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Kajar Laboratories / I am programming savvy.
« on: April 27, 2009, 12:27:30 am »
If anyone needs help with coding...?

I can do what I can.

I have a good knowledge of the fundamentals of programming, and I can read how a program works and I can change it.

the only problem is that I dont know really alot of languages....

I know a bit of Java,
and I worked with a program called Game Maker for a long time.

so if anyone needs anything or any help just ask and ill see what i can do...?

Oh, yes, I know great about the debate of CC vs CT.

I've read alot more than I've written (though i did write an uber-long post in one of those theory subforums).

I just wondered how much chaos I could create by inciting that debate again, and obviously not much

but i did enjoy the facepalm. it was hilarious.

Even though I used CC > CT as a "fire starter" so to speak, I still do believe it.

Good to see some civility about the topic however.

..... where is everyone? didn't people used to post alot more here?

Site Updates / Re: Vote for Chrono Trigger
« on: April 26, 2009, 05:36:21 pm »
Half Life is regarded as one of the best (if not THE best) FPS games to ever be created.  I have to agree, I've played it.

Then you have Ocarina Of Time, with all its fanboys *ugh im sick of them (not all of them but most of them are blind followers)*  Its story wasn't that amazing, but still no doubt a better game than the zeldas before it.

Then you have Final Fantasy, the series with the most Blind Followers in existance.  I played FFX, I, II, V, and VII.

X had the best story of the 5 (Though by far wasnt amazing), VII was uber-overrated (oh dear god, if I hear ONE more thing about sephiroth and his fangirls...), I sucked, II was OK, V was just lame, imo.

The fact that CC is a sequel will throw it into a paradox of sequels:

Original's fans get hyped up over the original, then expect way too much from the sequel, way too much being a level far beyond what the original even provides.  Doesn't meet standards, they throw out uber-low ratings and then inform their friends that it sucked, so that alot of people havent played it, some people just hate it, and the rest of us love it.

Half Life will beat it for a good reason (It was a great game indeed).

OOT is going to beat it because EVERYONE played it.

FF is going to beat it because of Blind Followers, mostly (no offense to Celestial).

CC is underrated.

oh, and gamefaqs: some boards are good, some boards are horrid, and the main set of users are breaking TOS by having an account (aka less than 13).

..jk about the less than 13 thing, but theres alot of younger kids out there that have never played the classics anyways.

Submissions / Re: Chrono Motivationals
« on: April 26, 2009, 05:20:29 am »
anyone got anything new?

If they did, they'd post it. :roll:

General Discussion / Re: The Chrono Compendium - <you fill the slogan>
« on: April 26, 2009, 03:52:43 am »
The Chrono Compendium - Just cause you have Time Traveler's Immunity doesn't mean you won't get Herpes!

Disregarding anything anyone might have said prior to this, my personal opinion is that the reason this happened goes along on the same lines that say "the further back in time you change something, the less effect it has on the future", kindof like a reverse butterfly effect.

However, my theory suggests that time always trys to correct itself back to its original course.  Weather this is done by laws of time or it is actually the entity at work doing this is subjective.

In a more simple way, lets say that a straight metal wire represents the timeline.  X represents the length back in time that a time-traveler changes something.  F, force, is the "magnitude" of the effect that the time traveler makes.

So, thusly, if said force F is applied over X distance, then depending on how big F is and how long X is,  F/X should represent the amount of change placed over each individual unit X, averaged out.  Also, taking into effect Time Error (T), F/(X-T), X being the distance traveled back in time, would thusly represent the amount of change over the Exact time, as it calculates between when the event of change actually occurred and the exact moment the time travelers traveled from.

Example: Travel back in time 80 years and then in 4 years do something that effects the future F much.
F/(80-4) would effectively represent the change based upon the time from which he came, and the time he actually changed something.  Thusly, 76 years, rather than 80.

Because Chrono and crew went back in time 65 million (billion?) years, and took the dreamstone from Ayla (minor change),
the amount of force placed over each single year would be so miniscule that it is incalculable.

HOWEVER: The fact of the matter is that time, theoretically, is being represented by a metal wire.  The above example would barely bend the wire, if anything, but nonetheless, revert back to its original course. 

Time will only be allowed to bend between 2 points in time: when the timeline was changed and the exact time the time travelers left from.

That is the first part of my theory.  ON THE CONTRAST if a BIG change occured over a small amount of Exact time, time would not only bend but it is quite likely it would break, and branch out to elsewhere.

A big change being, say, the death of Queen Leene, and the amount of exact time being 400-T, T being time error, but almost 0.  A change like this would likely break the current timeline, and sending what was the future to be DBT'd.

The magnitude of the event was not amazingly catastrophic, being that it merely destroyed Marle and not the Chrono nor Lucca, thusly in the temporary future between the time that Marle disappears and the QUeen is saved, Chrono and Lucca are TB'd to 600AD.

Just for fun, I'm going to take into play the following quote and play with it.

Much simpler explanation for what happened to Marle:  The Guardians searching for Leene had only medieval-level technology, which means no instantaneous communications except for possibly heliograph or smoke signals, both of which require line-of-sight.  This means that the search for Leene could not be called off on a moment's notice.

