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I have seen different descriptions about prerequisites of The Magical Dreamers ending and variations of The True Hero ending on different websites. Has anyone used hacking tools to check the actual in game triggers for endings?

I run into these arts sometime ago. I can't read Japanese so I don't know what are them about, but they sure looks great.

This question always bugs me. :picardno

Now you have recruited Razzly before you even enter AW! If you wanna get all 40 people mentioned in the title of this post, go fight Hydra.
After Kid fainted, choose not to help her. After you meet the priestess, go back to Kid's room. You see Gotcha walking toward the bed because the game thinks you just completed the Hydra quest. Remember to tell Kid to ask Mel for the elements, but don't actually do the quest now.
Talk to Matcha to leave the Guldove. You are now stuck with Serge(you can use Relief Charm to replace him with others in battle though), Kid, and Gotcha until the body swap. After you get the boat in AW again, go to Guldove to recruit Mel before Serge gets his body back.

Some notes for explanation:
1. The reason you meet the priestess before healing Kid is that the shrine will be blocked once you activate the Mel quest. Gotcha will leave the team after the Mel quest and there is no way to get him back. To keep Gotcha till the body swap, you have to make sure you are able to leave Guldove without finishing the Mel quest.
2. When you finish the Mel quest as Lynx, Gotcha doesn't leave the party because... well, he is not even in the party at this point. He will be back with all the other pre-swap members after Serge regain his form because he is in the party before the swap.
3. You can't get Razzly's personal weapon and LV7 tech because she is in the team during the Hydra fight for sure.
4. The only four members you can't get are two of the minor guides, Doc, and Harle. There seems to be absolutely no way to recruit Doc if you fight Hydra, and you can't keep Harle without Crono Cross.
Keep in mind that this routine is only possible in a NG+ since you can't get to the marsh earlier than when you are meant to in a normal play. Therefore, this discover is probably not very meaningful because you can use Crono Cross to get team members from your previous plays anyway. :P

It has to do with this glitch.
Unlike what this page says, if you move fast enough, you can go behind the dwarf before he faints and blocks the way. However, you should wait till he says his line to exit the screen or he will block the path to the south when you come back and make you unable to leave the marsh.
Remember to recruit Poshul before you go to the marsh, or the game will be frozen when you try to jump off the tree after recruiting Raazzly, probably because that sequence needs three team members to be processed.
After you get into the place where Razzly is jailed, you won't see Serge and Poshul right away, possibly because the animation is screwed due to the fact there are only two members in the team. You will see Serge walking slowly out of the wall if you keep pressing DOWN.

Now it all makes sense :)

I know it's a cave opening up, and that's what I mean by "that's just game mechanism." Showing a cave being unsealed is the easiest way to tell the player they can now enter that place under the map system of Chrono Cross so I go with what the sage says for what actually happens.

How does AW Lynx enter Sea of Eden at the first place? I now agree that FATE decides who can go through the wormholes, but there is no way to enter the wormholes if he can't even enter Sea of Eden. Pearly Gate is a dead end. The only possibility is that FATE is actively controlling the seal at Pearly Gate that it is opened temporarily when Lynx wanna enter Sea of Eden. This is quite possible though.

It seems we have different understandings on how Fiddler Crabs work. I think the out side of Dead Sea/Sea of Eden is always like that. When some one uses a Fiddler Crab, the sea becomes calm and the gate opens up for a while(I know the gate becomes permanently open in the game, but I think that's just game mechanism). Based on this understanding, the Dragoons should have a Fiddler Crab as well, in both worlds probably.
I guess this is just a difference in personal understandings since the game is rather vague on this part.

I'm now a little confused. What's the reason Serge can't enter Sea of Eden with Lynx's body then? I thought it's because Chronopolis doesn't want demi-humans to get into Sea of Eden. Team members should be able to get away with it since they are next to Serge at the time of entrance, just like how it works at Opassa Beach.
Isn't Lynx unable to enter Chronopolis until body swap? I remember Harle says Lynx is NOW in Chronopolis. The statement makes it sounds like it's his first time to ever been there. Pearly Gate is a dead end. Harle says it's sealed by dragons, but this is clearly a lie though. It's probably sealed by FATE after the terraforming. It should be down during the storm so Wazuki and Miguel can go through, but it's questionable if FATE is able to actively control the seal since it's cut off from the power source(yet it still has the power to destroy Dead Sea, I wonder how much power does it have when it's connected to Frozen Flame. Yeah, terraforming).
Sage of Marbule has an item that controls the tide that can open the path to Dead Sea, but this doesn't mean he is the person who seals it. I doubt if he even has that power. Pearly Gate is sealed at first just like how the entrance of Dead Sea is, but it's automatically opened after Dragoons join the party. It might be an oversight in design, but this might show that there are more than one Fiddler Crabs in existence. Lynx should be able to get another Fiddler Crab since he even has the way to get Dragon Tear. It's easier to get into Dead Sea than to get into Sea of Eden, probably even for Lynx.
I would be surprised if HW Lynx actually died in Dead Sea though, but this is actually very likely if you think about the conversation between HW Norris and Serge with Lynx's body. I always thought Lynx made the plan to kill Dragoons, but maybe even FATE didn't know what happened to Sea of Eden in HW at first.

