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Since the text of the game does not even directly support the identity of the Dragonians with Reptites, it's unlikely that there will be direct textual evidence for the memory wipe question either. But we can make guesses based on the available evidence and theories.

I had never even questioned the "fact" that Dragonians = Reptites. It's just one of those things that everyone "knows." But looking at the script, I can see that you are correct; the game does not explain the origins of the Dragonians.

However, I think it's a reasonable assumption to make, considering there's really no other viable origin for them. A highly advanced race of (presumably) reptilians, native to an area that didn't exist before the Time Crash? It can't be a coincidence. Although if they had their memories erased, how did they retain the knowledge of Lavos that they recorded in Fort Dragonia?

So today is now the 25th Birthday of Chrono Trigger's American release. 
So wanted to share this video I worked on with all CT fans.

Very nice tribute.

And fifty playthroughs on the PlayStation version?! You must have the patience of a saint!

Ayla is my favorite as well.

Reason #1: She's the only character in Chrono Trigger so awesome, she doesn't need character growth; she's already at the pinnacle of awesomesauce when you meet her, and that only carries over through the game.

It's true. Although I do wish Ayla had a sidequest of her own, she's the character who needed one the least, since she's already got her life together.

Reason #2: I'm sort of scrawny and not a very big guy, and as buff as Ayla is, apparently she doesn't care about masculinity in the typical Americana way.

I mean, she likes Kino, and he looks like he's 12, right? So I am a shoe-in!

Kino might not look like much, but he's the second-strongest person in Ioka village. Distant second, but still.

What other RPGs are in your backlog?

Basically the final battle take place in 1999 AD against Lavos, long after the split takes place.  In home world our heros fail and meet their end, which would explain why Kid is missing from Home World as Lavos would have never died and Schala would likely not have cloned herself as a result (and even of she did, Lucca would have never found her).  This also explains why the ghosts blame Serge for the future coming back, as his survival created the reality they failed in.

Serge's survival created the new reality, but how is he to blame for the failure of Crono's group to defeat Lavos?

I love to read people's impressions as they play Chrono Trigger for the first time, so I'm looking forward to this. Even if you've technically beaten the game before, it's close enough.

As for why Robo would get hungry, maybe he uses a chemical fuel source? He has that big boiler-looking thing on his back, and his official art has him venting smoke or steam.

I think I usually break out so I can get the items and explore, and fight for experience points though. Do you happen to know if you'll miss out on items if you choose to wait?

You won't miss anything unless you move the story forward after the scene. Otherwise you can backtrack and get all the stuff.

Yeah at first I thought it might have been some kind of artifact from the photography or printing process, but the pink hair seems pretty consistent across screenshots and publications. There's some art of Marle with alternate colors as well, but it's almost an inversion of this (white hair, purple clothes).

Kajar Laboratories / Re: Pitch Your Ideal Chrono Cross Remake
« on: May 27, 2020, 01:43:54 am »
Things I would like to see in a Chrono Cross remake:

Korcha is sent to the Darkness Beyond Time. Not in-game, but IRL; someone needs to go back in time and prevent his existence. If that can't be accomplished, I would be satisfied if his only appearance in the remake is a nonspeaking cameo wherein he is burned to death. With matches.

An obvious necessity in any remake project. Chrono Cross holds up surprising well today, considering the era it came from, but it could still use higher-poly models, more detailed textures, spiffier animations, all that stuff. I'm not sure how the environments would work. If they're kept as stationary, prerendered backgrounds, we would need higher-resolution scans of the original artwork, assuming it even still exists. Otherwise we would need the environments to be faithfully recreated in 3D. It could be done, but it would be a massive undertaking.

Answering questions such as:
  • Who or what are the ghostly children? Are they the ghosts of the Chrono Trigger team (since "Lucca" addresses Kid personally) or are they walking infodumps summoned by the Entity for some inexplicable reason (since they know things those characters couldn't possibly have known while alive)?

  • Who or what are the ghostly researchers in Chronopolis? Some will react to your presence and answer questions while others seem ignorant of anything that's happened since just before the Time Crash.