This would mean there is ANOTHER time factor to take into play.

Say, a time capsule was made in 10000BC to be dug up in 10000AD.

10000AD comes around, after the capsule is opened some idiot from nearby hops in a time machine to 10000BC and sneaks a bomb onto the time capsule with the trigger being when the capsule is opened.  4tehlulz, the bomb is a nuclear one, the size of which can wipe out a small country.

Despite that the person put the bomb on in 10000BC (causal time), the effect is not felt until 10000AD (time of effect).

the equasion for this would be changed from F/(X-T-Ce), Ce being the time between cause and effect.  This case, whatever future the people used to have would be DBT'd, as the Force would be so great and the Exact time (now X-T-Ce) would be so small that it would "break" time.  Thusly, the idiot that put the bomb would encounter the Marle Effect, and would cease to exist.

The theory basically stated and summed up:
Time is like a metal wire:
1: Time, when changed, will try as hard as possible to bend back to where it originally was, with bending room allowed between when the effect of change is felt and when the time travelers left from.
2: When the value (F/(X-T-Ce)) is so great, time will eventually "break" at the point in time that the Effect is first felt.
3: Under the circumstances, time bending back to where it was shouldnt cause any sort of effect, time bastard or otherwise.
4: However, when time breaks, a time bastard effect can possibly occur, and there is a chance that some of the travelers, if any, can experience the "Marle Effect".

Thusly, the Marle effect is the rarest effect that time travel can cause.  It will only happen if time is broken, and only if this break in time will affect the time traveler.

Other examples of time breaking? The Black Omen, the Sun Stone.

The Sun Stone situation is a case that leads me to believe that time breaking can be relative to a specific area or universal, as well as that it is also related to the natural amounts of change that occur in that area on a normal basis.

The sun stone is definitley a relative break in time because prior to the party's interference, the sun stone did not exist in the Sun shrine (or whatever that place was that you leave the stone for 65 billion years), however the sun stone did not seem to affect much else in the world.

If, say, the party put the sun stone where the future leene square was to be, the natural amount of change that occurs there is massive, because of all the human activity and everything, whereas in the sun shrine or whatever, nothing occurs for 65 billion years or so.  So if the party left it in the future square, it is likely that time would merely bend for that section, and the sun stone be taken, stolen, destroyed or otherwise in a relatively short time.

This makes me change (F/(X-T-Ce)) to  (F/(X-T-Ce))-C, with C being the normal amount of change over a unit of time.

After more thought, I think I shall expand on my definition of "Bend" vs "Break".

As a more appropriate definition, a "Bend" is a change in time which time was able to naturally correct itself between the moment of effect and the time in which the time travelers, who changed time, left from.

A "Break" would then be a change in time which was so massive that time was unable to naturally correct itself before the moment in which the time travelers, who changed time, left from.

And, as a 3rd definition, a "Relative Break" would be a "Break" that only affected a specific area, set of areas, objects, or persons.

Then, to resummarize my THeory with the newly added information,

1: Time, when changed, will always seek to correct itself between the point in time which affected time and the moment from which the time travelers that caused the change left from.
2: If F is the force of the change, X is the time that the travelers went backwards in time, T is the Time Error between when they caused the change, Ce is the Cause Effect time between the cause and when the effect was felt, and C is the amount of natural change per unit of time, then the Formula ((F/(X-T-Ce))-C) is the amount of stress put on each unit of time in the timeline between the time the effect is felt/occurs and the time the time travelers left.
3: When the value ((F/(X-T-Ce))-C) is so great, time will eventually "break" at the point in time that the Effect is first felt.
4: When time bends, then from the point in time the travelers leave, the future is the same.
5: When time breaks, that is when the Time Bastard effect and the Marle effect occur.

Now, for my take on the marle effect:

The marle effect, as most people see, is where a person disappears after a time break.  This is true, however what most people probably do not see is the full scope of the marle effect. 

It seems best explained in an example:

Time Traveler A goes back in time and causes a time break, relative or otherwise, which causes time traveler A, in the new present, not to go back in time.  Time Bastard, in the future will look for any entity that it knows to be the time traveler A so it can pull it back in time.  We know this already.
Lets say that time traveler A goes and kills his great grandfather in the past, and then disappear. 
Time bastard will look for time traveler A.
However, when Time Bastard does not find said entity, Time Bastard will not pull anything, whilst Time Traveler A will still end up in the past, pulled, supposedly, "from no where".  Time Traveler A will then go on and exist until the point in which Time Traveler A kills his Great Grandfather, and thusly disappears again.

Time Traveler A seems to exist merely as a ghost.  Yes, lets call a person who experiences the Marle Effect a "Ghost".  It's quite fitting. Coming from no where and returning no where.  However, since the conservation of matter and energy take place in this world, matter cannot be destroyed or created.  So how is this explained?

Think about Time Bastard for a moment: The time traveler is gated at the exact point in which he/she originally traveled, and appears at the time he/she traveled to, with memory being that of the original traveler and not that of the TB'd traveler.

