppelin
« on: October 08, 2005, 12:49:50 am »
Quote from: Kazuki
My dad has most of their RECORDS (As in, the vinyl LPs.), starting from "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn." Or whatever the name was.

Y'know, it's too bad about Sid Barrett...I thought the stuff he worked with on their first album was pretty interesting.

Yes Syd Barret Pink Floyd was quite good. The guys a legend pretty much. I liked Barret-Floyd better in some areas of the music, like drums and wild improvisation. Also the guitar was a lot more interesting, David Gilmour always seemed to be more perfection and he's really good but really boring sometimes too. Animals is still my favorite Pink Floyd record though. It's just so visceral and cutthroat. These are my top five.

1. Animals
2. Meddle
3. Piper At The Gates of Dawn
4. Wish You Were Here
5. The Wall

General Discussion / Led Zeppelin
« on: October 08, 2005, 12:05:23 am »
Quote from: nightmare975
Yeah, they're okay, Pink Floyd's better.

I agree.

How The West Was Won and Physical Graffiti are pretty good. Page is overrated but he's gots some serious chops. Few can touch him at his prime.

Quote from: Zenning
Quote from: CronoVolta
Do you mean Bartz from FFV? I think that was his name.

Butz = Bartz and vice-versa. Same character.

Depends if you played a direct translation of the game, or the one serialized as a part of Final Fantasy Anthology.

Also, Yoshitaka Amano, who makes the manga art and character concept art for Final Fantasy, has a painting named "Butz & Lenna Charlotte Tycoon."

Reina was originally known as Lenna, for that matter, and the remix of her theme on Final Fantasy V ~ Dear Friends album is entitled "Lenna."

Henceforth, I accept the names of these two FFV characters as being Butz and Lenna.

Oh man Butz is just asking to made fun of. Kids can be so cruel.

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