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"Today is the release date of the Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger arranged album. With the help and support of a number of musicians, staff, and back to the fans, we were able to finally release this. It was a long time coming. I want to thank you all; I think that it is a work with many things you will enjoy. Yes, the environment to buy and sell music has changed and diversified significantly over these last few years. As a result, we offer several ways to buy the album, including a digital 24 bit/96khz wav/flac release, in addition to the physical cd."


【SQUARE ENIX e-store】

Not much to learn from it for those of us at the compendium, but pretty interesting nonetheless. Basically shows how to have a kickass linear story without having to make gameplay linear, repetitive, frustrating, boring, agonizing, etc (random encounters and fighting in general are the worst aspects of rpg's imo).

FFIV:earth, underworld, moon
FFV: attempt to save crystals, visit galuf's planet
FF7: leave Midgar after the Shinra debacle, death of Aerith
Chrono Cross: Fort Dragonia, Sea of Eden, Serge, Lynx, back to Serge
Trigger: Defeat Magus, Crono death, Crono resurrection

It seems like there are several points in countless games (these are but a few from the list of hundreds of games) that have such big polar opposite turning points. I remember playing CT and thinking that defeating Magus would be the end of the game, or thinking Fort Dragonia might be the end of CC (not quite registering the fact that there was a CD2). seems as though this makes for quite interesting games, as IMO these are all fantastic. I can't really recall from FF6 since I've barely played it, but there's an element like this to it as well. perhaps kishotenketsu? Chrono Trigger had all those sidequests and the black omen at the end, chrono cross very quickly had the dead sea, terra tower, then dream devourer. some jo-ha-kyu mayhap?


Just figured I'd share. Even though these are all like 1 bar cells (or two if you count fade outs/delays) it was rather difficult to transcribe this thing because of all the weird delays between instruments and trying to figure out what's in unison and what's different. One of those tunes where slowing certain things down just makes it harder to transcribe :/

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / art styles between the 3
« on: May 01, 2012, 09:43:32 am »
My search skills are either nonexistent, or the compendium needs better search function as I didnt really find much on the topic. Which of the 3 games has the better art style? CT, despite being a toriyama work, is generally darker in pallate than CC, perhaps except 65 mil BC. Though suddenly in CC, you're thrown from verdant greens and amazingly amazing tropics into the grayness of eden/dead sea/fort dragonia/terra tower. Even the grass in CT seems a bit darker than CC for the most part, such as 600 AD with the dreary overcast skies. I think I might care for the style in RD the least, character wise anyways. Environs are fine as I've never really had problems suspending disbelief from that or anything. In case this has been done to death, which of the 3 has the best soundtrack? If thats been done to death, how was your day?  :picardno

mp3 @320

   The Dragon's Tail is an Octet that Serge got his start with. This is a gig at the Regiorra Cafe, just 2 months after Serge's departure from the band. After Serge's guitar was destroyed in an incident with a couple friends, he did some soul searching and left the band, giving up music altogether for some time. He would later go on to a successful solo nylon guitar career. He was permanently replaced by a sitarist the band had known for some time from one of the gigs they did on a demi-human isle in the El Nido Archipelago; Guldove.
   The band played a fantastic set of their second collection of songs, which was written in large part by Serge himself. Considerable arranging had to be done to Serge's nylon guitar parts to fit the sitar better, but the consensus among long-time fans is generally positive. This gig represents a full-circle for the band, as it was written with the lands in and around Regiorra in mind, as it's an aural representation of the journey from arriving at Gerzbuehle to the 2 day-long trip to the hidden and secretive Staik Lake, a little known retreat favored by Acacia Dragoons and hippie musicians alike.

low quality previews:

1. The Way to Gerzbuehle (Summer Nights) [remix]01be3ef03656a4fcf7e2ac336950e817[/remix]
2. Regionna, Land of Hustle and Bustle (Tempest) [remix]4bad1697693d3f7927da7c77c2caf960[/remix]
3. Regiorra, Remote Tranquility (Astral Luan Solus) [remix]c1b3f7dc3a16d794b0b14402631687a9[/remix]
4. Kitsunekobuka Forest (Heavenly Goddess) [remix]013c7190b8175b4a71233f1ee161cedd[/remix]
5. The Big House and the Setting Sun (Viper Villa) [remix]5122a837b1f3f0aa674a924847d674c7[/remix]
6. Nightfall (Piercing Passion) [remix]4ddc0b552ed64fb1ad054e43e94434ea[/remix]
7. Nightmare (Portal to Hell) [remix]9651b34564d5800d1487094c3061a745[/remix]
8. The Puppet Master (Meeting with Darkness) [remix]5938e5ef3247b081dc5bf16086b36e0e[/remix]
9. Face to Face (Climactic Clash) [remix]1b60d5738b9f633a216e1d44353e1b88[/remix]
10. Morning Dew (Affirmation from Afar) [remix]0a75c6d3e4406455a0e14b40f47b26a5[/remix]
11. Stories and Breakfast in a Woodcutter's Hut (Epilogus) [remix]c03a7b2f77b21e9ba51dc94d2e54cedd[/remix]
12. Staik Lake (Volpecula Silva Parietinae) [remix]31e4f76e4b48992b1fa36374d3f60359[/remix]