  • What are the implications of the Darkness Beyond Time? Did Crono and his friends really cause the people of 2300 AD to be sent there by preventing the Day of Lavos? Are those people aware of their plight, suffering for eternity, or were those same souls born into the happy future instead?

    (In other words, is there one Doan, blissfully ignorant of the original future, or are there two Doans, one born into the happy future and another suffering forever in the Darkness Beyond Time?)

  • Did Kid merge with Schala at the end? If so, that's terrible—you freed Schala from being forcibly merged with another being, only to have the same thing happen to Kid, who was even less deserving of such a fate.

  • How were the timelines merged? Did Home World's history simply overwrite Another World's? If so, that's terrible—wouldn't it doom Another World's people to the Darkness Beyond Time?

  • How did Guardia fall, and what are the fates of Crono, Marle, and Lucca? This only tangentially touches the plot of Chrono Cross (via Kid's backstory), but come on, it's something Chrono Trigger fans NEED to know.

  • Was the Time Crash intentional? If so, how did Belthasar possibly foresee the extremely complex sequence of events that would eventually lead to the creation of the Chrono Cross? Indeed, how did he know that the Chrono Cross could even exist, let alone that it would be the exact thing necessary to free Schala? Even with the benefit of FATE's spacetime monitoring at his disposal, this level of knowledge seems nothing short of godlike.

  • If the Time Crash was not intentional, was everything that happened simply the result of extraordinary luck and Belthasar "winging it?"

  • Did the Time Crash send Chronopolis back 10,000 years to 7,600 BC, or 14,400 years to 12,000 BC? This isn't crucial to the plot, but it's an annoying discrepancy.

  • What's the deal with the ape skeleton on the display in Chronopolis? It directly contradicts what we're shown in Chrono Trigger—that humans in 65,000,000 BC were anatomically identical to modern ones. Ayla was a hot babe, not a monkey. And grammar issues aside, she seemed perfectly capable of understanding everything that was going on. Not only that, she had some of the deepest insights of the whole cast. So I think the whole business about the Frozen Flame speeding up human cranial development, thus making humanity the offspring of Lavos and extraneous to the planet, needs to be dropped. It would make much more sense if the Frozen Flame was the catalyst that enabled humans to use magic, and magical ability was the aberration instead of brain size.

  • Was the Frozen Flame the "strange red rock" mentioned in the book in Belthasar's secret room at Enhasa? If so, did the writers plan the Frozen Flame from the very beginning, or was that passage referring to Dreamstone, and the fact that it could also be interpreted to mean the Frozen Flame was just a happy accident? (This is just a personal curiosity, it probably couldn't be covered in the game without breaking the fourth wall.)

More gradual exposition is needed; space out the infodumps that occur frequently near the end of the game—or preferably, reveal information organically through play instead of relying on exposition at all. An extra dungeon or two would go a long way with this.

Battles happening on the field screen would be cool, but I don't know how that would work with the prerendered backgrounds. It goes back to how the graphical upgrade is handled.

As for the battle system itself, leave it mostly as-is, but rework the difficulty. Currently, there is no real reason to do anything but mash the attack button in most fights. Buffing and debuffing are fairly useless outside of casting Diminish on a couple of bosses. Fights are so easy that characters' stats don't matter—everyone is equally good as everyone else in every situation except for the few times when innate color matters. If the difficulty was increased, this would create a need for actual strategy. At the same time, I wouldn't want the game to be so difficult that it becomes a slog.

Elements should be rebalanced. Some are virtually useless (especially the aforementioned buffs and debuffs) while others are so good that they're the only things worth casting if you bother casting at all. New elements should be introduced as well, to create more variety. All of the level 6+ elements being innate-only means your top-end grid slots consist of your level 7 tech, the level 7 summon, the level 8 summon, and ten copies of UltraNova or BlackHole or whatever.

I know I just got through saying that characters' stats don't matter, but it still bugs my inner completionist/perfectionist to no end that the randomized stat gains means it's nearly impossible to create a "perfect file" with everyone at their personal maximums. Stat gains should be fixed at each level, or at the very least, overwritten with the maximums at level 99.