So my theory on the Marle effect takes this a step further.  There are 2 possible/feasible ways that the Marle Effect can occur in my theory:

1: Time Bastard, when it cannot find the entity, will go to the exact moment in which the effect that caused a Time Break causing the nonexistance of the time traveler, and TB the time traveler from then back to the moment he/she arrived in the past.  Rather than by use of a gate, however, the time traveler is painfully ripped apart (possibly by conversion into Tachyons?) and recreated at the point in which he/she originally arrived in the past.

So, to use Marle as an example, rather than "dissentigrating into nothing" she is "Ripped" back in time to the point in which she arrived, thus turning Marle into a "loop" so to speak.  Ripped back in time to the point she arrived at just to return to being ripped back.

This is a technicality of the conservation of matter and energy.  In all truths, she is not being created when she arrives, nor is she being destroyed.  she is coming from somewhere and going somewhere each time she is ripped.

This is the first, and in my opinion, more likely story behind the Marle Effect.

The second way the Marle Effect could be occuring is as such:

2: Time Bastard, rather than not doing anything, will revert to stealing the atoms that the original time traveler was comprised of at the exact moment the time traveler left from.  The "ghost" is then created with these atoms being repieced into the original traveler.  The traveler will go along with what happened and then will be "ripped apart" at the moment that the effect of what he/she caused is reached.  Then, Time Bastard will return the atoms to the exact moment and place they originally came from, disregarding the time error.

So once again, conservation of matter and energy is not breached.

There are 2 ways for a "Ghost" of a person to return from the circle of the "Marle Effect".  Either a time traveler that came back with the ghost in the original travel back in time, or a time traveler from the future created by the ghost breaking time, must either:

A: Try and undo the effects that the ghost caused (aka: Chrono and Lucca saving the Queen after Marle disappeard).
B: Go back in time to stop the cause from occuring.

Let us review what I have gone over:

1: Time will try to correct itself back to its original course
2: ((F/(X-T-Ce))-C) is the equasion to see how much impact an event will have, weather it bends or breaks time.
3: Breaking time can be relative to a certain area or universal.
4: Only when time is broken in one way or another can Time Bastard or the Marle Effect occur.
5: Marle Effect will only occur when time is broken in such a way that the entity who broke time ceases to exist in the future in which said entity originally came from.
6: Marle Effect can possibly be a loop of matter being taken from the point in time which the effect occurs back to when the entity originally traveled back in time to; or it could be the stealing of matter from the point in time which the entity originally traveled back from to create the temporary ghost of the entity, and returned to the exact point and place in time from which it was stolen when the ghost reaches the point of effect.
7: A ghost in the Marle Effect cannot save itself, and can only be saved by a fellow time traveler.

So... I had fun writing this.  I started some point in time before 12:00 am and right now it is 1:36.  so it has taken me between an hour and a half to 2 hours to write this. hope i got somewhere with it.

Anyone understand what im saying? =D

EDIT: This post prior to this edit was 2352 words long, 10556 characters long and 12878 characters long if you include spaces.  Not bad eh? *sigh*

Lavos, the Planet, and other Entities / Re: Nature of the Dragon Gods
« on: April 25, 2009, 05:40:12 am »
Harle is so much amazing...

harle was a creation of the 6 dragon gods, so rather than being a splinter of the Dragon God, she was merely something that was created by it.  Per say, Lavos spawns were created by lavos, they cannot merge togethor to create lavos, nor did lavos split apart to create them.
its quite possible that rather than Harle herself merging with the dragons after defeating fate, she merely delivered them the frozen flame then left.

As by the fact that with only the 6 dragons without harle already look exactly like the final dragon, it isn't 100% set in stone that she merged, nor was she needed to merge.

And by that deduction, yes it is possible that when she said she didn't want to fight with you, that she meant verbally, or in a past tense rather than future tense as the final dragon

So... in my personal opinion, Harle is still out there, somewhere...

...I'm waiting for you...

Harle = the best. always.

The Lost Sanctum - Completed Items / Re: Chrono Cross Ending Enigma
« on: April 25, 2009, 05:25:55 am »
funny... ive done everything in this game...

...then i realized i had never
A: gotten mojo
B: beaten game w/ harle in party

so i started a new game, got all the way up to where you had harle in the party and then created 2 separate saves:

save A: Used continue+ on that game so that i could beat TD, and made a new Endgame save file.

save B: Im going through the game until atleast the point i can get the CC (im 9 bosses away >.>) in which im going to use the NEW endgame save file to continue+ on this save, so that I have harle in my party and beat the game like im supposed to.


Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / Re: Want a new Chrono game?
« on: April 25, 2009, 04:45:42 am »
a few minutes on an email couldnt hurt, seriously.

itll probably do nothing but i mean, for what its worth, if an email can get a new Chrono game, im up for it.

So... yeah,

just registered, seems like alot of people are doing that for this one topic  :picardno
And i sent e-mail.

Nice to see you guys.


how much flaming/chaos can that one phrase incite....

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