master percussionist-tablas
secondary percussionist-brekete, conga, bongo, log drums
bellist: gankokwe, claves, ekpiri
rattlist: metal, ekpiri, axatse

News Submissions / Radical Dreamers 15th Anniversary
« on: February 03, 2011, 11:52:56 am »
Today marks the 15th anniversary of Radical Dreamers (February 3rd, 1996). To commemorate this, I've decided to release a remake to the soundtrack that includes all 15 songs, the midi files I used (strictly for the curious), and a pdf of the sheet music (86 pages). I made a lot of discoveries in instruments used on the soundtrack and so forth. In order to not crowd the mega update out of sight, I'll drop a couple links and pay my dues:


Check out the main thread for more info.

Go to the remix center, anything tagged 'RD' is from this project.

Sample:1. Summer Nights

Kajar Laboratories / February 3rd, 2011: 15 years of Radical Dreamers
« on: January 15, 2011, 01:05:49 am »
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of one of the best video games ever made, I have released my remake of the RD soundtrack; Radical Dreamers Soundtrack: 15th Anniversary Edition.


I wrote out all 15 pieces using Sibelius 6, and have created both midi files and the sheet music to all of it, I compiled them into one 86 page pdf.

Samples used include Vienna Symphonic Library, EastWest Ra, EastWest Symphonic Choirs and PMI Baroque organ. I have determined the instruments used in various tracks that no one else even had a clue of before (check the midis from and then compare them to the instruments used in my project). This includes english horn in 'under moonlight', a first nations cedar flute in 'summer days' and 'le tresor interdit', celesta in 'under moonlight', 'snakebone mansion', uileann pipes, kora and kidi in 'le tresor interdit' and more.
The only one that I have even a slight doubt about is the cedar flute, there's in fact a chance that it's just a regular flute, but it has a slightly different timbre compared to the flutes of other super nintendo games (including in Chrono Trigger). The shakuhachi is the only other ethnic flute with that high a range, but it's tone color varies greatly. The Irish low whistle is a candidate, but it doesn't quite reach the higher notes. The cedar flute was arrived at upon trial and error.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it.

Site Updates / Chee Zee's goody bag of remakes/remixes
« on: January 08, 2011, 09:54:50 am »
Hey gang,

To commemorate all these updates the compendium is seeing I decided to upload a lot of my remakes and remixes. I'll embed some of the better works here, but don't forget to check 'em all out (scroll through by hitting the next button, there's A LOT in there already)

Garden of God epic remake:

Epilogue-To Good Friends~Chamber Strings remake:

Peaceful Days Sonata (pt 1):

Peaceful Days Sonata (pt 2):

Manoria Cathedral Fugue:

Kajar Laboratories / So is neo-fusion still active......
« on: September 17, 2010, 05:23:22 pm »
I was commissioned to orchestrate the chrono series soundtrack for a game he was working on (chrono crystallis). he hasn't answered any PMs and hasn't been online in well over a month. Is it safe to consider the project dead or what? I have a few things done already (actually those 'few things' are just real instruments versions of CT and RD stuff only 1 real orchestrated song has been completed). Regardless of whether or not the project is to continue, I would still like to see the orchestration of the series' soundtracks through.

Submissions / Peaceful Days Sonata
« on: August 14, 2010, 01:36:47 am »
Hey dudes, another remix from the big cheeze. This one is a piano remix of the song 'Peaceful Days'. A one movement sonata, the first and only movement being in a loose sonata-allegro form.

Download available at:

And last but not least, here is the analysis:

The intro to this sonata takes the chord progression of the original's intro, puts it into dominant form, and superimposes a sequenced variation of the descending arpeggios theme over it. To modulate back to the home key, the melody and chord progression land on the tonic. The melody plays an eight note on the mediant (E) just before moving on.