Because Chrono Trigger gave us such an extremely memorable cast, I feel that "There are too many characters!" is one of the most valid of the common criticisms of Chrono Cross.

The playable cast should either be trimmed down to just those characters who have an actual reason for joining you, or the lackluster party members should be polished and given meaningful character arcs and backstories and stuff. As it is, it seems that most of them join you simply because they are bored, unemployed, and have no concern for their personal safety.

In either case, every character should have unique reactions to every situation. Everyone having the same dialogue, differentiated only by accent, was objectively terrible.

Bestiary / Chapter Replay / Music Box / Element & Tech Showcase / FMV Theater / Ending Theater / Treasure Atlas / etc.
Basically, all the cool things the PS and DS versions of Chrono Trigger gave us, and then some.

Crimson Echoes / Re: Still Love this Game!!
« on: May 15, 2020, 02:11:47 pm »
What I don't want is a remake like FFVII, where they use the base game but stray from the source material in a way that takes it in a new direction (though cross would set it up for aomethkng like this to be an alternative timeline, and maybe even set up for a new entry as a twist).

My understanding was that they weren't really changing anything, just expanding on things that were only hinted at or mentioned in passing in the original, but I could easily be mistaken since I haven't been following it closely. Regardless, I think there's plenty of room for such expansion in Chrono Cross while keeping true to the source material, considering how rushed and compressed the final hours are and how little development most of the cast gets.

Crimson Echoes / Re: Still Love this Game!!
« on: May 15, 2020, 03:43:52 am »
Personally, I think what the series might need at the moment is give Cross its time to shine with modern audiences with a port/remake/remaster. Trigger at least gets re-released every now and then, but Cross has been left behind pretty much.

I concur. Chrono Trigger holds up just fine to this day without alteration. Chrono Cross has aged remarkably well (considering how awful many games from that era look to the modern eye), but it could still use a remaster.

However, I would prefer a full remake like Final Fantasy 7 is getting. Keep the overall narrative intact, but fix the bad pacing and explain the confusing story elements better. Reduce the need for exposition by adding a few more dungeons so that information can be revealed organically. Either trim down the cast or make everyone actually relevant to the plot; in either case, everyone should get unique things to say in each situation—none of that identical-dialogue-fed-through-an-accent-generator business. I wouldn't want to see the battle system changed too much, since I think it's a quintessential part of the Chrono Cross experience, but it could definitely be rebalanced and expanded upon.

Lastly, I'd want an Extras Mode full of goodies like the PS and DS releases of Chrono Trigger.

History, Locations, and Artifacts / Re: Evolution in the Series
« on: May 02, 2020, 11:38:27 pm »
I'm also in favor of #3. The game seems to imply that the ice age caused by Lavos's descent lasted all the way to 12,000 BC. If that's true, the harsh conditions might have forced humans to live at a subsistence level, unable to advance because they had to spend all their energy just surviving. Once the Frozen Flame unlocked the potential for magic, survival would have become much easier, so humans now had time to specialize in different trades and this division of labor led to the founding of civilization.

That's my theory, anyway.

Fan Art / Re: Recent original CT art
« on: April 28, 2020, 06:47:38 pm »
Scans for Robo and Magus.

Fan Art / Re: Recent original CT art
« on: April 28, 2020, 06:42:38 pm »
That's info from a V-Jump magazine or so.

  クロノ:17歳 168cm 57kg
  マール:16歳 158cm 45kg
  ルッカ:19歳 160cm 48kg
  カエル:40歳くらい(グレン時の年齢は不明)134cm 42kg
  ロボ:175cm 189kg
  エイラ:24歳 168cm 59kg
  魔王:年齢不明 178cm 58kg

Lucca is 19, while Frog is... 40, apparently.
Thanks, I found some of them on this Twitter thread:

Maybe my memory of seeing them on the Compendium was incorrect.

Anyway, I can't read Japanese but those numbers jive with what's shown in the scans. I couldn't find scans for Marle and Lucca. They were probably in the July and August 1996 issues, which seem to be missing.

Korcha is the absolute worst thing about Chrono Cross.

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