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Kajar Laboratories / A Chrono Trigger Fangame: Currently untitled
« on: July 07, 2005, 06:28:32 pm »
Quote from: Legend of the Past
Chrono Trigger is ten years old soon, you know?

hey yeah compendium should do something.

Kajar Laboratories / CTMP
« on: July 06, 2005, 11:53:42 pm »
true but SE didn't know whether or not they were going to try selling it later.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Power Meal
« on: July 06, 2005, 11:51:17 pm »
Quote from: Hopeful Death
It can't even be used in battle.

And V Translaka is pretty much correct.  It basically acts as a randomly chosen single target healing item.  It can restore 50 HP like a tonic, 200 HP like a mid-tonic, 500 HP like a full tonic,  10 MP like an ether, etc.  Even 999
HP and 99 MP like an Elixir

Except that it can also heal 999 HP.  There's no item that goes along with that, but if there was, it would be called a HyperTonic!


Kajar Laboratories / Chrono Trigger: The Movie
« on: June 29, 2005, 07:50:35 pm »
Quote from: SilentMartyr
Quote from: Daniel Krispin
What are you going to use for music? Because you should ask the CT Symphonic group if you can use their orchestral remixes; they were, after all, meant for a movie adaption.

The symponic was based around one movie, and I think that this project is going to be a trilogy if I remember correctly?

yes it is, if not just 2 movies.

Kajar Laboratories / Chrono Trigger: The Movie
« on: June 28, 2005, 04:36:59 am »
Quote from: Daniel Krispin
What are you going to use for music? Because you should ask the CT Symphonic group if you can use their orchestral remixes; they were, after all, meant for a movie adaption.

i wouldn't want to steal it, and i have a potential remixer for the music, but only one so far. you can check out the "music and art" page on the chrono movie site for some updates on it once in a while :D.

Kajar Laboratories / Chrono Trigger: The Movie
« on: June 25, 2005, 02:26:20 am »
Quote from: Anonymous
Quote from: MitchelHunt
Quote from: Daniel Krispin
Motion Capture? I would have been of the impression that that is too costly and high level for any small group to do. Usually only movies and games (ie. Gollum in Lord of the Rings) employ such methods. So is this CG, then, or classical animation? I have never heard of such a thing being done by anything less than those with millions of dollars to spend.

By the way, how old is your group? I saw that the group that is making the other one, ie. the one to whom this thread belongs, is all under the age of 14. That lends me some serious doubts, as I know that my own level of artistic understanding, especially in so far as written dialogue and the like, was quite lacking at that age. My own little 11 year old sister, who is the best writer her age that I have ever seen, could not accomplish something such as a script even when will be 14, simply because she will lack the experience and understanding of words and forms. I, who am a decent writer in my own right now - or so I should like to think - would have grave difficulty in putting together a cohesive script of such a vast story, and not appear either childish/simplistic or overly formal (the latter of which would perhaps be most commonly attributed me.) And this is only so far as script writing is concerned, which is nearest my own understanding (as a would-be writer.)

Quote from: MitchelHunt
we just started only about a month ago, and we're finishing up the script and will start animating soon

That particularly concerns me. I cannot see anything of such required length (what is the length?) being completed in less than a year. To actually write the script, I would think, would take months, and twice that for editing, and re-editing, until every sentence and line and part is absolutely perfect and as you wish it. A month is likely not even enough time to step away, leave it be, then come back with a cleared head and re-edit. That is my view of such things as someone with a few years writing experience (on the CT vein in fanfiction, and on other things.)

The rest of what goes into such a thing, such as technical expertise, artistic ability, acting ability, etc. I would have difficulty commenting on.

My apologies for my doubts, but I am not sure that anyone of such a young age have the experience to create something like this. I may be wrong, I speak only of what I know for myself.

i understand why you would doubt. but hehe, by finishing up the script i actually meant that we were finishing up a couple of scenes and will start animating those before going further with the script. ^^; i know it kind of sounds stupid but i REALLY have the urge to start animating this. (I'm the artist by the way). Oh and we have more staff now. A couple of them are over 21 (kind of weird for them to be helping with a movie made my 14 years olds, but they're my friends) and will be helping with the script and animation. There are only 2 artists right now, so we are going to need quite a few more if we expect to finish anytime soon.

Also, about your doubts. I might be only 13 (yes, 13) but i am definitely up to the challenge. I am told I'm a very good artist (especially since im 13) and i have an eye for detail. I am experienced in writing as well. Not the best, but then again, that IS why we have more writers. (f.y.i, on the mjh productions website, where it says staff, thats not the whole staff. just the leading staff).

Anyway, all in all, we don't expect to finish very soon. But seeing as how it is summer vacation, im probably going to be working on this 20/7. I would say 24/7, but i have church on sunday.