I could have just as easily played the subdominant (F) to clearly define the tonic as C major, but I'm cool like that. I decided to stick with the mediant as the iii is more consonant than the IV, and Peaceful Days is nearly always about consonance.

Slow and and ominous, the intro is actually not a reliable premonition of what's to immediately follow...And that leads us into the first section, the elaboration. The mood slowly changed to upbeat over the 8 bar intro, and now the happiness is in full swing.

Yasunori Mitsuda's original cue is left nearly untouched here, with the exception of dynamics changes and a couple of other features: a more upbeat melody through repeated eigth notes (the original was just using single quarter notes, this keeps the motion going better), and staccato on some of the rhythm section's chords.

That leads into a transition to the subordinate group of themes that are entirely mine. The dominant (G major) is stressed here. A completely different mood from the upbeat minuet-like section we just heard. Sort of contemplative, with a decently constrasting rhythm. One of the subordinate themes gets repeated and sequenced, leading back to the tonic. And with that the elaboration is repeated, as per tradition. No variation though, but there is an alternative bar at the very end, the final chord does not lead to the tonic this time, which would imply a static repeat of the song. Instead it ends on a chord that will lead us into the development section.

Unlike most sonatas in a major key, I did not put the development in dominant key. Instead, the final chord of the elaboration's transition was a flat mediant (d# minor). And that just so happens to be the same key signature of 'Secret of Forest' (Guardia Forest). The primary theme group of Mitsuda's is liquidated here, and the rhythm section begins to look more and more like Guardia Forest's.

Very different to the original song, slow, sad, and all things generally negative beginning with the letter 's'. The melody then begins to pick up a hint of the forest as well. This doesn't last long, and the harmony roves along with the melody into the flat mediant of the flat mediant of the tonic (what a mouthful!).

Which is A minor. Which happens to be the same key as Memories of Green. The rhythm begins to look much like Memories o' Green very abruptly. Mitsuda's Peaceful Days theme appears in remote form,more closely resembling the intervals of Memories' melody. The rhythm repeats the theme of Memories, and we turn to a minuet-like remote motive form of the primary group. Next the melody repeats a sequenced variation on the subordinate group. Once again, the second time around there is an alternative last bar to serve as a transition. A long linger on the dominant seventh on V of the home key.

We are then led through an accelerando featuring a remote motive form of the melody superimposed upon a pedal point of the dominant. The accelerando leads us back to the pace of the main section, to start up the recapitulation section. The recap looks pretty darned simlar to the elaboration. It is not repeated, however, and there is no modulatory chord progression transitioning to the subordinate group. Instead, the chord prog is a repeat of the tonic, and the subordinate group now appears in tonic form, leading us to the final cadence.


The sus4 has F, the subdominant. This finally clearly defines the tonic/home key as C. C what? Well the last chord is C major, finishing it all off.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Radical Dreamers script.
« on: July 13, 2010, 01:21:04 am »
I am confuddled. Utunnels translated some of RD himself because apparently Demi added a bunch of stuff that wasn't in the original game/changed the dialog a lot. For example, when you are showing the stone face of truth or w/e all your stuff, the lipstick is actually to make a trail in case they get lost. in the library one of the books talks about the epoch, well Demi added that in it actually talks about something else. So I'm pretty pissed at this. That's a worse job than the original CT SNES translation. It took me god knows how long  to go through and read all of the mistakes and changes Demi did. why? shouldn't the translation been as accurate as possible, like the fan-made CT script that's detailed to the dotted i and the 'Crono-dono' and the 'Leene-sama'. His name is Kaeru. His name is Jaki! Her name is Sara! What is this mistranslation madness!

To make it worse, I looked at the compendium's script dumps, and when I looked at RD's, lo and behold it was Demiforces incorrect script. I dunno about you people but I'd prefer as close to 100 percent accuracy as possible. What gives man! We have a perfect translation of CT, the CC script was actually a good translation, and here we have the true RD script but nothing has been done of it!

This is my vision of a battle or boss theme for CB, the chorus is the same chord progression as Manoria Cathedral, but a different key (g minor instead of e minor). I took inspiration from 'Hurricane', the RD/CC battle theme, as well as Snake Remains Chamber . It uses solo violin as the primary instrument unlike Manoria Cathedral.

Submissions / Star Stealing Girl(UPDATED sound a lot better now)
« on: April 28, 2010, 08:03:55 pm »
Put in 2 additional hours of programming to get the samples sounding better, I think achieved somewhat realistic sounding strings in this version.

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