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Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / Back
« on: September 13, 2010, 08:40:17 pm »
Greetings, Compendium.  It has been a long time.  I'm sorry for the extended absence with no forewaring, and for little explanation of my absence upon my return.  However, for more reasons than I can count at this moment I am glad to be back.  I do not know how active I will be as it seems that the activity here has died down, but I hope that I'll be able to gain inspiration from (and bring inspiration to) this place as I was able to before in my remaining time here, which could be quite a while. 

The Uboa

Check out the preview of track three on this album:

I downloaded it.  It is fantastically tripped out in so many ways.  The distorted speech of the female in the beginning finishes out the track as well, and her sporadic lament follows you throughout the track, with the addition of some very beautiful distorted melodic and sustained vocals in the middle of the track.  The melancholy and anxious tone is maintained throughout.  The strangest thing about it, I suppose, comes with trying to actually imagine it within the context of the Chrono story...

All in all, I highly recommend you download it out if you can.  Also, can anyone pick out other VG remixes that I failed to recognize on this album?

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / I'll be away for a while.
« on: December 14, 2009, 10:02:20 pm »
First, apologies for being a ghost lately.  I took a trip last week to visit family and neglected to mention it because I thought that I might be on a bit more during that time.  But, that was not to be since I was busy keeping things running smoothly in the house there, and helping my Grandma out when I could.

Second, something has come up which is going to keep me away for a while.  "A while" translates to at least a week, probably more. 

I don't know what else to say.  This isn't exactly something I want to post for everybody to read about.

See you guys when I see you.  :(

General Discussion / The Compendium Language Learners' Corner
« on: December 01, 2009, 02:31:21 am »
I know of a few Compendiumites currently studying second or third languages, or even several languages at once.  For those who are on the lookout for language learning resources on the web, or even language partners, let this be the thread in which to find them and post about them.  It would also be helpful for people to give their accounts of self-teaching methods here, making note of what has been most and least effective for them.

For starters, it would make sense for posters here to specify which languages they are learning and whether or not they would be a willing language partner for anybody who wants to practice.  I was thinking that allowing open practice in this thread might not be a bad idea, but then I realized that trying to find resources amidst a sea of unintelligible conversation would probably not be the most ideal activity for anybody wanting to benefit from this thread.  So, no practicing here!  (Sorry.)

I suppose I'll give a brief introduction related to my own language learning ventures here:  I am currently studying Spanish through a number of online resources, and am trying to formulate a good self-teaching system.  Currently, I am trying to digest one article from an online Spanish newspaper every day.  I try to grasp the main points in the article and then read the article aloud, which is typically an entertaining experience.  I also idly listen to a number of mainstream Spanish news podcasts.  I'm not sure how much the latter is actually helping me, besides familiarizing myself with the sound of native Spanish.  I consistently add to my vocabulary list in "notepad" while reading the news in Spanish and making note of interesting new words which I translate through Google Translate, a really remarkable tool.  Every time I add to the list I review it by mentally composing about five or six sentences made up of many of the newer vocabulary words.  This is a very helpful activity.

I benefited greatly from the many Spanish classes offered in public schools in Texas.  I definitely would not recommend jumping into major foreign publications without basic knowledge of vocabulary, sentence structure, and conjugations which introductory foreign language courses provide.

I would be glad to practice Spanish with anybody, my only stipulation being that it happens through Livemocha.  If you want to friend me there, send me a PM here.

In my scouring of the web I've found several great language resources.  First I'll list those which are not specific to one language.

Livemocha - A website which offers amazing introductory courses for a number of languages, and facilitates connections with language partners.  I could go on and on about this website, but I'll spare everybody here and instead just say that it is highly recommended.

BBC Languages - This is a decent way to gain familiarity with a number of languages, although it does not offer the best free basic courses.  It does offer some unique "fill in the blank" exercises which utilize authentic news stories.  However, on a couple of occasions I've found that the audio files which are supposed to accompany these exercises are missing. 

Google Translate - Indispensable!

Now, for Spanish-specific links: - This is a mainstream news site in Spanish which I've found very good for reading comprehension practice.  For news stories of interest to North Americans, in particular "noticias estadounidenses", check out the North America section.

