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I belive all of us know for sure the begining poem: "What was the start of all this... when did de cogs begin to turn..."
Of course, at the end, the poem continues with: "Thus the curtain closes on another tale. An eternity has passed... fleeting dreams fade into the distance..." And is signed by Schala/kid

Well, there is a line that says: "we might not realize, that you are you and i am me... come across another reality and live another today"  WHAT does that mean?

At first, when i finished the game i thought Schala/kid was talking about Sergre. I mean, Serge was lost after the time devourer fight and their memories were erased, so kid is looking for him. But after taking a look at those lines, i thing is Schala trying to find her CLONE (kid) >"you are you and i am me"... who's on "another reality" after the Time D. fight.

I also want to know if Masato Kato wrote this, i mean, i know he is the director and writer of the story,  but i wonder if the entire poem is his.

If you know this i would very much apreciate the answers!

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