Quote from: Jake
I was the guest who asked that question by the way, i just forgot to log in. But our animations is with cencors that you would put on your joints and would copy movement. Then you would upload it to a computer and connect a drawing that you have drew (Or i just got one of the internet) and connect all the joints with your character. And it would make it move with it. there is 1 slight problem though. We have an artist on our team, so you would need one too, and you would have to sketch every little angle out.

well who said i didn't have an artist? I said it's going to be animation didnt I? markus and I are the artists of the team. Also I am aware that i will have to DRAW every frame. Not sketch. If that IS what you mean because im not doing it with censors.

Ol' fashion animation. Well, minus the black and white and all of the celluloids. it's going to be drawn on the computer with my wacom tablet due to the lack of celluloids. We only have 40 which isn't even enough for one scene unless you go cheap and use the same animations over and over again throghout the movie but with different dialogue. And celluloids would cost probably about 300,000 bucks for 3 movies. I'd rather pay it cheap for $115 just by buying a wacom tablet.

Actually celluloids only cost up 500 dollars depending on where you buy them, also i'm excited for this for both teams. But its hard to tell if it will be done...

oh it will be done. even if it DOES take 5 or 10 years...

Polling / 7/2/05 - Which Gurus' invention has had the most impact?
« on: June 25, 2005, 02:24:54 am »
same as radicaldreamer

Submissions / Column Sample
« on: June 18, 2005, 10:49:21 pm »
this was really funny to read especially the nu and willy wonka :lol:

Kajar Laboratories / CTM Concept Art (Better)
« on: June 17, 2005, 08:28:01 pm »
Quote from: Sentenal
I'd make him look thinner, leaner, taller, no monkey-arms, and it should be ok.

lol. my other artist (if he ever gets on the forums) will submit some crono concepts soon.

Kajar Laboratories / CTM Concept Art (Better)
« on: June 17, 2005, 06:10:20 pm »
Quote from: Wanderer359
Quote from: Claado Shou
Quote from: MitchelHunt
Quote from: Daniel Krispin
Quote from: MitchelHunt
Quote from: Daniel Krispin
So... you're actually going to draw 120,000 of these?

no. my main artist is the one that's going to draw most of the movie. he's a very good artist. (much better than me, to assure you).

But... still. 120k? If each drawing only takes 1 minute for each, that would take... 2000 hours. Divide that by two people still yields 1000h each. That's 3h 7 days a week for an entire year. If each takes only five minutes, it's five years work. I'm still not sure how you're going to manage that. But wait: how long will it be? My estimates were based on a 100min movie.

yes around there. im aware of how long it'll take. and im aware of...everything.
btw if you're referring to me saying "i drew 6 pics of him and they all vanished", the only reason that's my excuse is because im making them really detailed right now for the concept pics. some clothe disigns/clothes wont be there, and most of it will just be alot simpler do to the time it will take and time we expect to finish it. also we don't have the whole team yet. i go to an arts school, so im going to post flyers around for open possissions. thats probably mostly where i will find my artists. im hoping to have at least 10 artists on the team so it will go even quicker.

What school?  Is it in Florida?

Were you referencing FullSail or one of the multitudes of other ones scattered around the state? (I don't attend any of them (I went with UCF instead), but I do know several people that do.)

As for the reminds me strangely of a stand in drawing I used in the trailer I had been working on....

he this topic should be deleted on account of the crappy picture...

anywya, no im not talking about FullSail. The SAE. (The School of Arts and Enterprise). It just opened 2 years ago, so you might have never heard of it.

Site Updates / "No current plan for sequel"
« on: June 16, 2005, 03:34:06 am »
Quote from: saridon
send them millions of emails telling them to stop milking ff7 and make a chrono game :twisted:

but mabye we should wait until after advent children since se seems focused on that and the PS2 ff game after that they cant milk ff much more so they might make a chrono game

good, no, GREAT point :roll:  :)

Submissions / Marle CTM Concept Art
« on: June 16, 2005, 03:33:14 am »
Quote from: saridon
Quote from: MitchelHunt

yeah im using a tablet. lol. i would just draw it on paper but i still haven't found a good enough scanner to maker the coloring smooth when i scan. whenever i DO scan, the coloring gets all screwed up with white dots :x

you could try just drawing outlines and shading then scaning it with a good scanner so you dont have trouble with dots on colour and then colouring it with photoshop or somthing.

or just buy a really expensive scanner

yeah ive looked through a few scanners and all do the same thing :? i might try coloring it on photoshop...

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Power Meal
« on: June 16, 2005, 02:55:02 am »
Quote from: Eggith Cyrene
Its been a while but I always rembered the power meal as a "Megalixer" In that it restores all your parties hp (and mp?)

no thats the hyper kabob

Chrono Compendium Discussion / I need links!
« on: June 15, 2005, 10:32:36 pm »
well if you want you can link to my new ctmp site:

its not up yet but will probably be in like a week. i have 2 buttons :

Site Updates / "No current plan for sequel"
« on: June 15, 2005, 10:26:46 pm »
Quote from: V_Translanka
Could they ever say they won't ever make a sequal?

But, w/e, it seems as though I have neither lost nor gained hope...

same here. anyone wanna flood se with emails?

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