News in Slow Spanish - A weekly news podcast in "slow Spanish", for intermediate learners who tend to miss too much in mainstream Spanish news podcasts to benefit from them.  I have to listen to one podcast many times over to "get it", so the fact that this is only updated weekly is not a problem for me.

BBC Mundo Podcast - A good mainstream Spanish news podcast.  Updated weekdays.

Democracy Now!  Lost Titulares De Hoy - The Spanish language version of my favorite podcast.

Chrono Traducciones - From the "News and Updates" section.  Thanks, Z!

Fan Art / Something long overdue, still a WIP
« on: November 20, 2009, 05:15:06 am »
I've been experimenting with mediums for the prospective Tarot card designs, and I think that I have found a good mix.  I've been using watercolor pencils and only black and white acrylic colors.  A "demo" of this combination is below.  :( This was something which I had made mention of previously on the forums, expecting to have it done within a few days.  Well, that was not to be, but I'll give it one more night of work and it should be complete!  Just wanted to post an update on it.

Fan Art / Magus sketches
« on: September 04, 2009, 04:14:01 am »
I've been enjoying a new sketchbook in the midst of work and school stress.  I've also found myself sketching Magus a lot lately, so I thought I'd share some of the work/works-in-progress.  Don't know what I'm going to do with these yet.  I'm terrible with finishing/colorizing on photoshop or gimp, but I might want to try to make something better out of some of these.

This one is ridiculously rough (very lacking in detail), and tiny.  But, I think it can go somewhere.
I'm basing a larger, more detailed one off of it.  I'll probably scan a portion of the larger one here in a second.

General Discussion / Image host for rav?
« on: August 30, 2009, 11:17:03 pm »
As novel as dancing Uboa was, I feel the novelty has worn off.  Time for a change.  No more Uboa ass... for now. 

I want to make one of those ravs that other people have here, but I can't find a good place to store the images I want to use.  Anybody know of a good free host that won't block the images to outside domains?

Welcome / Birthday / Seeya! Forum / I just got back from DEFCON.
« on: August 03, 2009, 11:39:01 pm »
I don't think I've been quite so thrilled to be anywhere before.  What an amazing and diverse group of people...  I was lucky in that most of the talks I caught were also really interesting and informative.  My eyes were really opened.  I'm hoping that I can be a little more active next year, and I am absolutely going next year.  (Was anyone else there?  Has anyone else been?  Anyone here a regular?  Compendium posse next year?)

Didn't log in for a while because there was no way I wanted to subject my computer to any network around the convention!

Vegas was beautiful in day and night, but I didn't plan enough to really make the most of my time there.  I got sick of gambling after losing only $30.  Just really wasn't that exciting.  I got to see the "Bodies" exhibit at Luxor, where real human bodies are "polymerized", if I remember the term correctly.  Essentially, everything is plasticized and preserved, and placed on display "as is".  So, all of the displays are real human bodies manipulated to display this or that aspect of our biological functionality.  Aside from the surreal factor, the displays surprised me in that the proportions of everything inside the human body were not at all what I was expecting.  Just strange to know that all it does what it does. 

That's all.  Just wanted to share and maybe pique some interest.

Chrono / Gameplay Casual Discussion / The request thread
« on: April 28, 2009, 07:57:17 am »
General request thread.  Request anything Chrono related -- art, music, fanfic, whatever.  Doesn't mean that you want new material, maybe you are just having trouble digging up that one remix or fanfic you really enjoyed years ago, for example.

My reasons for starting this thread concern one piece of fan art depicting Magus in a quasi-amano-esqe style in a large robe accompanied by an upside-down scythe.

Zephira, where on earth did you find that picture?  (It cycles in your avatar.)

General Discussion / Looking for a translator...
« on: March 09, 2009, 03:57:38 am »
I've been quite enamored with this song:

It's based on the same game that my avatar's from.  I was just wondering if anybody here knows enough Japanese to translate it.  It appears that nobody on youtube has been able to translate it yet.

I'll pay you in Magus vs. Samus fanfiction!

I'm new here, but I've already been working on what I feel is a really good fanfic based on Magus' transition to the Magil character in Radical Dreamers.  Thing is it's a crossover with Metroid, and I'm not sure if that's allowed here as everything I've seen is pretty purist.   

I'll post it for people to give a look-see.  Just thought I'd post an initial disclaimer.

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