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Do you see an Account Settings option anywhere? If not, send me a PM with the new username you'd like, since it may be an Admin only thing.

It will be a pleasant experience to be able to actually play through what is probably the most feel-good, wholesome game of all time

I've never played any of the Lunar games, but this alone makes me want to play. Color me interested.

Yeah, utunnels did most of the work extracting character models, as glennxserge pointed out with that linked thread. Here's the link to all the models he shared, though unfortunately Wazuki isn't part of it.

Maybe someone else knows how to continue extracting the models.

We'll have to wait, as they replied saying they will answer questions at a later date. Right now, the vast majority of questions are asking whether there will be a physical edition or additional features not yet talked about. There are a couple of interesting ones, such as if Kid and Harle are the same person, and who the talking statue at Terra Tower is supposed to be.

Chrono Cross HD Edition / Re: RetroArch Setup
« on: February 22, 2022, 11:01:19 pm »
Thanks so much for documenting this! So it sounds like defaulting the CD Loading Speed to 2x did the trick. I'm glad it did.

I haven't actually tried out the Widescreen Mode Hack extensively. I remember it not working well. Are you saying a newer version of RetroArch fixed this? If so, I'd love to see before-and-after pics to compare, if you're willing.

Fan Art / Re: the remaster is coming and no komodo pup is safe
« on: February 22, 2022, 10:55:25 pm »
Ha, I love it. Poor komodos. Maybe we're not actually murdering them but just picking off molted scales? Though I do like Boo's headcanon of giving them noogies :lol:

Also, welcome back Tirion!

Chrono News / Re: Rumor - Chrono Cross Remaster
« on: February 18, 2022, 03:37:15 pm »
Dream Splash - Who can hack CC Radical Dreamers Edition first?

Chrono News / Re: Rumor - Chrono Cross Remaster
« on: February 10, 2022, 12:16:13 am »
I have mixed feelings about this.  It's good that the Chrono series is finally getting attention again.  On the other hand, there is no indication to me that the script is being at all revised or clarified so that the story makes more sense.  It's just an HD upgrade that includes Radical Dreamers and a few quality of life touches.  If so, it is a wasted opportunity.  Chrono Cross felt like an unfinished story that skimped almost entirely on character development and relied on theme and exposition to get its message across to the player.  For this reason, Chrono Cross was a prime candidate for a full-blown remake that can tell the story the way it deserves to be told through modern technology and a robust budget.  Now that the remaster is coming, the odds of a remake ever happening are basically zero.  I appreciate Square-Enix giving us all some nostalgia, but deep down I think all of us wanted more.  It sends the message that the past is set in stone and the future will never live up to its potential.  Not exactly the message we expect from Chrono.

Hit the nail on the head.

That being said, I can't help but be excited. My favorite game now on my favorite console, with some new treats to boot. I'm a simple man. Look at those new character arts! I didn't know Nobuteri Yuuki was still producing art.

Chrono Cross HD Edition / Re: RetroArch Setup
« on: September 24, 2021, 09:20:00 am »
Try this. It's worked in the past when others have had problems, problems I don't yet understand.

Chrono Cross HD Edition / Re: RetroArch Setup
« on: September 18, 2021, 03:25:24 pm »
Theoretically, since RetroArch has an Android app, it should be possible. I foresee it running into problems with inadequate specs however, since even some computers can't take advantage of all its features.

If you have any luck with it, please let me know!

Unfortunately, there are very few folks who know how to mod Chrono Cross. Check out our toolsets and these to see what's potentially possible.

Yeah, that's neat. I also struggle to see how the black element matches Venus, but the others are perfect.

Diarmuid then most likely corresponds to Polaris as a pole star.

Huh, that's really interesting. I've always wondered why they hadn't ported Cross to anything else.

Though, given that it's on the PSN, I wonder what technical limitations are preventing them from using that one instead?

During Nikki's concert, he says:
   Lo! The stars doth
   twinkle in accord
   with our song...

   The brighter one is the
   Star of Diarmuid...
   And next to it the Star
   of Grania can be seen
   shining so faintly...
   We mariners navigate
   our vessels by these
   two stars!

Now, I don't know of any real stars with those names, but Diarmuid comes from Irish mythology. Meanwhile, Grania, at first, doesn't seem to relate to anything, but I quickly realized it should actually be Gráinne from the same tale (which is pronounced like "grania", I believe).

Are these the only named celestial bodies in the Chronoverse? I'm wondering if these two stars belong to the "five brother stars" told by Belthasar to represent the Dragons. Curiously, during the same concert, Nikki drops the line "Neptunian nymph", which suggests the presence of a Neptune in Chrono history as well, either as a mythological figure or a planet. Or it could just be a grammatical quirk.  :lol:

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