Miguel can do it doesn't mean Lynx can do it. Like I said, FATE/Lynx's dimensional shouldn't be as strong as that of Dragon God. If Lynx can go between dimensions as he wishes, why doesn't he just go to Dead Sea and warp into AW by himself instead of using the legit entrance? His way of crossing dimensions should be the same as other people, ether at Opassa Beach or Dead Sea.
Miguel probably just goes through one of the three wormholes from Sea of Eden to Dead Sea. It's exiting Sea of Eden, not even entering it. This one-way trip should be simple. As a demi-human, Lynx can't use the wormholes there for sure.
According to Belthasar, Serge can cross dimension at Opassa Beach because he is missing in the other dimension(or maybe because he is the reason of the split at the same time). As we both agree on the fact that there is probably a HW Lynx, the wormhole at Opassa Beach shouldn't work for Lynx either. (I guess I already made it overly complex. Serge can't visit AW with Lynx's body at first, and this is the best evidence.)
That being said, the Lynx the team actually knows can't visit HW until the body swap. HW Lynx should be the one who tricks the Dragoons to death at Dead Sea, and back to the topic about Masamune(finally), AW Lynx/Dark Serge visits HW and places Masamune in front of Dead Sea before the team gets there.

Yes, what happens to Karsh and Dario should be very similar in both worlds. I was trying to say that the details like the status of Masamune can be different. Since there is no direct eye witness, it's possible that Masamaune falls with Dario instead of being taken by Lynx.

I don't really get what you say about Lynx's location though. He should be around Opposa Beach or Arni Village around the time Kid saves Serge. I don't think that would make him immune to the split. Lynx is clearly unable to enter Chronopolis until he becomes Dark Serge. FATE probably destroys Dead Sea through the three wormholes, and this doesn't have much to do with Lynx's ability to cross dimensions.
The reason dragons can cross dimensions is probably because they are essentially projections from DBT. Dragon God inside Time Devourer should be able to choose which dimension to put the projection in. This should also be the reason why each dragon is only in one of the dimension if each dragon can only be projected to one place at a time. Their nature as projections makes them immune to the split and gives them the ability to cross dimension. This apparently doesn't apply to FATE and Lynx.

What happens to Miguel is a good question though. I think Miguel is partially corrupted by FATE by the time the team meets him, but shouldn't TTI make HW Miguel survive the split?

For number 3, I always believe the Masamune in front of the Dead Sea is actually from Another World and gets destroyed by the team. The Masamune native to Home World is probably always with Dario.
1. AW Masamune is clearly taken by Lynx because that's what AW Karsh remembers. It's not really possible to prove what exactly happened in HM at Isle of the Damned since HM Karsh is dead.
2. Following the clue from number 1, we can conclude that the Masamune blocking the road to Dead Sea is probably the one from AW placed by Lynx/Dark Serge to slow down the team.
3. We don't clearly know about the status of HW Lynx or if there is only one Lynx who can go across dimensions, but it's sure that Lynx is able to go to HW at that point in the plot. The only time the team meets Lynx/Dark Serge in HW is during the battle before Serge regains his form. This might hint that Lynx can't cross dimensions without Serge's body, but at least it proves that Lynx/Dark Serge has the chance to visit HW and place the Masamune from AW in front of Dead Sea.

Chrono News / Re: Guys, I think it's hype time!
« on: June 20, 2015, 01:13:57 am »

This one definitely reminds me of Magus.

Thanks for the information!
It's surprising that they actually don't have anything to do with the value of power.

Has anyone gotten the formula for Frog Squash and Dino Tail?
I wonder if there are any differences between their damage formulas.

Characters, Plot, and Themes / Re: Construction after 1999 AD.
« on: May 15, 2015, 12:18:14 am »
Then this will mean that Lavos is not dormant even after 1999AS and maybe still watching over the world under Death Peak when at the moment of Crono's revival. I don't think this is the case.

Just like why Dorino and Giant's Claw are not on the map of 1000AD, the minor structures in 1999AD are probably too insignificant to be shown on the map.

I don't think Lavos has the ability to actively detect the development of human civilization at the first place ether. Yes, he destroyed Zeal after the Mammon Machine is moved to the ocean floor, but that's what happens when you try to take blood from a beast.

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